Top 7 Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass | 2021 Reviews

Are you thinking of growing your Zoysia grass lawn to look their best? You know that not everyone is born and gifted with a green thumb. Thankfully, fertilizers have been innovated to give your lawn additional nutrients, particularly for Zoysia grass, and have them grow beautifully.


Treat your plants with care and give them what they need to help them look their best when they grow. Many supplements, such as fertilizers, plant food, and post-emergent fertilizers, are now offered in the market and are available on Amazon, waiting to be delivered to your doorstep.


Dive into the list below for the best fertilizers we could find and grab the best suited for your Zoysia grass needs. You may have that green thumb, after all.  

Top 7 Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass Reviewed

  1. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Weed & Feed2 – Bes Overall
  2. No products found. – Editor’s Choice
  3. Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer – Best Value
  4. BioAdvanced Weed Killer Fertilizer for Southern Lawns 
  5. The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer with Humic DG 
  6. Scotts Grass Seed Zoysia and Mulch 
  7. LawnStar Balanced 16-4-8 Nutrient Liquid Fertilizer 

#1. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Weed & Feed2 – Bes Overall

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Weed & Feed2


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  • NPK: Not displayed
  • Area cover: 10,000sq.ft.
  • Content weight: 34.6lbs
  • Kills weeds and feeds southern grass

Not only does this fertilizer provide the proper nutrients for your grass, but it will also kill some weeds like dollar weed and clover. This fertilizer from Scotts will drown any future weed growth and help your Zoysia grass thicken your lawn. It is specially engineered for Southern grasses that thrive under the sun. However, it won’t be too useful for Bermuda grass.

This fertilizer is best used for Zoysia grass and other southern grass types like St. Agustine, centipede, and carpet grass. It is specially formulated to be compatible with these southern grass types while killing common lawn weeds. 

A long-lasting green color will dominate your lawn and build strong grassroots making your plant grow healthy overall. Its thick growth will crowd out future weeds that may threaten your lawn. 

Scientists developed Bonus S to kill your weeds after a week or two. This pink formula will allow your grass to grow freely and respond better with the formula after all the weeds are raked out of the lawn.

If you are looking for a well-known branded fertilizer that will be compatible with your Zoysia grass, this is it. It is the most recommended and trusted fertilizer on Amazon and has garnered many great reviews. 

Well-known trusted brand that is proven to nourish Southern grass like Zoysia effectivelyRequires effort for reading and understanding of its package manual to get the best results
Kills common weeds listed on the manual like clover and dollar weedCompatible with Southern grass except for the Bermuda type 
Induces thick growth and deep green color of grass
Thickens and deepens the growth of roots

#2. No products found. – Editor’s Choice

No products found.


No products found.



  • NPK: 6-4-0
  • Area cover: 2,500sq.ft.
  • Content weight: 32lbs
  • Contains 4% non-staining Fe

This iron-rich fertilizer will make your Zoysia grass grow with a deep green color that will make your lawn look luscious and fresh. It has an organic composition that will not give off toxic chemicals to the environment.

Many golf courses have been using this fertilizer for decades as their standard grass nutrition. It is formulated to reduce the need for watering, saving you more time and effort. It also cuts down mowing time as the growth is controlled yet healthy. These features will allow you to cut down on energy costs because of their low maintenance growth.

Its non-staining iron allows the grass to have a deeper green color. Fertilizer products with synthetic chemicals that make your lawn dependent on them will eventually deplete your soil of important natural nutrients. Eventually, your lawn will die, especially when suddenly deprived of these synthetic chemicals. However, for Milorganite, your lawn will only be nourished by natural ingredients that will continuously enrich your lawn.

It will be impossible to burn your lawn by accidentally overapplying this fertilizer’s contents as it organic compounds that will take a while to break down. It also keeps away animals that may want to tread on your lawn or, worse, burrow or ruin it. 

If you are looking for an organic fertilizer that will nourish your soil and plants naturally, this will be a good investment that will give benefits in the long run. 

Nourishes your Zoysia grass naturally due to its organic natureRelatively more expensive than most fertilizer, yet a good investment that goes a long way
Results to thick growth and luscious deep green color of grassTakes some time to see visible results
Reduce watering needs and mowing 
Keeps animals away from your lawn

#3. Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer – Editor’s Choice

Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer


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  • NPK: 16-4-8
  • Area cover: 3,200sq.ft.
  • Content weight: 32oz
  • Liquid spray application

Liquid spray fertilizers like this Simple Lawn Solutions fertilizer will win in convenience and effectivity when it comes to treating your grass for their healthy growth. This product contains a liquid enriched with nutrients that you can easily spray evenly on your lawn.

This liquid fertilizer gives the complete nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium formula that will give your grass the greening and growth needed for a luscious lawn. It is also formulated to be compatible with all grass types. 

Seaweed and fish are put into this liquid mix fertilizer, giving your soil the additional organic nutrients it needs. This product is produced and manufactures in the United States of America by a family-owned business with over 25 years of professional experience in the turf industry, making them one of the trusted brands that produce plant fertilizers and lawn products.

People find their lawns to have a considerable difference after 15 days at most. Ensure that you have watered your lawn sufficiently for the nutrients to be completely absorbed through the soil properly. 

If you’re looking for an easy to apply and effective lawn grass grower for your Zoysia grass, this fertilizer is formulated for you. 

Effectively nourishes lawn soil for the healthy growth of Zoysia grassSome people might prefer a more organic type of fertilizers
Easy to apply and convenient fertilizer
Compatible with all other grass types

#4. BioAdvanced Weed Killer Fertilizer for Southern Lawns

BioAdvanced Weed Killer Fertilizer for Southern Lawns


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  • NPK: 35-0-3
  • Area cover: 5,000sq.ft.
  • Content weight: 12.5lbs
  • 3 in 1 weed and feed

Instead of buying and applying multiple products for your complete lawn care, why not invest in a fertilizer that deals with all your concerns in one package. This three in one fertilizer deals with the weeds that infest your lawn and prevents them from coming back while nourishing your Zoysia grass to help them grow healthy for a clean and luscious lawn.

This BioAdvanced Weed Killer fertilizer is specially formulated for southern lawns, including the Zoysia grass. It also kills common weeds like dandelion, dollar weed, and clover. It ultimately feeds, greens, and strengthens your grass lawn and protect them from future weed infestations for as long as six months.

Ensure that you read the package instructions for this product to see the best results and prevent lawn burning. It has a 50% slow-release formula that will naturally control NPK throughout the following months if you use the product as instructed.

You may sprinkle small amounts of this fertilizer to areas where weeds are placed to kill them within two to three weeks. Expect a weed-free lawn with thick, green growing Zoysia grass, with an application during the spring and fall season, and see your lawn spring to life all-year-round. 

One product does all, saving up on buying additional products for weed killing while nourishing your plant and soilSome people had a hard time following instructions, making them fail to see great results
Has a long feeding duration, making semi-annual applications onlyMay not be compatible with lawns that are sensitive to herbicides
Nourishes your lawn for a thick and green growth

#5. The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer with Humic DG

The Andersons PGF Complete Fertilizer with Humic DG


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  • NPK: 16-4-8
  • Area cover: 5,000sq.ft.
  • Content weight: 40lbs
  • Contains Humic DG

The Andersons are known to be the leaders of the turf industry. They have formulated this fertilizer to promote vigorous seedling development and root establishment. It contains Humic DG (humic and fulvic acid), helping to enrich your soil and allow plants to absorb nutrients better.

This fertilizer also contains slowly available and quick release nitrogen, controlled to give your plants and seedlings the right amount of nutrition. It can feed up your lawn for as long as six to eight weeks upon your initial application.

Ensure that you have read all the instructions carefully for the best results. You should allow rain or water them down after application to let them seep into the soil. You should also avoid exposure to children and animals and wait until the applied fertilizer has been watered down.

Its super fine particles allow even distribution. It will give you twice the number of particles per square foot. Its fine granular nature will make your distribution easier and more convenient than other clumpy fertilizers in the market.

If you’re looking for an effective granular fertilizer from a well-known manufacturer with a large area coverage, this is for you. 

Made by well-known manufacturers that are widely recognized in the turf industryMay be harmful upon fresh exposure to animals and humans
Effectively aids the healthy growth of your lawn grassContains toxic chemicals
Easy and convenient granule distribution
Strengthens the roots of your plants
Has a large area coverage

#6. Scotts Grass Seed Zoysia and Mulch

Scotts Grass Seed Zoysia and Mulch


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  • NPK: Not displayed
  • Area cover: 2,000sq.ft.
  • Content weight: 5lbs
  • Specially formulated for Zoysia grass

This fertilizer mix was specifically formulated to meet the needs of Zoysia grass. It is designed for full and light shade, which you know the Zoysia is sensitive to. It combines mulch and grass seed for low maintenance yet high-yielding lawn.

Scotts has long been trusted as a brand that provides proven and tested lawn products that exhibit great performance. They made this unique Zoysia grass fertilizer an extremely versatile seed mix that claims to be 99.9% weed-free. Not only does Scotts do its job well in nourishing your lawn, but it also keeps it weed-free for a cleaner and more uniform lawn, allowing more room for your thick grass growth. 

Your lawn can thrive in the heat and drought, and partial shade as this fertilizer is formulated to make your plants resistant to tough temperature conditions. You will notice how seeds can grow in 10-21 days. For best results, water your lawn twice daily for at least three weeks and mow your seedlings when they reach two inches in height. The package instructions are quite easy to follow compared to other fertilizer products, making you lawn care hassle-free.

If you want to use a fertilizer specially designed for Zoysia grass and has an all-around function, this is for you. 

Trusted brand name for lawn products, making it proven to give a great performanceRequires some effort on watering and mowing for best results
Allows your Zoysia grass to thrive in full and light shade conditionsTakes some time to see the results
Makes your grass highly resistant in tough weather conditions
Nourishes lawn soil and grass while keeping the weeds away

#7. LawnStar Balanced 16-4-8 Nutrient Liquid Fertilizer

LawnStar Balanced 16-4-8 Nutrient Liquid Fertilizer


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  • NPK: 16-4-8
  • Area cover: 4,000sq.ft.
  • Content weight: 32oz
  • Liquid fertilizer with ready-to-use hose-end attachment

All grass types are compatible with this nutrient liquid fertilizer. It is designed to give well-balanced sustenance for your grass that suffers from common nutrient deficiencies. It is also enhanced with biostimulants that include seaweed extracts to strengthen the roots of your grass.

The advanced technology of slow and fast release nitrogen is also triggered in this fertilizer to prevent your lawn’s burning for your Zoysia grass’ more controlled growth. It has one-third slow-release nitrogen with two-thirds of immediate-release that helps give your plant the right amount for a rapid green-up that lasts longer.

This liquid fertilizer’s container is ready to go with a hose-end sprayer that will make your lawn treatment convenient. It will give you the ease of evenly spreading out the liquid nourishments throughout your lawn. It can treat a large lawn area up to 4,000sq.ft. due to the ultra-concentrated solution.

If you are looking for a liquid fertilizer that is easy to apply with some advanced technologies and a well-balanced mix for your grass’ nourishment, this is for you. 

Formulated with nitrogen technology that offers a controlled growth of your grass for longer periodsSome are having problems with the packaging and the sprayer bottle
Easy to use and easy to apply to your lawnContains synthetic chemicals that may be toxic to the environment
Has a well-balanced mix for all grass types
Has a large coverage

Top Pick – Best Fertilizer for Zoysia Grass

The Scotts Turf Builder Southern Weed & Feed2 is selected as the best choice if you’re looking for a fertilizer proven to give great results for Zoysia grass. It’s considered one of the bestselling fertilizers in the market today. It has even been reviewed as one of the best choices for its consistency. Many have given it good reviews and are placing their loyalty on Scotts lawn products, especially for their fertilizers, as they never failed to give great service for decades already.

Verified purchasers have testified to get fast-growing and lush green lawns. It not only gives surface proof of healthy plants, but it also seeps deep into the roots to nourish it for deeper and thicker growth. It is also well-known for its ability to kill weeds and prevent them from coming back on your lawns again. Overall, this fertilizer is proven to get great results for the whole wellness of your plants. You are not far from having the best lawn in the neighborhood with Scotts’ fertilizer. 

Zoysia Grass – Southern Grass

Zoysia grass thrives in warmer conditions like the other southern grasses like Bermuda, St. Agustine, and Centipede, which the list of fertilizers above is designed to serve. However, Zoysia grass has been bred well to tolerate cool conditions at a limit in transition zones. 

You must know the basic characteristics of Zoysia grass to give more responsible care for your Zoysia grass lawn. The following are some of its characteristics you should know about.

Zoysia grass generally dislikes shade but can tolerate light to medium occasionally. They thrive in warm seasons with a slight tolerance for cooler temperatures. Compared to the other Southern grasses, it appears less green but can maintain its color the longest when put in tough weather conditions. However, the fertilizers can help put a darker green shade for your grass, making it not a big deal.

Zoysia grass typically has a slower growth rate than the other Southern grass types. However, they form deep roots that form a dense carpet beneath your feet. This characteristic allows few weeds to penetrate your lawn and efficient in maintaining moisture. This grass heat and drought tolerant and has low maintenance requirements when it comes to watering.

Basic Things You Should Know When Selecting the Best Fertilizer for Your Zoysia Grass

Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (NPK)

Good fertilizers mainly consider the balanced proportions of these elements, which are essential for healthy plant growth.


This element is essential for a plant’s satisfactory growth and pigmentation. People who use fertilizers for overseeding their lawns claim to have deeper green lawns thanks to this element.


This element plays also works in tandem with nitrogen to facilitate the fast growth of your plants. It is important for root nourishment, helping your plant’s roots to grow deeper and thicker.


This element ensures your plant’s toughness. It makes your plant more resistant to drought and increases tolerance to tough weather conditions like winter hardness in turfgrass. It also prevents your plant’s susceptibility to diseases.

Common proportions for fertilizers include 10-10-10, 20-10-10 and 16-8-8. Other proportions such as 15-10-10 or 10-6-4 are also proven to promote fast growth and development of grass. Other proportions are being played by different manufacturers to get the right balance for their mix and get the best results for their products.

Application Method

Different methods can be used for evenly applying your fertilizers to target areas. The most common application type is through a spreader, used according to package directions of your product. These types of products mostly appear in the form of granules. Some manufacturers design their product bags as easy-to-spread containers that won’t need additional tools to spread evenly. 

Many manufacturers also offer their fertilizer mix inside ready to spray bottles for a more convenient spread on your lawn. However, these types of fertilizers are more potentially harmful to the environment because of their synthetic chemicals.

Some fertilizers come in pod forms. These types are usually for small areas or potted plants. Pods are simply inserted near your plants’ center and naturally break down and disperses when you water your plant. 


If you are looking for fertilizers that would cover large areas, you may prefer large quantities of volume content for your chosen product. However, if you plan to maintain potted plants or a small area for your grass lawn, it would be more practical to go for small-packaged products or ones with easy and longer life storage.

Area Coverage

For every quantity of your quantity, a certain amount is estimated to cover a sizeable area in square feet. Some products may contain relatively small quantities per bag but could cover a large area. Some fertilizers are capable of seeping and covering far distances. However, some fertilizers are designed to treat spots or small areas, even with their large volume content.


Most purchasers would put their trust in well-known brands due to their proven and trusted products. However, some emerging manufacturers also considered improving and innovating new solutions to give more effective fertilizers with less harmful chemicals but useful additives for ingredients that will induce faster and thicker growth. Other purchasers also prefer cheaper brands that have proven to perform well, like the expensive branded fertilizers.

Additional Chemicals

Some manufacturers put in additional chemicals that will aid NPK elements in faster and healthier plant growth. Chemicals like iron and sulfur are common additives mixed in fertilizers to give effective pigmentation and resistance to tough weather conditions and diseases. These chemicals act as catalysts for NPK and simultaneously improves your plant’s toughness and resistance.

Other fertilizers that have synthetic chemicals usually put added organics to compensate for its lack of natural ingredients that are also important for healthy soil. Usually, liquid fertilizers add seaweed and fish extracts for soil nourishment. 


All factors mentioned above influence the product’s cost, so it is important that you know which of the products in the market will best suit your needs to get what your money has paid for. Some brands overprice their products due to their trusted and proven name in the market. However, some purchasers that are more meticulous with the fertilizer’s features might not consider band names. Some would prefer buying cheaper options with considerably great features that compete or even fare better than branded expensive ones.


Whether you’re planning on starting your Zoysia grass lawn or already have an unmanageable one, a good fertilizer that caters to its needs would go a long way. It makes your soil well-equipped for growing healthy grass blades and deep roots. More people are taking some liking to Zoysia grass due to its tough characteristics and low maintenance. Many manufacturers are emerging due to the increasing demand for lawn care products. Luckily, a list has been made to gather the best fertilizers for Zoysia grass in the market today.

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Weed & Feed2 was ranked the best choice based on its trusted brand name, together with its proven results with a lot of good reviews from verified purchasers. Many testimonials vouch for its hype of being one of the bestselling fertilizers on Amazon. It gives fast and healthy growth for your plants and can cover large areas as well. 

Other products are laid out on the list that offers different uses and features to meet your specific needs. Ensure that you have the knowledge and the background of some things you should know and look for in a Zoysia grass fertilizer to guarantee that you get what you pay for.

Branded fertilizers may be expensive, but it maximizes effectivity and performance. However, if you are caught in a tight budget situation, many alternatives can be considered and are conveniently laid out on the list so you can easily weigh out their pros and cons to find the best-suited product for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know the best NPK proportions for my soil?

You can get a soil sample from your lawn and submit it to a test lab. Ensure that the soil sample you collected is not frozen. Wait for the lab to return a report for NPK recommendations. As a standard example, starter fertilizers should be applied at 0.5 to 1 lb. nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. If you applied too much nitrogen to your soil, it could burn your lawn, resulting in your seedlings’ poor establishment.

I mowed my lawn and applied fertilizer. How long do I have to wait before I can cut my grass again?

When you see the tip of your grass blades bending, you can mow your lawn maintaining up to three to four inches long. Cutting them too short might weaken the roots. Maintaining them high enough can also help block the sun from weed shoots, preventing them from growing further.

How often should I water my Zoysia grass?

Zoysia grass is naturally drought tolerant and can maintain lots of moisture. Excessive watering with poor soil drainage can cause shallow roots and have increased susceptibility to insects and diseases. You can water them with a half to an inch of water per week from natural rainfall or supplemental watering.

Are fertilizers harmful to children and pets?

Even though most fertilizers label their products as organic, it still contains huge amounts of elements that can make your pets sick with long exposure to it. However, you may let your pets run around your lawn once the fertilizer has already settled in the ground after watering it, letting it seep down the soil, and drying up. You can read further instructions in your fertilizer’s package for you and your pet’s safety. Generally, manufacturers require you to wear body protection when applying fertilizer. You should always be aware of its whereabouts and store them out of reach from children and pets because they can be hazardous when induced or exposed for a long time.


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