Top 7 Best Deer Repellants | 2021 Review (Izbie)

Congratulations! You finally got that amazing garden you wanted, accompanied by the most amazing fruits, vegetables, and a tree where you can relax. However, it would suck if a pest or an animal invades the most amazing progress you created for yourself. In your country, you must have deer pass by your household constantly. You would wake up in the morning with all your progress either in the mud or in the belly of the animal.

The best way to keep pests off your property is to purchase some sort of repellent to keep them away. However, how do you differentiate between an effective and a defective repellent? We found seven (7) of the best deer repellents you can use to keep deer and other pests away from your property. We included in the list a combination of both electronic and liquid [spray] repellents. In this way, you can see which repellent would best suit you the most. 

Top 7 Best Deer Repellants Reviewed

  1. Deer Repel Deer Repellent – Best Overall
  2. Izbie Z1 Solar Animal Repeller – Best Value
  3. Bobbex B550170 Ready-to-Use Repellent – Editor’s Choice
  4. Deer Stopper Quart Concentrate
  5. Deer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer Repellent
  6. DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
  7. Tomcat Repellents Deer Repellent Ready-to-Use1 Spray

#1. Deer Repel Deer Repellent – Best Overall


Deer Repel Deer Repellent Plants Pouches Stop Deer Rabbits Eating Plants Trees Gardens


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  • Repels Deer and Rabbits from your plants, flowers, trees, and vegetables 
  • Creates perimeter around your garden 
  • All-natural ingredients, pleasant spice scent 
  • 100% money-back guarantee 

The first deer repellant we have on our list is one of the most popular bestsellers ever to grace the market. This product serves as protection for households constantly tyrannized by deer destroying their lawn. 

Most customers run to the arms of this product primarily because of the results it continues to give for them. More precisely, this product was specifically designed to repel deer and rabbits from their household. Most animals are irritated with the smell it produces, causing it to avoid it at all costs. 

The lawn owner should generously apply this product to maximize the effectivity against foreign entities around the garden’s perimeter. This will serve as a forcefield for the garden as it keeps unwanted visitors away. 

More importantly, this product is safe for humans to use as the solution is not harmful. This feature allows the lawn owner to continue with his business without the worry of infection or contamination. Further, no harmful chemicals were applied to this product. Instead, organic and natural ingredients are what comprise most of it. 

Moreover, the owner will not worry about the rotten stench, usually evident amongst other deer repellants. Instead, this product also provides the consumer with a pleasant spice scent along with protection. 

On the other hand, consumers also report this product not working well with other animals that might contaminate their soil. Animals like squirrels do not usually get affected by this product. To amend this conflict, consider purchasing one of the other products in this list that best removes the annoying squirrels from disturbing your land. 

Recommended by consumers Does not work for most people 
Safe to use 

#2. Izbie Z1 Solar Animal Repeller – Best Value


izbie Z1 Solar Animal Repeller - Cat Repellent Outdoor, Deer Repellent for Plants, Racoon Repellent Outdoor, Cat Deterrent Outdoor, Animal Repellent for Garden, Squirrel Repeller Outdoor


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  • Rejects all annoying animals & rodents 
  • Rechargeable batteries and solar charging panel 
  • Eco-Friendly & animal-control 
  • Durable in almost all-weather conditions 

This product is a more advanced method to remove the annoying pests that wish to enter your premises. Instead of a spray, this product is an automated machine that repels animals like cats, raccoons, and, most especially, the deer. 

The most beautiful part of this animal repellant is its motion detector that knows when an incoming pest is about to arrive on the premises. The sensor will then make a sound that will annoy the animals. This sound will force them to retreat from your premises at once. 

You will never have to worry about batteries running out when using this product. This product is solar fueled, meaning that it already recharges during sunlight. This feature means simply that you only need to install this in the most optimal space around your lawn and simply watch the magic happen. 

However, this product does not work as well with other animals like squirrels. Thus, squirrels continue to pest around the area destroying everything in its path. 

However, this product was not designed to remove squirrels from the premises. The product’s main goal is to remove the deer from entering your lawn. If you are tyrannized by squirrels more, we suggest you find a repellent specifically designed for removing squirrels from your lawn. 

Nevertheless, if the deer is your most annoying animal that continues to destroy your lawn, then this product is most optimal for you. You will be able to create a 24/7 overwatch of your entire lawn without spending a huge sum of money. This product is just like a bodyguard for your lawn! 

Exceptional motion detector Does not work as well with squirrels 
Audible to humans 

#3. Bobbex B550170 Ready-to-Use Repellent – Editor’s Choice


Bobbex B550170 Ready to Use Deer Repellent with E-Z Pump Sprayer, 48-Ounce


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  • Ready to use deer repellent with an e-z pump sprayer 
  • From all-natural and recycled ingredients 
  • Safe 

The Bobbex Deer Repellant is another amazing pump sprayer designed to repel the deer miles away from your area. Bobbex is one of the most popular brands out there that continues to earn many customers’ trust. This loyalty stems from the amazing performance their products provide for maintaining the lawn’s beauty that customers tirelessly work on. 

This product features a compound intuitively designed to create a smell that the deer cannot handle. This smell will annoy the deer enough to leave the premises for good. A spray is also relatively cheaper than complex machinery, primarily because of the simplicity of using it. 

The main guideline in using this is to apply the solution generously around your premises. More precisely, target specifically the areas which you think the deer will mostly trample on. After this, apply the solution generously around the perimeter of that area to increase its effectivity. 

On the other hand, consumers will need to suffer an intolerable smell. This smell is bearable for us. However, this smell is necessary to effectively remove the deer from your premises. 

However, if this smell continues to annoy you, many other products contain a more pleasant and bearable smell. However, you must also expect that the performance would not be as good as this one. In the end, this will end in deciding between two trade-offs. 

Effectively keeps deer away Bad smell 
Easy to use

#4. Deer Stopper Quart Concentrate


Deer Stopper Quart Concentrate


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  • Odor-free 
  • All-natural, food-grade ingredients 
  • Won’t stain, burn or discolor 
  • Effective for 30 days 

This deer stopper concentrate also serves as a solution designed to keep the deer away from your premises. However, unlike the sprays before this one, this product is odorless, providing a better experience when using the product. 

This repellant features a Deer stopper designed to remove deer from unwanted places around the area effectively. The smell should be too unbearable for the deer to bear, which will force him away from your lawn. This concentrate will remove unwanted pests to allow your lawn to furnish without any interruption. 

Moreover, this product also provides an all-natural compound, which prevents the compound from negatively affecting your lawn. This allows you to generously apply the concentrate on the surface to prevent the deer from approaching your lawn. 

The best feature that makes this product a viable option is its odorless characteristic. More precisely, you will never have to smell the rotten stench of a repellant when using this product. You will be able to take care of your lawn without the small bothering your progress. 

On the other hand, some consumers find this product not as effective as others. The company needed to dilute the solution more, which also hinders the impact on the deer. However, this problem can also result in the customer’s inability to apply the product properly on his land. 

Nevertheless, this product still serves as an excellent alternative for more expensive devices created to keep the deer away. This product also provides support to the leaves you are growing underneath. Overall, this product mainly aims to provide you an easier time maintaining your lawn without the drastic effects of stinky smell and inconvenience. 

Very effective against deer Not effective for some consumers 
Good for growing season 
Easy to use 

#5. Deer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer Repellent


Deer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer Repellent


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  • Minty fresh scent 
  • Keeps deer of plants 
  • No harmful chemicals  

This is another product most popular among consumers with heavy deer activity around the area. This product would usually get sold out immediately when it comes to protecting their lawn from any intrusion. This product serves as another alternative for the other repellant sprays we recommended in this review. 

This product is one of the very few repellants that effectively keep out pests from the garage but providing a more pleasant smell by doing so. This feature prevents the owner from becoming too annoyed with the smell of the product. More precisely, the Deer Out concentrate provides a minty fresh scent designed to make protection more comfortable. 

This concentrate also protects the grass from contracting any other bacteria that it might get from other products. More precisely, grass growth will not be significantly affected by applying this product. 

Overall, this is another excellent alternative for the other products we presented. Not only does this product effectively lessen deer activity around the area, but it also removes the unnecessary scent that most people experience. We recommend, however, to apply the solution generously around the perimeter to increase its effectivity. 

Recommended by many consumers Some consumers are not satisfied with the product. 
Better than most products
Protects plants well 

#6. DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller


DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor Solar Powered with Motion Sensor and Strobe Light


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  • Creates blind spot for animals 
  • Motion-activated and rechargeable 
  • Safe for house pets and humans 

This deer repellant is also another machine cleverly designed by Duranom. Duranom designed this product to serve as a bodyguard for the lawn owner. 

This product creates certain blind spots for the deer, discouraging him from entering the lawn. These strobes of light are annoying enough to force the deer to retreat from the premises. The device activates immediately when it senses an animal approaching its radius.

The owner does not even need to replace the battery after long periods. The owner simply needs to place this device on the most optimal spot and allow it to run for the entire day. Since the device is solar-powered, the device will charge in the morning and alert at night. The device is also immune to wet surfaces, making it the most optimal solution, especially during the rainy season. 

Practically, the owner does not need to install a compound on the soil he created just to repel the deer. The owner simply needs to install this device on his lawn and wait. In other words, this device will not contaminate the grass which the lawn owner passionately maintained. 

Highly recommended by customers Might not work for some people 
Waterproof Shorter life span
Ultrasonic Expensive 

#7. Tomcat Repellents Deer Repellent Ready-to-Use1 Spray


Tomcat Repellents Deer Repellent Ready-to-Use 1 Spray: With Extended Reach Comfort Wand, Contains Essential Oils, Protects Garden and Landscape, No Stink, Rain-Resistant, 1 gal.


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  • Delivers taste unpleasant for animals 
  • Protects landscape from deer and rabbits 
  • No long-lasting stink 
  • Easy to apply 

The final product is a ready-to-use spray designed to repel the deer miles away from your premises effectively. This repellant spray provides a waterproof, no-stink, and rain-resistant compound designed to provide the owner with the ultimate comfort possible. 

This spray provides an unpleasant taste for the deer if he tries to eat the lawn grass. After the deer tastes it, he would immediately depart from the lawn and never try to enter it again. Most lawn owners generously apply this product to his lawn. 

Moreover, this product also removes the long-lasting stink that customers usually complain about other repellant sprays. This feature relieves the owner with the unnecessary hassle of bearing the smell to keep the deer away. Instead, the owner just needs to focus on bettering his lawn while allowing the repellant spray to work its magic. 

Overall, this amazing product repels invaders from your lawn without jeopardizing the lawn grass itself. The product will provide you the necessary information to ensure that you install the product in the best way possible. You will not have to worry about your plants’ health because of the product’s non-contaminating nature. 

Repels animals effectively Does not work properly with squirrels 
Protects plant properly 
Battery life is long 

Best Deer Repellent – Our Top Pick 

The main characteristic that we based our decision on stems from the product’s ability to repel the deer from the premises without damaging the lawn in the process. Most repellants will repel the deer but fail to protect the health of the lawn. However, all these repellants can repel the deer effectively from the premises. Thus, we based our decision on the product’s overall safety for the user and his lawn. 

After carefully analyzing each product’s advantages and disadvantages, we believe that the Izbie Z1 is the best repellant for you. This repellant provides the most efficient and effective method of removing the deer without the risk of damaging the lawn. The user simply needs to install this product in the area he thinks is optimal, and the device will work by itself. 

Unlike repellant sprays, you are risking the possibility of the contaminants also affecting your lawn’s overall health. Repellant sprays also tend to produce a rancid smell almost unbearable for most lawn users. However, this product simply needs to release sounds that annoy and scare the deer to prevent it from entering your premises. Some products release strobes of light to the deer that disorients it, retreating farther away from your lawn. 

Moreover, this product does not need to be constantly reapplied to maintain its effective repellant characteristic. This product recharges in the morning [solar powered] to work effectively at night. Further, this product is also immune to sudden weather changes. This product acts like a 24/7 bodyguard that will watch your lawn while you sleep soundly in your bed. 

The most significant disadvantage is the expensive cost of buying electronic repellants. Indeed, the cost of purchasing products like these are significantly more expensive than deer repellant sprays. However, this purchase can be considered an investment since it will provide you maximum returns for years. You will never have to repurchase another repellant spray while this product is alive. 

Overall, we highly recommend you purchase this product and reap the immediate benefits. Not only will this product keep you safe, but it will ensure you feel more comfortable while you sleep. There is no other better offer than that!  

Best Deer Repellent Brand 

We will keep on with this trend of companies that are known to produce products like these. More precisely, we will investigate companies known for producing electronic repellants to remove lawn invaders [deer]. While we limit our choices to electronic repellants, many companies specialize in the perfection of products like these. Thus, it will also be extremely difficult to find the best repellant brand for you. 

After analyzing each company’s different benefits and cons, we believe that Duranom is primarily the best company to buy your electronic devices from. Duranom is one of the leading companies ever to innovate products that will repel deer presence from your lawn without compromising the lawn’s overall health. 

Duranom provides electronic repellants that emit strobes of light that distract the deer when it enters the premises. This strobe will disorient the deer enough to retreat away from the lawn without destroying it. Further, Duranom ensures that its product will immediately detect when an animal is approaching the premises. This attention to detail provides the lawn owner with ease of mind from the happenings outside his house. 

Moreover, this company has continued to satisfy many customers tyrannized by deer activity around their household. Most customers will run to this company to purchase their products. After years of service, they continue to keep their customers satisfied. 

If you are distracted with the numerous options around you, becoming loyal to this brand and products, you can assure yourself of the quality you are investing in. You may also consult their trained professionals to provide you professional insight on what product is best for you. Duranom surely provides you the amount of quality you would not usually see from others. 

About Deer Repellents – A Buyer’s Guide 

If you read this entire review, you know the significant importance of ensuring you purchase a product that works. Purchasing a repellant like this will ensure you preserve the lawn you worked so hard on from animals that seek to destroy it. Thus, purchasing a deer repellant is vital to keep your lawn at its peak. 

However, there are numerous factors that you may consider in discerning whether a product is right for you. Even though you purchase the best product out there, it will certainly fail if it acts as a duty it is not assigned to do. Thus, we created a few factors to consider in finding your next deer repellant to help in your buying decision. 

Electronic or Spray Repellant?

There are usually two options that you can consider when purchasing your next deer repellant. The first product that you can look at is the spray repellant. Spray repellants usually contain a compound within the product that is rancid enough to keep the deer away. You will usually spray this on the grass or around the perimeter like a forcefield. This will de-appetize the deer’s craving for your grass and leave your premises. 

The difficult part of purchasing this product is its tendency to produce a negative experience for the lawn owner. Sprays usually emit a rancid smell that humans can also smell. Thus, you will also tend to be more uncomfortable as time progresses. If you decide that sprays are the better option for you, consider purchasing a repellant spray without odor. 

The other repellant spray to consider is an electronic one. This should be the goal of every lawn owner. The electronic repellant produces strobes of light or sounds that will scare away the deer. If positioned correctly, the deer should vacate your premises immediately. 

The best part of electronic repellants is its easy installation. You will not need to jeopardize the overall health of your lawn from sprays. Instead, you simply need to place this in the most optimal part of your yard and let it do its magic. Further, the electronic repellant is usually solar charged. This allows you to worry less about the repellant working. The repellant will charge in the morning and stand guardian in the evening. 

The downside to electronic repellants, however, is its expensiveness. You will need to invest a significant amount of money to purchase this product. Nevertheless, this should still be a viable option and investment for you. You will purchase a product that will last you for many years to come. 

Who is Your Real Enemy?

Many new lawn owners tend to purchase a product that does not answer all its needs. For example, you are worried about deer entering your premises, but you are also infested with squirrels immune to your defenses. In other words, you cannot use an amazing product for a responsibility it was never designed to do. 

If you are plagued by many different animals looking to devour the work you created after all these years, consider purchasing more than one repellant. If you are worried about deer and squirrels attacking your area, consider purchasing a deer repellant and a squirrel repellant. Install these side by side to prevent both critters from entering. 


In the end, all your research will boil down to one aspect: your budget. Your budget will dictate the range that you can invest in protecting your lawn. You may want the best of the best technology to fend of your invaders, but your budget will declare that you cannot. 

Instead, base your decision also on how much you are willing to spend on your deer repellant. If you cannot afford to invest too much in its maintenance, then consider investing in an amazing repellant spray that will not harm your lawn. 

The biggest misconception is that cheap and affordable products are not as good as the expensive ones. Companies continue to create cheap alternatives for their customers while maintaining a standard of excellence that will satisfy you. If you decide to go to a well-known company specializing in cost-effective materials, you are sure to get a repellant that will perform just like the high-end ones. 


This review tried to show you the advantages and disadvantages of the best deer repellants in the market. After this, we provided you the companies and products we believe are the best options for you. This insight will hope to sway your buying decision to companies renowned for the service they provide. Finally, we provided you several factors you can consider when buying your next deer repellant. 

Conclusively, your buying decision will depend on how much you care for your lawn. If you care much about maintaining your lawn’s quality, then purchasing the best products out there should be your number one priority. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What smell repels deer?

A good rule of thumb is to look at highly aromatic products become annoying to the deer. Aromatic scents include artemisia, tansy, and yarrow. You may also consider mint, thyme, tarragon, and other herbs. 

Will human urine keep deer away?

Technically, deer utterly dislike the smell of human urine. However, urinating over your lawn is not a recommended action to do. We still recommend investing in a repellant to fend off the deer. 

What is the best natural deer repellent?

The most effective natural deer repellant you can make anywhere are eggs, garlic, and chili peppers. Mix them into a bottle and spray this around your lawn. 

What can I plant in my garden to keep deer away?

Plant in your garden very strong aromatic plants. These plants will discourage the deer from feasting on your plants. Deer hate the smell of lavender, chives, mint, marigold, and other strong aromatic plants.

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