Top 8 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer | 2021 Reviews (Bosch)

Trimming your hedge can be a hassle when your shearing tool can’t seem to cut the thick overgrowths of your shrubs evenly. Luckily, hedge trimmers have been innovated to even out your shrubs with ease and efficiency. 

What’s more, manufacturers have developed cordless variants that eliminate annoying wires that entangle or limit your trimming action or fumes that pollute the air for gas-powered ones.

Dive in the list below with the best cordless hedge trimmers, carefully selected in the market today. Find one that will give the performance you need, offered at a reasonable price. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones, would you?  

Top 8 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviewed

  1. Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Best Overall
  2. WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer – Best Value
  3. Sun Joe 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer – Editor’s Choice
  4. BLACK+DECKER 36V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  5. Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  6. EGO Power 24-Inch Brushless 56-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  7. Earthwise 20-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer
  8. Worx 20V Shear Shrubber Trimmer

#1. Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Best Overall

Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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  • Power: 18V
  • Battery: AHS 50-20 Lithium ion
  • Cutting diameter: 20mm
  • Size: 102 x 24 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Bosch’s hedge trimmer made it to the top as the best cordless trimmer due to its unique special features that gives cutting-edge technology for a convenient trimming experience for your hedge. Many were amazed by how thick it can cut, even through thin branches. Some demonstrated how they were able to trim up to 25mm diameters twigs and branches.

Its blades were made with special teeth in the front that effortlessly cut through the hedge like butter. It is designed to be fast and efficient. Hedge trimmers tend to sputter when they encounter thick overgrowths. This hedge trimmer was made with an anti-blocking system that makes the blades change their direction when they failed to cut a branch at the first attempt.

Tooth spacing was set to 200mm to get a fine and accurate cutting experience for your hedge. It is relatively lightweight compared to other cordless hedge trimmers. You also wouldn’t be disturbed by loud humming and sputtering noise, unlike other trimmers.

If you’re looking for a powerful hedge trimmer that is lightweight and quiet, this cordless hedge trimmer is proven by verified purchasers to perform well. On top of that, it also has a three-year warranty to guarantee their product’s durability.

With a three-year warrantyExpensive battery replacement
Thick cutting diameter
Has a large charger

#2. WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer – Best Value

WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer

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  • Power: 7.2V
  • Battery: Two lithium ions
  • Size: 12.99 x 5.12 x 4.33 in
  • With 4-23/32 in-long shrub shear & 3-35/64 in-wide grass shear
  • Weight: 1.04lbs

Many enjoy multifunctional tools that can serve for various activities like this hedge trimmer. You can customize this handheld hedge trimmer to a grass shear. Not only can you enjoy the accuracy and precision of your trims, but you will love how lightweight and compact it will feel on your hands. It only weighs 1.04lbs, which will do great for small shrubs with less than 4mm thick branches.

Safety is guaranteed even for your family members as it has a security key that can be unplugged when the hedge trimmer is not being used. It ensures that no accidental turning on or misuse of the product will be accessible to your children. 

A safety lock is also made for your safety and convenience, where you can hold it on either side with your thumb while you press the on and off power button. In the moment of an emergency or just for convenience, you can easily access it on the sides with your thumb.

You can monitor its charging status with the LED indicator near the charging socket. Three red lights indicate low battery status, while three green illuminated lights signal that it’s fully charged. You can expect it to operate for 40mins as a trimmer and 50mins as a grass shear when fully charged.

If you’re looking for a two-in-one functional hedge trimmer that can work as a grass shear as well, this product is for you. It’s lightweight property and compactness will make it easier for you as well. On top of all that, it is offered at a cheaper price, relative to most cordless trimmers in the market.

Multifunctional hedge trimmer and grass shear
Incompatible with large hedge overgrowths
Cheaper than most choicesLimited cutting diameter
Lightweight and compact
Long operating time
Safe to use

#3. Sun Joe 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer – Editor’s Choice

Sun Joe 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer

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  • Power: 7.2V
  • Battery: One lithium ion
  • Size: 10.5 x 2.5 x 28 in
  • With 4in-long shear & 6in-long hedger
  • Weight: 2.5lbs

Like the previous product, Sun Joe offers a two-in-one tool that can be easily converted from a grass shear to hedge trimmer. It is compact and lightweight, that is perfect for giving precise trims for small shrubs that have thin branches. 

Its body is lightweight and compact, allowing more ease for the user. Its ergonomic handle is designed for great control and easy handling. This small tool will fit in narrow spaces where your mower or large trimmer can’t reach. Your hedge will be more defined with this hedge trimmer’s precise touch-ups and detailed trims.

If you’re looking for a multifunctional small and lightweight cordless hedge trimmer that will give finishing touches for light trimming of your hedge or grass, this product would be a great choice. It is also offered at a cheap price, considering its size and battery power. However, it gives great performance with its price if you use it for its purpose and conder its limitations.

Convertible from hedge trimmer to shrub shearer
Not for heavy duty trimming
Gives precise trims for finishing touches
Won’t cut thick branches
Compact, fitting narrow spaces
Low power
Easy to control

#4. BLACK+DECKER 36V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER 36V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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  • Power: 36V to 40V
  • Battery: MAX lithium ion
  • Size: 40.56 x 7.88 x 7.56 in
  • Cutting diameter: 3/4in
  • Weight: 6.89lbs

Most powerful hedge trimmers tend to be heavier and harder to handle or control. For this hedge trimmer, it has a weight that can be handled by small-framed people. You can control this powerful trimmer well and won’t have to worry about getting help from anyone else in managing your thick hedge’s overgrowths.

People will also wonder how you can trim twice the speed than other regular hedge trimmers in the market. Power DriveTM transmission technology by BLACK+DECKER gives it the power to trim fast with no stalling. Its 24in dual-action blades will leave no overgrowth untouched.

Its handles are made to be comfortable with its wrap-around shape that won’t allow slipping. It also has a soft grip for added comfort. You can feel comfortable having no hand strains trimming for longer periods. You can expect its operating time to last for up to an hour and take around two hours to be fully charged again. 

If you’re looking for a fast and powerful hedge trimmer that is easy to handle and lightweight enough to be controlled by a small-framed person, this would be a great choice. Give your tough hedges a taste of this heavy-duty tool that can finish the job faster than expected. This powerful and convenient cordless trim hedger will serve you long as you handle it with care and read its manual well for maintenance.

Lightweight for its size and powerful engines
Some reported smoking of tool when it reaches the end of its life for a year or two
Long operating capacityDurability is questionable
Powerful and fast

#5. Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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  • Power: 40V
  • Battery: G-MAX lithium ion system – one 2AH battery
  • Size: 39.5 x 7.5 x 9.5 in 
  • Cutting diameter: 2/3in
  • Weight: 8.26lbs

You can now achieve smooth decorative shapes and patterns for your hedge with this cordless hedge trimmer that has a 180-degree rotating handle. It is designed to cut and trim from multiple angles. Its wrap-around auxiliary handle is made for user comfort as well.

Its engines are powered by a 40V lithium-ion system battery that can cover up half an acre of your yard for heavy-duty cutting. It can run up to an hour with its 24in dual action blades, delivering up to 3,200 strokes per minute. You can expect a clean cut with this easy to maneuver tool. Get your trimming done in a breeze with its powerful engine and fast performance.

If you’re looking for a powerful cordless hedge trimmer that has a flexible handle that can easily be manipulated to cut your hedge at different angles, this is for you.

Easy to manipulate handle that can cut at any angle
Poor customer service
Long operating periodJams easily
Powerful and fast

#6. EGO Power 24-Inch Brushless 56-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

EGO Power 24-Inch Brushless 56-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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  • Power: 56V
  • Battery: EGO POWER + ARC Lithium batteries
  • Size: 42.13 x 6.16 x 7.09 in 
  • Cutting diameter: 1in
  • Weight: 12.13lbs

This powerful cordless hedge trimmer takes advantage of the brushless motor technology, reducing heat and noise. This feature reduces maintenance and increases the life of the product. Motors with this technology are considered as high-end products that gives more efficiency to get the job done instantly.

It has an electric brake that gives you the freedom to stop blade action abruptly upon releasing a trigger for improved control. The dual-action, 24in steel blades will give your hedge a nice, clean, and precise cut. It can cut up to 3/4in branches with 3,000 strokes per minute. You can finish grooming your hedge in a breeze.

EGO products such as this battery-powered hedge trimmer are built for any weather. It is designed to have a rugged construction that keeps your tool safe under various weather conditions.

Expect this tool to keep running for up to an hour, giving you enough time to cover large areas. EGO POWER+ System battery packs and chargers have a three-year limited warranty, while the equipment has a five-year warranty. It guarantees the product’s durability and longevity.

If you are looking for a powerful yet well-controlled hedge trimmer that will efficiently cut through your hedge like butter, this is for you. 

Powerful and easy to manage motor
Relatively expensive
Offers a long warranty periodQuite heavy
Thick cutting diameter
Great control

#7. Earthwise 20-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise 20-Inch Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

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  • Power: 20V
  • Battery: 2Ah lithium ion
  • Size: 75 x 7 x 4 in
  • Cutting diameter: 5/8in
  • Weight: 7.2lbs

Reach your high hedges and trim the high overgrowths that make your shrubs or trees uneven. This cordless hedge trimmer comes with a lightweight pole that can aid your trimmer reach up to 9’5″ high. You won’t need a ladder or climb up walls, which can compromise your safety and give inconvenience.

You can adjust this trimmer’s head into six different positions for more precision when you trim. Its dual-action 20in blades will enable you to cut up to 5/8in thick branches. This tool gives a smooth trimming experience, giving a clean and neat cut for your hedge.

Its motor gives a highly efficient performance, giving 2,600 strokes per minute. Its battery and the compatible charger have a quick charge feature that will allow you to proceed in your trimming work shortly when the battery runs out. 

If you’re looking for a powerful trimmer that can reach high hedges and take on large overgrowths, this would be a great choice for you.

Adjustable head for angle precision
Requires extra effort for control
Powerful and fast motorNo helping handles
Has a far reach

#8. Worx 20V Shear Shrubber Trimmer

Worx 20V Shear Shrubber Trimmer

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  • Power: 20V
  • Battery: one lithium-ion
  • Size: 11.02 x 3.74 x 5.71 in 
  • With 4in grass Shear blade and an 8in shrubbery blade
  • Weight: 1.98lbs

This compact and handy cordless hedge trimmer comes with an 8in trimmer blade covering a wide area for faster trimming. Then, you may switch it with a 4in-blade that will be great for touch-ups and clean trim for overlooked leaves or branches, making a cleaner cut for your hedge.

You can quickly change and customize your blades with just a flip and a push of a button. You only must slide the faceplate off and switch the blades out. You can finish your work efficiently and effectively with this multifunctional tool that easily adjusts for convenience.

It has dual-action blades that cut from the front and the backside, giving a smooth, sharp cut. This tool comes with a sheath guard that will extend life and improve your blade’s performance upon storage. 

It has a comfortable and grip, with a rubber over-mold that will absorb vibrations and reduce hand fatigue. The handle is ergonomically designed to maximize control over this compact and lightweight hedge trimmer. 

Another tool that comes with this trimmer is a telescopic pole that allows you to get further reach for high hedges or shrubs and grass that needs some trimming below your waist level. You’ll be sure to give quick and precise maintenance for your shrubs using this product.

Has a pole accessory for far reachExpensive for a small and light-work hedge trimmer
Comes with two different blades
Incompatible with heavy-duty hedge trimming
Convenient and comfortable
High-maintenance blades
Lightweight and compact

Top Pick – Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Bosch’s 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer took the top spot in the list of the best cordless hedge trimmers due to its consistency. Many verified purchasers from Amazon gave it good reviews for its great performance.

The engines are powerful and strong, giving every hedge a nice clean cut. It also gives a quiet and lightweight feel even with its size, which most hedge trimers would be relatively heavier. Bosch is a trusted brand that produces reliable and high-quality parts that make their products durable. Their cordless hedge trimmer has a three-year warranty, giving you a guarantee of their product’s durability and reliability.

Buyer’s Guide: Features for Selecting the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer


The size of your hedge trimmer should complement how large is your working area. Larger hedge trimmers usually have a larger coverage, which can handle heavy-duty trimming. It can get the job done faster than smaller trimmers that are usually designed for lighter trimmings. Smaller-sized hedge trimmers are usually designed for touch-ups and light trimming work for smaller shrubs and bushes. You should also consider how much size you can handle to have nice control over the tool. 

Battery Power

Lithium battery ions generally power the motor of a cordless hedge trimmer. The power that the motor is compatible with is displayed in Volts(V). The higher the voltage, the more powerful your hedge trimmer will be. You’d like your hedge trimmer to be powerful enough to cut your hedge’s overgrowths smoothly. A high-powered trimmer would get the job faster and require you to exert more effort to do touch-ups. 

A high-quality battery compatible with your hedge trimmer would give a longer operating time to work longer hours to make sure that you can finish your job with no delays, especially when you are working on a lot of shrubs and bushes or a large hedge. 

Some cordless hedge trimmers can accommodate more than one lithium battery, making it more powerful and run at longer periods. However, ensure that your cordless trimmer uses power efficiently, as these lithium batteries can be quite expensive. It is better to invest in a hedge trimmer that saves battery power yet maximizes it to give a great performance.

Cutting Diameter

This feature should be greatly considered for what type of bush or shrub you are planning to trim. Some hedges have overgrowth with thicker or thinner branches. The cutting diameter of a hedge trimmer puts out the limit of how thick it can cut with ease. 

Some users who don’t take note of this limitation abuse the use of their trimmers, making it jam quickly. If you are constantly using your trimmer to cut branches that exceed your hedge trimmer’s cutting diameter, it would only be a matter of time before you need to buy a new one to replace it.


Lightweight hedge trimmers are easier to move and control for a more precise cut. Smaller trimmers tend to be lighter, weighing from a pound or three, which would be great for trimming small bushes. However, if you plan on doing heavy-duty trimming, you might want to go for larger ones. 

Some products are designed to cover large areas yet have lighter bodies for people’s convenience. These kinds of hedge trimmers would generally be easier to control with less fatigue, especially for small-framed people. You can compare the size of your hedge trimmers with their weight and contemplate if it would be the right weight for you to carry easily while being compatible with the size of the hedge you’re planning to work with.


Most reputable manufacturers offer warranties to guarantee their product’s durability. The parts of your hedge trimmer would be expected to fare better in the long run if the manufacturers insure them. Some manufacturers also give warranties for their hedge trimmer’s battery and chargers to guarantee their claims on power output and operating or charging times are correct. 

Products with warranties give more credibility to the manufacturer’s claims on their product, making them more trustworthy and worthy of trying out. You can be sure that you’ll get the performance you expect from your hedge trimmer or have your money back. 

Special Features

Hedge trimmers that have special features make them unique among all other choices. If you’re specifically looking for a hedge trimmer that functions a certain way, for example, a multifunctional shear and hedger or a 180-degree turning head trimmer, then you can narrow down your choices to these types. 

These features can make the product more costly or maybe compromise its other features for a lower price. Ensure that you know your specific needs to maximize your purchase. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of the product before you decide if its features are worth buying.


Usually, people would go for well-known brands because of their trusted name and long-running reputation in the market. It would be smart to look for hedge trimmers from brands known for lawn care or powerful battery-powered motor parts. It will make their products more reliable and proven due to their established knowledge of manufacturing these kinds of products.

More manufacturers are now rising in the market that present new innovated technologies that make hedge trimmers more effective and cost-effective. It would be great if you are meticulous enough to find these products, knowing what features to consider before buying your hedge trimmer. 

Some cordless hedge trimmers are offered at a lower price by manufacturers that are not yet established in the market. These can make or break your trust in their name, so you should be extra careful buying their products. It would be great to buy a hedge trimmer with a warranty to ensure that you get what you pay for.


All the features mentioned above will affect the cost of your cordless hedge trimmer. You should ensure that you know the best features to look for to maximize the price that you pay when purchasing your hedge trimmer. You may look for low budget ones yet give a great performance, minus special features that give more convenience. However, some products may give unreasonable prices when you can find cheaper alternatives that exceed your expectations. That’s why it’s important to know the features to consider so you can be satisfied with your purchase.


Trimming your hedges could be hard work, but it is made easy with hedge trimmers because they are engineered to glide smoothly above your hedge and give an even cut to it. You can easily eliminate overgrowths or trim your growing hedge to the desired length without much effort. 

Cordless hedge trimmers give more convenience because of the absence of bothersome wires, vibration, noise, and fumes. There are a variety of choices in the market today from different manufacturers that offer unique features. Luckily, a list has already been made for you to choose the best cordless hedge trimmer that will suit your needs.

The Bosch 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer is considered the top pick among the best cordless trimmers in the market because of its well-balanced features that are sure to get the job done, with its powerful engines and batteries. Numerous reviews from verified purchasers on Amazon can vouch for its great performance and durability that compete with the other brands. On top of that, it has a warranty that will ensure its parts’ durability and performance.

Many features should be considered when picking the best product for you. To do this, you need to know the important features to examine and match your needs and budget. You can read the buyer’s guide above and weigh every product’s pros and cons to find the best cordless trimmer product fit for you and your hedge.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I do to maintain my hedge trimmer’s blades?

You can lubricate your hedge trimmer blades with compatible spray oil. Put a small drop for every tooth of your trimmer before and after every use. Run it for about ten seconds after putting some oil and remove the battery before wiping off some excess oil. A case for your blades can also help avoid exposure to outside elements that can wear them down while also giving safety for you and other people who can accidentally be cut by it.

What do I do if my hedge trimmer seems to cut unevenly?

First, ensure that your hedge is the right size for your hedge. The hedge you’re trying to trim might be too big and difficult for your hedge trimmer. If you are certain that it’s not the hedge trimmer’s limitations that cause the problem, you should check the blades of your trimmer if it’s becoming blunt or loose. You can have them checked by a professional or adjust and sharpen the blades yourself while wearing protective gloves for your safety.

Are hedge trimmers dangerous? How can I protect myself?

Well-designed hedge trimmers from reputable manufacturers are designed to perform for a safe hedge trimming experience. However, they can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Be cautious of its sharp blades and avoid touching them. You should put on some gloves for your safety while you’re using your hedge trimmer. You can also put on some goggles to protect your eyes from cut branches or leaves that might fly towards you with some impact, possibly hurting your eyes if left unprotected.

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