Top 7 Best Artificial Grass | 2021 Reviews (LITA)

 Who doesn’t want a lush green lawn that can warm the eyes of their guests and neighbors? You and your family can experience the serenity of a deep green lawn or even an indoor taste of grass with some artificial grass. 

Gone are the days of maintaining your soil and cultivating grass seedlings. You may now focus on caring for your potted plants or spending more time indoors. 

Dive in the list below with the best artificial grass we could find for you and find the best one fit for your home. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones, would you?  

Top 7 Best Artificial Grass Reviewed

  1. LITA Premium Artificial Grass – Best Overall
  2. Petgrow Pro Putting Green Golf Artificial Grass Turf – Best Value
  3. SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs AstroTurf-Rug – Editor’s Choice
  4. ProGoal Artificial Grass Mat Lavender Rug
  5. GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Tile
  6. SMARTLAWN PROFESSIONAL Realistic Artificial Grass/Turf
  7. Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch

#1. LITA Premium Artificial Grass – Best Overall

LITA Premium Artificial Grass

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  • Size: Varies from 1 to 1,066 square ft.
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Backing: latex
  • Blade height: 1.375in
  • Weight: 70oz per square yard
  • Ten-years warranty, 30-days return policy

Many reviews have been raving about LITA and its artificial grass. It gives homeowners a chance to save up from hiring a commercial company to install turf. It is cost-effective and durable, which can save you a lot of time from maintenance.

It is made of high-quality artificial grass yarn that resembles real grass. It is supported by three layers underneath, namely polypropylene fabrics, grid panels, and SBR (Latex) glue, making it highly durable and resilient. These materials make the grass UV resistant and have a high-density feel and look, weighing up to 70oz per square yard.

Its four-tone pattern is soft for the eyes, giving it a fuller and lush look. It will provide a lush green look all-year-round. You can enjoy its compatibility in indoor and outdoor environments. Your kids and pets will be safe from its eco-friendly and non-toxic material. 

Go green with this environmentally friendly grass that will thrive in any weather. You won’t have to worry about your lawn thinning out or wilting during hot and cold temperatures. You can also save in the long run as it won’t require watering, mowing, or spraying. However, it looks as natural as real grass, as it has different tones and natural colors that a real grass lawn would have.

This artificial grass is easy to install. You can simply roll out this pre-measured turf and seal it on your lawn. It can go with or without infill but is best used with infills. LITA is considered a top-quality yet cheap artificial grass provider, making it the best choice among all others. They also give a ten-year warranty, with a 30-days return policy to guarantee your satisfaction.

Looks and feels natural
Can get fold creases if you fail to measure and fit it well with your lawn or target area
Great drainage
Has a strong smell of plastic for the first week/s
Good warranty
Easy to install

#2. Petgrow Pro Putting Green Golf Artificial Grass Turf – Best Value

ProGoal Artificial Grass Mat Lavender Rug

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  • Size: Varies from 231 to 429 square ft
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Backing: rubber
  • Blade height: 0.47in
  • Weight: 60oz per square yard

Golfing couldn’t be better with this type of artificial grass. It is made to be compatible for a smooth rolling experience on a thick and high-density grass like this. Your friends and family can enjoy some mini-golfing on your lawn and backyard. You can even enjoy its rich and thick feeling under your feet.

Its material is made of superior quality for durability and resilience. Its material has UV protection and weather-resistant fabric that is precisely stitched to this artificial grass. It is built to drain 23 gals of fluid per hour, showing a superb drainage system construction for easy maintenance. It requires little to no upkeep yet looks lush and fresh all-year-round.

Its durable material makes it a multipurpose mat you can use for outdoor sporting. You can even install it indoors for some mini-golf practice or backyard decor. This artificial grass can endure strenuous activities and the harshest sun or torrential rain. 

Dogs and children will love its soft and cushiony feeling. It is generally compatible with flat surfaces to maximize its function of giving your golf or crochet ball a smooth rolling experience.

If you’re looking for an artificial grass compatible with your sporting activities, this would be a great investment for you, as it is long-lasting and guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Compatible with sporting and other strenuous activities
Difficult to lie flat on the ground
Endures tough weather conditions
Expensive choice
Dense, thick, and rich grass
Great draining properties
Little to no maintenance

#3. SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs AstroTurf-Rug – Editor’s Choice

SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs AstroTurf-Rug

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  • Size: Varies from 7.59 to 408 square in
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Backing: rubber
  • Blade height: 1.2in
  • Weight: 1.5lbs

Your guests and neighbors won’t notice and would even doubt that you’ve installed artificial grass at their second look. This artificial grass has a color of four realistic tones that makes it natural-looking. It can stand up even without a filler.

Its colors are fade-resistant, having a durable material. Its material is UV, fire, and corrosion resistant, making it last for years to come. Its drainage holes effectively drain down water, which would otherwise pool with other poor drainage types. 

The rubber backing has a non-slip feature, giving a firm hold on any surface that you lay it on. You can easily install this turf by cutting it according to the fit of the area you want to put it into. Its non-toxic and non-wear material will be safe for kids and pets.

If you’re looking for a durable, non-slipping, and non-toxic artificial grass that is offered at an affordable price, this product has it all.

Compatible with kids and pets
Narrower range of sizes relative to other choices
Natural grass look
Gets too hot under the sun
Durable material
Great drainage

#4. ProGoal Artificial Grass Mat Lavender Rug

ProGoal Artificial Grass Mat Lavender Rug

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  • Size: Varies from 540 to 1,800 square in
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Backing: none
  • Weight: 3.69lbs for 36x24in

PROGOAL has made this uniquely colored synthetic grass that will be perfect for your patio, windowsill, and other indoor rooms to match your pastel lavender taste. This synthetic grass gives a different touch from the other boring green lawns as this adds style and unique touch.

This artificial grass is made of high-quality UV resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarn. It is comfortable and soft to step on. It will be perfect for indoor use but can also be used outside if you dare make your lawn lavender-colored. 

It is easy to clean with some soap and warm water for 10mins before letting it dry out. Special agents in this mat minimize foul odor and prevent the settling or growth of toxins. Overall, it’s comfortable, dense, and firm to the touch giving you the maximum satisfaction under your feet. 

It can also be used as a rug or a mat for your doorstep. Your pets can also use this as their potty trainer, as it is easy to clean with its drain holes. It is also made to be odor-free and non-toxic for their safety. 

This package comes with a roll of tape, designed to keep this grass mat in place so you can fixate it anywhere you wish. Installing and setting this artificial grass is expected to be fast and convenient. All its features and inclusions are offered at a great price, considering its quality and great functions.

High-quality UV resistant material
Unnatural color may be incompatible with those who prefer traditional green colored grass
Comfortable and dense feel
Odor-free and non-toxic
Uniquely colored
Great drainage

#5. GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Tile

GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Tile

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  • Size: 9sq ft
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Backing: SBR with two-layer fabric
  • Blade height: 1in
  • Weight: 8.38lbs for the whole package

Each package will contain nine pieces of this 1×1 ft interlocking grass deck tiles. Each of their sides has a square locking system to secure and hold the tiles together. It has durable tiles and grass material that will be perfect for outdoor and indoor laying. 

Its lush grass will be attractive for children and pets. Its detachable tile feature allows you to detach a certain tile for spot cleaning, leaving the other tiles dry and maintenance-free. A manual with clear instructions and diagrams provide assembling instructions and tips, making it easier for you to set it up.

No adhesives are needed to completely lay the whole artificial grass down your target surface as the interlocking tiles hold the grass firmly and securely down the ground. Keeping the grass piles facing the same direction will achieve the best look for your whole set-up.

Manufacturers have made this product with a recyclable surface making it environmentally friendly. Materials used to make this artificial grass are 100% new and toxic-free, making it safe for children and pets to play on. It is strong enough to last for five to six years, even for outdoor use. Its durable material withstands any weather conditions and is also fire-retardant. 

If you’re looking for artificial grass that is flexibly lain using interlocking tiles, this choice is popular and proven to exhibit durability and convenience.

Easy to lay and secure down on the groundGaps in between tiles may slightly be noticed, compromising the natural grass look
Flexible positioning due to tile set-up
Possible unclipping when laid on uneven surface
Spot cleaning is possible
Child and pet safe

#6. SMARTLAWN PROFESSIONAL Realistic Artificial Grass/Turf

SMARTLAWN PROFESSIONAL Realistic Artificial Grass/Turf

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  • Size: 24x40in = 960sq ft
  • Material: two layers of polypropylene
  • Backing: latex
  • Blade height: 1.25in
  • Weight: 4.99lbs

This artificial grass gives a realistic, lush, thick yet soft to the touch grass that can overlay anywhere. Gone are the days when grass clippings can go into your pool when you substitute this faux grass around your pool. It can also be put around balconies and patios where you can easily cut and adjust its size to fit narrow spaces.

It is made with built-in drain holes that will prevent the pooling of water. Your pets can be potty trained using this artificial grass, and you can clean it easily by flushing it with a hose to keep it free from bad odor. 

Its blade height is maintained to just the right height to give a soft yet neatly manicured look. The elaborate stitching of faux grass on its backing is engineered to fit flat and uneven surfaces. It is compatible with both indoor and outdoor use, making this artificial grass one of the most versatile grasses on the market. 

If you’re looking for artificial grass for your poolside or other surfaces that may be narrow or uneven, you can count on this product.

Versatile, easy to modify, and fit narrow spacesSlight fraying
Flexible compatibility with any surface
Thin backing
Fit for flat and uneven surfaces
Finer strands
Great drainage

#7. Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch

Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass Patch

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  • Size: 5×3.3ft – 16.5sq ft
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Backing: rubber
  • Blade height: 1.6in
  • Weight: 81 oz/sq yard

If you prefer heavier turfs and dense looking grass, this artificial grass has blades that measure near 1.7in. Its four-tone blades give this grass a natural, clean, and modern look. It gives more life and color for your home and your lawn all-year round.

Its UV proof yarns are also weather-resistant, withstanding heat and frost. You can get used to a lawn with no bald spots or wilting, making your home look lifeless. You can save lots of water, energy, and costs for fertilizers and pesticides while giving you a lush lawn all-year-round.

It is pet-friendly and safe for children. You can even let your pets play, and litter on it as the grass blades’ polypropylene material doesn’t absorb odor. You can easily maintain it by flushing water to its effective drainage holes for an extra-easy clean-up.

If you’re looking for a dense artificial grass that offers thicker and longer blades than any other faux grasses in the market, this is for you.

Thick and long blades increase softness and fuller look
Limited to home and garden use, incompatible with commercial use
Looks like natural lush grass, giving off a vibrant colorIncompatible for those who want shorter grass blades
Compatible with pets and children
Can be improved with more elevation
Easy to maintain

Top Pick – Best Artificial Grass

The LITA Premium Artificial Grass has garnered many positive reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon, making it one of the most trusted products in the market. Many have also purchased this product and proved the manufacturer’s claims of its natural look and durability.

This artificial grass has well-balanced features that outweigh its cons, which most artificial grasses have as well. It’s also produced by a trusted brand that guarantees satisfaction for their artificial grass products. They even offer a great warranty offered at ten-years, with a 30-days return policy, guaranteeing that you get what you paid for.

Having a top-quality finish, offered at an affordable price even makes this artificial grass more sought after. However, if you look for other specifications that would best suit your needs, other products in the list proceeding this product are also offered and are among the best in the market.

Best Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has been receiving praise in the market as it revolutionized the world of lawn care. Not only do it free homeowners from the tiring work of regularly maintaining their lawns, but it is also more cost-effective. You can save up from the regular fertilizers, pesticides, or grass seedlings you need to maintain every year.

Switching to artificial grass also makes it environmentally friendly due to reduced fumes from your mower or your pesticide’s harmful chemical release. You can also save up on water as your artificial grass would only need occasional wetting, needed for cleaning.

You can save up more time and money in the long run by investing in artificial grass. It also benefits from maintaining a lush green lawn throughout the whole year, maintaining your lawn’s lively color under the scorching sun or the freezing weather.

Buyer’s Guide: Noteworthy Features to Look for When Buying Artificial Grass


Most purchase artificial grass as a substitute for their natural grass turfs in their lawn or backyard. Your lawn needs to cope with the outdoor conditions and be ready for the harshest or toughest weather conditions. You wouldn’t want to replace your artificial grass now and then, as it would be costly.

Blade Height Preference

The average height preference of homeowners typically ranges from an inch up to 1.3in. However, some buyers might prefer shorter heights to achieve a more even, manicured look. Some would prefer longer blade heights up to 1.7in their preference of a thicker and a more cushiony, soft to the touch lawn. 

Great Drainage System

Ensure that the artificial grass has a good drainage system. You don’t want your lawn to accumulate pools of water that will settle for a long time. A good artificial grass would drain water effectively to cope with the rainy weather and easy drying when cleaning them for maintenance purposes. You’ll have a more manageable grass when it can let water seep through easily, maintaining a fresh, clean lawn through any situation.

Durable Material

Most trusted artificial grass manufacturers ensure that their grass can last long to serve your lawns for years to come. High-quality materials even have UV-proof properties to maintain their rich color and fresh look. 

The make-up of the artificial lawn of choice should match what type of activity or purpose you plan to use it on. Some artificial grasses are invested in providing thick and dense blades for sporting activities such as golf, croquet, and other ball games. Homeowners who want to put artificial grass near their pool should invest in good backing material and good drainage features.

If you are one of the homeowners who just want to display the grass for their lawns or indoor use, you may opt for standard blade heights and thinner blades that will be cheaper yet still give off the richly-colored natural green look for your home.

Richly Colored

Grass brings a lively ambiance to the home. People instinctively seek artificial grass that gives off a natural color like the real grass. Beware of choosing a plain green colored artificial grass, as it would look fake at first glance when someone looks at your lawn. You may want to choose multi-tones ones that mimic the natural colors of real grass. 

Popular artificial grass products usually have four-tone color features to give off a natural grass color to your faux grass. Your neighbors and guests will have to take a closer look and still be confused if it’s real or not. 

When picking the right tone of artificial grass, you can look at the sample from your house or the store and see what it looks like under the sun. It will give you an idea of how it would look once you attach it to your lawn.

Offers Various or Customizable Sizes

There are different sizes of lawns and different target areas you may want to treat. It would be helpful if your turf can be cut easily or be bought at various sizes to fit your lawn or your target spots where you want to place your artificial grass.

Easy to Install

Artificial grasses can come in a roll type of turf or linked square tiles. Grass tiles may be harder to fit and assemble but are more convenient for maintenance. You can do spot cleaning and do easy adjustments for your grass placements. However, rolled turfs are more common because they are easier to install. You can measure the size of your target area and have your turf customized. Afterward, you can roll it down and just lay it on the ground easily. 

Great Reviews with High Ratings

If you are meticulous in choosing your products before buying them, you will read some reviews from verified purchasers who’ve already tried the product. That way, you can truly assess what features are lacking and what makes the product a good buy. You would know that it’s a great product if it sells like hot cakes in the market and garnering many great reviews. You might as well give it a try.

Reasonably Priced Within Your Budget

When you compare the different products in the market, you can see what features they can offer and what sets them apart from the other products. If you saw one artificial grass product that performs just as well as the other artificial grass products sold at a higher price, then you must pick it over the others for a good deal. 

You should also select an artificial grass product that fits your budget. You can let go of other negotiable features such as the blade height or its thickness. You can also let go of the convenience of an easy installation. However, remember not to compromise the quality and durability of your product’s material, as it can be more costly in the long run.


Switching to artificial grass is loaded with benefits. You can have a lively lawn with less maintenance, which is a double hit. You can even put them indoors for a nature-filled ambiance inside your home or some added touch for your balcony and rooftop.

Picking the best artificial grass for your lawn can be overwhelming as a lot of manufacturers are already offering different products in the market. It might be tricky, with all the grass turf pictures they present, looking all the same. However, you can read their specifications and weigh the pros and cons of each product to ensure that you purchase the best one fit for your lawn and your preference. 

You might be overwhelmed by the various artificial grass options being offered in the market today. Luckily, a list of the best artificial grass has already been provided for you. The buyer’s guide also gives you a background for the features to look for to help you choose the finest artificial grass best suited for your needs and preference.

LITA Premium Artificial Grass was chosen as the top pick among the list of the best artificial grass products in the market today. It is proven by many verified purchasers to give maximum benefit of artificial grasses that some other products lack or overprice. This artificial grass brings top-quality performance along with a reasonable price that won’t hurt your budget.

Know the noteworthy features you should look out to maximize the features of owning artificial grass in your home. You can read the buyer’s guide proceeding with the list of the best artificial grasses. You can then weigh each product’s pros and cons while considering their specifications to guarantee your satisfaction in your purchase.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions )

Can I lay my artificial grass on slopes?

Artificial grass that requires infills wouldn’t be compatible with slopes as the infills can be washed out with the rain. Non-filled artificial grass would work best on inclined surfaces and uneven slopes. However, you might find premium artificial grass products that offer great hold on uneven surfaces and provide versatility on different kinds of surfaces and narrow spaces. These kinds of products may be more costly.

Can I install artificial grass over an existing lawn?

You can. However, you might be disappointed with its decreased drainage capacity, as the existing lawn would make the grass denser, making it harder for water to seep through. The existing lawn will also give an awkward fit to your artificial grass. Your artificial grass would also be short-lived and would eventually lose its appeal.

How do I effectively clean my artificial grass?

Even with its artificial nature, you should still water your artificial grass at least once a month for cleaning. Regularly cleaning it once a week would give the best results. It will revive your artificial grass and keep it looking fresh. You should remove any clogged material such as chewing gum using an artificial grass cleaner or a brush. You can also apply some ice if the clogged material is stubborn. 

Are artificial lawns safe for the environment?

Definitely, yes. It conserves water and energy from mowing or tilling. It also reduces the fumes that come from your lawn tools and machines. Harmful chemicals that come from pesticides and fertilizers will also be eliminated. On top of that, you can also save a lot of time, energy, and money for yourself, and you can spend it on other important things.

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