Top 8 Best Fertilizers for Hibiscus | 2021 Reviews + Guide

Including hibiscus in your garden will liven up your ecosystem to the fullest. Hibiscuses are just too beautiful to resist. However, these plants will not simply grow to the size you want it to.  You will need more than just sun and water to bring out the shine you crave for. 

Acquiring a good hibiscus fertilizer will ensure your plant grows into a beautiful, healthy, and lively one in the future. The vast options on the Internet will confuse you to end up purchasing a fertilizer that might hurt your precious plants in the long run. However, after scouring the sources on the Internet, we found eight (8) of the best fertilizers we believe will benefit your hibiscus plant. 

We will show its advantages and disadvantages to help you choose which one is the best for you. We will also include our pick of the best fertilizer you can consider buying. Finally, you will find a few guidelines you can use to find the best fertilizer for you. 

Top 8 Best Fertilizers for Hibiscus Reviewed

  1. HIBISGAIN 10lb Bag, Hibiscus Fertilizer – Best Overall
  2. Dr. Earth Exotic Blend Palm, Tropical & Hibiscus Fertilizer 24 lbs. – Best Value
  3. JR Peters 51624 Jack’s Classic 16-5-25 Palm Food, 1.5 lb. – Editor’s Choice
  4. Palm Fertilizer by E Z-gro | Our 17-5-24 is Specially Formulated for Your Indoor Palm tree and Your Outdoor Palm Trees | Our Palm Tree Fertilizer is Enhanced with Extra Micronutrients
  5. Grow More 5118 Bromeliad Tillandsia Food 17-8-22, 1.25- Pound
  6. Nelson Hibiscus and Flowering Tropicals In Ground Container Indoor Outdoor Granular Fertilizer Nutristar (2LB)
  7. Water Soluble Banana Fertilizer 2 Pounds
  8. VPG Fertilome Hibiscus & Tropical Plant Food 17-7-10-4 lb

#1. HIBISGAIN 10lb Bag, Hibiscus Fertilizer – Best Overall

HIBISGAIN 10lb Bag Hibiscus Fertilizer

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  • Formulated for the unique growing habits of Hibiscus 
  • Applied directly on top of the soil 
  • No mixing required 
  • Resealable top 

If its name does not give it away, then nothing will. This product is specifically designed to grow hibiscus plants. All the necessary nutrients you look for in a good fertilizer should be ingrained in this one. No wonder that this fertilizer is the most sought-after fertilizer amongst the variety of options in the market. 

This fertilizer contains the exact ratio conducive to the plant’s growth. The formula they created could grow your plant in a matter of weeks. The best part is that you will also benefit the different flowers around its premises.

Consumers usually apply this fertilizer every week to ensure that the plant grows at a more consistent pace. You will not need to mix the solution with anything when applying the product. You simply need to place this fertilizer on top of the soil and let it do its magic. 

Unfortunately, some soils do not respond as well to this fertilizer compared to the others. Many customers with weak soil tend to have slower to no progress on their hibiscus plant. We recommend you first examine what kind of soil you are planting on. If you have weaker soil after careful deliberation, then you may consider the other products on this list. 

Nevertheless, this fertilizer still is the most viable option for any hibiscus planter. If you plant your hibiscus on good soil accompanied by this fertilizer, it will reap riches. 

Best quality fertilizer for hibiscus
May not bloom as quickly for some places
Contains right nutrients
Keeps leaves healthier
Good for flowers

#2. Dr. Earth Exotic Blend Palm, Tropical & Hibiscus Fertilizer 24 lbs. – Best Value

Dr. Earth Blend Palm, Tropical Hibiscus Fertilizer 24 lbs.

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  • Only non-GMO Verified fertilizer in the USA 
  • People and pet-safe 
  • Handcrafted from human and feed grade ingredients 
  • Organic transparency 

Dr. Earth is another amazing fertilizer designed for many different plants, hibiscus being one of their specialties. This fertilizer is purely organic and one of the only non-GMO certified fertilizers in the U.S. This product is also purely natural to prevent any potential damages to the plant and yourself.

Dr. Earth is one of the fewest companies dedicated to producing purely organic fertilizers for your garden’s benefit. Purchasing one of their products would bring about greater advantages for you and your lawn. 

You will notice a significant positive change in a matter of weeks.  A more natural fertilizer will also grow your plant without any dangerous additives and synthetic formulas. Instead, you are growing these plants naturally for a more natural look and overall health. 

A natural fertilizer also translates to safety for the user and his plants. More precisely, this fertilizer will less likely damage your health of the people around you. Gone are the days where you worry about fertilizers affecting your health and those around you. Children can immediately play in your fertilized garden after a few minutes of application. 

This fertilizer does not let out the best smell in the world, though. If you can bear the smell for a few days until the plant absorbs it, you should be fine. 

Suitable for many kinds of plants
Does not smell pleasantly
Sprouts in less than a few weeks
Works great for hibiscus

#3. JR Peters 51624 Jack’s Classic 16-5-25 Palm Food, 1.5 lb. – Editor’s Choice

JR Peters Jack’s Classic 16-5-25 Palm Food, .5 lb. 

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  • Prevents build-up of harmful salts 
  • Optimum combination of nutrients 
  • High Potassium for lush green 

You may also consider this fertilizer for your lawn. This fertilizer contains a more optimal ratio of nutrients to nurture your plant with the needed requirements to live a happy and healthy life. This fertilizer is also made of all-natural ingredients designed to remove dangerous chemicals and synthetics potentially damaging to your plant in the long run. 

The biggest feature to look forward to is the optimal combination of nutrients. This fertilizer has a ratio of 16-5-25. This means that more importance is given to the Potassium sector. Potassium is mostly responsible for the plant’s color. Enough Potassium will allow the plant to look greener and more vibrant. In the case of hibiscus plants, it will look livelier and more welcoming. 

The company also designed the product to remove the build-up of harmful salts in your plant. Your hibiscus plant will grow untarnished and decontaminated from these dangerous substances dangerously stunting its growth. 

You will need to examine the state of your soil first before choosing to purchase this product. This ratio might not work well with soils that already have high traces of Potassium. If this is the case, you will most likely benefit from a more balanced set of nutrients. 

However, the best part about using this product is that it also benefits the plants around the hibiscus plant. You will not need to purchase different fertilizers if you plan to grow many kinds of plants. You can rest well knowing that each plant is receiving the sufficient nutrients it needs from this fertilizer.

Contains perfect ratio for hibiscus plants
Created more for palm trees than hibiscus plants
Significant progress in a few weeks Might not work for some types of soil
Perfect for hibiscus plants
Keeps plants healthy

#4. Palm Fertilizer by E Z-gro | Our 17-5-24 is Specially Formulated for Your Indoor Palm tree and Your Outdoor Palm Trees | Our Palm Tree Fertilizer is Enhanced with Extra Micronutrients

Palm Fertilizer by E Z-gro | Our 17-5-24 is Specially Formulated for Your Indoor Palm tree and Your Outdoor Palm Trees | Our Palm Tree Fertilizer is Enhanced with Extra Micronutrients

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  • Optimum combination of nutrients: 17-5-24 
  • Suitable for cool and dark growing conditions 
  • Delivers optimal nutrition for lush green foliage 
  • Good nitrogen availability 
  • Comes with a free measuring cup 

This fertilizer is designed to provide your hibiscus plant the necessary nutrients that not many fertilizers can provide. You will experience better growth in your plants and an overall bloom in your garden. Your plants will receive a good dose of Nitrogen and Oxygen that will contribute to its growth. 

This fertilizer contains different micronutrients to complement the primary ratio. These micronutrients are accompanied by a sufficient ratio of nutrients with a ratio of 17-5-24.  This ratio is the most optimal ratio to encourage growth even in cool and dark conditions. Your plant will be in a more consistent state of growth. 

You can avail of this fertilizer at a more affordable price compared to the other products mentioned here. There are not a lot of professional criticisms made about this fertilizer, though. Nevertheless, this company is credible enough to assure you of the fertilizer’s overall performance.  

Significant results after a few weeks
No professional criticisms available
Works great

#5. Grow More 5118 Bromeliad Tillandsia Food 17-8-22, 1.25- Pound

Grow More 5118 Bromeliad Tillandsia Food 17-8-22, 1.25- Pound

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  • Nutrients ratio: 17-8-22 
  • Item weight: 1.25 pounds 
  • Use indoor or outdoor for showy flowers 

This product is another healthier fertilizer designed to provide results in a matter of weeks. The title says it itself. It “Grows More” and improves the overall health of your plant. Many gardeners regard this fertilizer as the best in the market. 

This fertilizer is perfect for any kind of flower, including your hibiscus plant. The nutrients in this fertilizer can grow your entire garden to its fullest if accompanied by the necessary sunlight and water. 

Lawn owners who diligently care for their lawn will experience great results in a matter of a few weeks. If you apply the recommended amount generously to your area, your entire lawn will begin to grow to happy and healthy plants. Since this product is suitable for almost all plants you could think of, you do not have to purchase other fertilizers to take care of your entire garden. You just need to plant these fertilizers on the entire area and watch the magic happen. 

Unfortunately, consumers do report this fertilizer being relatively more hazardous to children and pregnant women. We recommend that susceptible individuals keep a safe distance while you fertilize your lawn. The lawn should be relatively safe to walk and play on in a matter of days. 

Nevertheless, this product is another high-performing product worth considering. Many of these products will grow your plants to become healthier, brighter, and livelier. This fertilizer will bring you these results in the most efficient way possible. 

Significant positive results after a few weeks
Might not be healthier for children and pregnant women
Good for tillandsia and hibiscus plants
Relatively more expensive than others
Provides healthier and organic plants
Larger container

#6. Nelson Hibiscus and Flowering Tropicals In Ground Container Indoor Outdoor Granular Fertilizer Nutristar (2LB)

Nelson Hibiscus and flowering Tropicals In Ground Container Indoor Outdoor Granular Fertilizer Nutristar (2LB)

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  • Specially designed for hibiscus and flowering tropicals 
  • Contains all important nutrients for growth 
  • Excellent source of nutrients and minerals 
  • Improves tolerance to dry weather conditions 
  • Plant gets an immediate boost upon application 
  • Continues to be the landscaper’s choice for over 30 years 

This company is another amazing producer of healthy fertilizers for your lawn. NutriStar continues to satisfy many customers for over thirty years. You can be assured that the fertilizer you will purchase has been carefully studied and researched to produce the best quality for you and your lawn. 

This fertilizer is specifically created for your hibiscus plants and other flowering tropicals. You do not need to purchase other products to take care of your other flowers anymore. Instead, you simply need to purchase this product to take care of your entire lawn. If you are a lawn owner obsessed with growing flowering tropicals, this product is the best. You simply need to plant this around the area to let it grow. 

You are also availing of a fertilizer that possesses all the necessary nutrients your plant needs to grow. This product contains a balanced ratio of all the nutrients to give your plants everything it needs to grow. Your plant will not be “overdosed” with one nutrient and be deficient in another. 

This fertilizer also immunizes your plant to dry weather conditions. Your fertilizer will grant the plant the necessary endurance to weather the heat without withering. Your plant will look good as new whenever you enter your lawn. 

You will also see significant growth faster than the other alternatives out there. You will not need to wait a few months before seeing a slight glimpse of progress. Instead, you will notice significant growth in a matter of weeks. 

Many customers praise this product for saving their hibiscus plants after being damaged by deficient fertilizers. The fertilizer is quick-acting enough to grow the plant’s healthy parts to create a domino effect for the rest of your lawn. 

If you want to plant hibiscus, then it will grow fruitfully. If you want to plant another plant, then it will grow fruitfully as well. If you want to grow both, you will create a wonderful environment for yourself and the people in your household. What more is there to say? 

Blooms quicker than other competitors
Takes a longer time to bloom in different kinds of soil
Provides results in less than one week
Perfect for any kinds of flowers
Saves dying hibiscus

#7. Water Soluble Banana Fertilizer 2 Pounds

Water Soluble Banana Fertilizer 2 Pounds

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  • Premium water-soluble fertilizer
  • Good for planting fruits 
  • Good for hibiscus and other flower plants 
  • Item weight: 2 pounds 

This fertilizer was primarily designed to provide necessary nutrients to banana trees. However, many lawn owners praise this product for providing the necessary nutrients to their flowering tropicals. 

This is one of the few fertilizers that incorporate premium water-soluble materials to let their plants grow. This means that this fertilizer creates efficient methods of growing plants in the most natural and organic way possible.  This product affects the banana trees and provides life and vibrance to the plants in its vicinity.

This fertilizer also nourishes and maintains other kinds of fruits you want to plant. The nutrients within this product are compatible with almost all kinds of fruits. You just need to ensure that these fruits match your country’s climate and the type of soil you set your foot in. 

This fertilizer was not created for hibiscus plants, though. You may experience relatively slower growth than the other products stated in this review. Nevertheless, this product helps in beautifying all the remaining parts of your lawn. You will receive equal nourishment between all the plants you want to grow. 

Overall, this is another amazing product that takes care of every plant on your lawn. If you want to create a beautiful environment for your lawn with wonderful plants everywhere, then you may want to consider including this product on your shelf. After all, hibiscus plants become more beautiful when accompanied by other beautiful plants. 

Significant progress in years
Naturally not designed for hibiscus plants
Allows plants to grow tall
Natural components
Beautifies trees

#8. VPG Fertilome Hibiscus & Tropical Plant Food 17-7-10-4 lb

VPG Fertilome Hibiscus & Tropical Plant Food 17-7-10-4 lb

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  • Nutrient ratio: 17-7-10-4 
  • Enhances size, color, and quantity of blooms 
  • Specially designed for topical and hibiscus plants 
  • Apply every week 

Few reviews have mentioned this product on their list. However, we came to realize the wonder this product will provide to your hibiscus and other tropical plants. 

This fertilizer specializes in providing nourishment for your hibiscus plant needs. Many of the primary nutrients in this fertilizer were designed to effectively and efficiently maximize your plant’s growth and health. You will experience constant and significant growth every time you apply this fertilizer to your lawn. 

This fertilizer also comes with specific instructions and general recommendations you can use to ensure your plant gets the nutrients it needs. We recommend applying this product every week to keep the growth consistent. You may begin to lessen the amount of fertilizer you put as soon as you see significant growth. 

You are purchasing all these benefits at a more affordable price. This company is still relatively new to the fertilizer industry. However, you will come to realize that this product is on its way to matching the leading fertilizers in the industry. 

Significant progress after a few weeks
No sufficient professional reviews yet
Comprehensible directions for growth

Best Fertilizer for Your Hibiscus Plant – Our Top Pick 

We believe that the HIBISGAIN Hibiscus Fertilizer is the best fertilizer you can purchase for your hibiscus plant. This fertilizer is the most trusted product amongst the other fertilizers on the market. Customers would scour the globe just to get their hands on this fertilizer. 

This fertilizer was made primarily to grow hibiscus plants. If you are truly passionate about making sure your hibiscus plants grow the way you want it to, you will not go wrong with this product. This fertilizer will grant you the growth you want most efficiently and effectively. 

The best feature that draws customers to the product is the amazing results the plant experiences. This fertilizer can revive hibiscus plants almost about to die. A customer will reapply this product and will see it revived in a matter of weeks. 

This fertilizer works in almost all kinds of soil you will put it in. You may notice this product producing slower results if your soil is still infertile and unhealthy. However, you will still notice significant growth after a few weeks of religiously applying the fertilizer. As you keep fertilizing your field, you will also notice significant results, just like your other fellow lawn owners. 

Many customers trust this product for the consistency it produces for every customer. This consistency is why very few customers created negative remarks about the product. 

You can attain the best hibiscus plants of your dream if you purchase this product. Join hundreds of lawn owners who already testified about how amazing this fertilizer is. You may go to their website of many other resellers to find the many positive feedback you are looking for to confirm your buying decision. 

Best Brand for Your Hibiscus Plant 

The best brand for your hibiscus plant should not only benefit one plant. Instead, this company should create a fertilizer that will benefit the entire lawn. More precisely, we are looking for a brand that customers can use to create other plants that complement the hibiscus they love. 

We believe that NutriStar is the best company where you can get the best fertilizers for your lawn. NutriStar is a company that specializes in your lawn’s overall growth. It provides you with the necessary nutrients to feed and nourish the different plants in your lawn. Growing only hibiscus plants will not make your lawn beautiful. Growing a beautiful garden entails complementing your hibiscus plants with other beautiful organisms. Acquiring NutriStar’s fertilizers will ensure you beautify your lawn most efficiently and effectively. 

How Do I Grow My Hibiscus Plant Effectively? – A Concise Buyer’s Guide 

Planting a hibiscus plant is very rewarding, especially for an enthusiast who prioritizes aesthetic over everything else. Thus, you must invest in a fertilizer that will grant you this satisfaction in the most efficient way possible. If you purchase the right fertilizer for your lawn, you will reap the benefits for many years to come. However, purchasing the wrong fertilizers might damage the plants you cared for all these years. 

The Internet provided more options for us to consider when purchasing our next fertilizer. However, the Internet also caused us to make crucial decisions about what we buy for ourselves. We become more confused about what fertilizer to purchase for our lawn. Thus, we provided a few factors to consider to ensure you purchase the best fertilizer for you and your lawn. 

What Kind of Garden are You Trying to Build?

You must first determine what kind of garden you are trying to build. If you want to build a garden filled with hibiscus flowers, then you may want to purchase a fertilizer solely built for this purpose. More precisely, purchase a product that focuses on growing hibiscus plants for every soil possible. These fertilizers will grant you the necessary nutrients to grow these hibiscus flowers effectively and efficiently. 

However, if you want a diversified garden filled with different flowers and plants, consider buying an all-around fertilizer. These kinds of fertilizers contain healthy nutrients that feed all the plants in your garden. 

What Soil are You Planting Your Seeds In?

Determine what kind of soil you plant your seeds in. There are fertilizers designed to grow seeds on soil that is already healthy and fertile. These fertilizers are relatively softer on the soil to reach the soil without damaging its interior and exterior. 

However, if you are planting on more difficult ground, you will want to purchase fertilizers built for these kinds of circumstances. Many products can make your soil fertile enough for your plants to grow healthily. Try to purchase fertilizers built for this purpose. If you purchase products meant for healthy soil, it will not be as effective as the other lawn owners.

It is Alright to be Brand-Loyal

Being loyal to one company’s fertilizer is not a bad thing to do. These brands were established and popular because of the many years of expertise they have under their belt. You are assured that their fertilizers have undergone scrutinous research and training to reach the final product. 

Exploring new brands might not be too accessible for you. Sometimes, exploring new brands will entail investing more money in something you are entirely unsure of. These products might end up damaging your lawn rather than protecting and nurturing it. 


Finding a fertilizer for your hibiscus flower is no easy task. You must go through many alternatives to reach the best product for you and your lawn. We provided you eight (8) of the best fertilizers to help in your buying decision. We also provided you our best pick and the best brand to make it easier for you to find your best fertilizer. 

By the end of this review, we discussed some important factors to consider when finding your fertilizer. These guidelines were created to ensure you do not invest your money on products that will not benefit you in the long run. 

In the end, the decision will come down to you. After analyzing all the circumstances that will affect your plant’s growth, you can come up with the best decision to create a beautiful garden everyone desires. Good luck! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How often should I fertilize hibiscus?

Try to fertilize your hibiscus plants lightly to prevent your plants from receiving too much of the fertilizer. However, you will want to fertilize your plants regularly constantly. This practice will ensure that your plants grow at a more consistent pace. 

What kind of fertilizers make flowers bloom?

You will want to find fertilizers with a ratio of 15-30-50 or 10-30-20. You will want to find fertilizers dominantly composed of phosphorus than other primary nutrients. 

What time of day is best to fertilize plants

It is best to fertilize plants in the morning. Plants absorb fertilizers more effectively in the morning than at night. 

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