Top 8 Best Fertilizers for Succulents | 2021 Reviews (EarthPods)

Despite how thick, fleshy, and engorged succulents are, they still need the same kind of love as any other plant. Succulents are mostly easier to manage but still require the needed nutrients to grow effectively. Regardless of where you place your succulents, they still need the same amount of attention and effort. 

If you love succulent plants as we do, then you need to check out these eight (8) fertilizers that will make your plants shine like the stars. We will show the best product we believe stands out among the others and the brand you can always run to. Finally, we will give you a few guidelines you can consider to help you choose your succulents’ best fertilizers. 

Top 8 Best Fertilizers for Succulents Reviewed

  1. Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food – Best Overall
  2. EarthPods Premium Cactus & Succulent Plant Food – Best Value
  3. Jobe’s 06703 Succulent Fertilizer Spikes – Editor’s Choice
  4. Grow More 3130 Cactus Juice
  5. No products found.
  6. Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food
  7. Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder
  8. Schultz Cactus Plus 2-7-7 liquid Plant Food

#1. Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food – Best Overall

Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food


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  • Instantly feeds succulent plants 
  • Suitable for all succulent plants 
  • Feed every two weeks 
  • Apply directly to your soil or mix with water 

This fertilizer continues to serve many different succulent owners. Most of their customers experience significant results after a few weeks of using the product. You can apply this fertilizer on almost any succulent you can think of. 

The best way to use this fertilizer is to either apply it to the soil directly or mix it with water and use it as a spray. If you placed your succulents in a smaller container, you could apply this fertilizer directly to the soil. However, you may want to make it a spray if you want to grow succulents in your backyard. 

Mix the new solution thoroughly to ensure that the mixture is fully dissolved. After, use the fertilizer’s spray to apply over the succulent plants. Using a spray will allow you to cover more area. A spray will also be relatively easier for you to fertilize the entire area than constantly bending over to apply the solid fertilizer. 

If you follow their instructions correctly, you will most likely see significant results in a few weeks. Your plants will become brighter and look healthier than before. This fertilizer will also ensure that the succulent’s soil is conducive and healthy for its growth. 

Unfortunately, most beginners usually experience a more difficult time using this fertilizer. The instructions seem to be more complicated to understand. A beginner might end up damaging the plant instead of nourishing it. Thus, we recommend asking an experienced succulent owner to apply the fertilizer to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening. 

Nevertheless, this fertilizer is the most recommended succulent for many customers. Many owners trust the fertilizer to perform beyond their expectations. You may be part of the many satisfied customers this fertilizer gained throughout the years.

Works great for all succulent plants No clear instructions for beginners 
Recommended by many customers Might be complicated to use 
Evident growth in a few weeks
Grows effectively 

#2. EarthPods Premium Cactus & Succulent Plant Food – Best Value

EarthPods Premium Cactus & Succulent Plant Food


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  • Many different options to select from 
  • Premium indoor organic succulent fertilizer 
  • Stimulates root growth 
  • No pungent smell 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Eco-friendly 

This succulent plant food competes with other high-performing products in the industry. It was difficult to find a negative review that critically discussed the product’s disadvantages. Many customers speak of the amazing results their plants experienced after applying this fertilizer. Customers can select many varieties to match their plant’s needs.

This fertilizer is designed to be firmly planted into the soil to inject all the necessary nutrients into the soil and plant. Treat this fertilizer as a vaccine designed to improve your plant’s overall health. Most customers find this option an excellent alternative to traditional sprays. 

The spikes were designed to improve the plant’s color to make it more visually pleasing. You will see brighter green leaves in just a few weeks. This fertilizer was also designed to encourage its roots to grow more consistently. These roots will reach deeper soil to absorb its nutrients that the higher layers of soil lacks. 

You will not experience a hard time using his fertilizer. This fertilizer does not come with the usual pungent smell other fertilizers possess. 

Overall, customers testify about this fertilizer effectively reviving dying plants. These plants usually grow to their healthier size without any complications. You will receive all these benefits in a few weeks. 

Significant progress after a few weeks No evident professional negative reviews
Recommended by many customers 
Revives dying plants 
Gives new growth 
Perfect for cactus 

#3. Jobe’s 06703 Succulent Fertilizer Spikes – Editor’s Choice

Jobe’s 06703 Succulent Fertilizer Spikes


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  • 12 spikes 
  • Easy to insert spikes 
  • Slow-release formula suitable for a year 
  • Little odor 
  • OMRI Registered 
  • All-natural 

Another example of an amazing fertilizer spike is this one. This fertilizer spike joins many of the industry’s best products that provide the necessary nutrients to keep succulent plants always healthy. This fertilizer comes with twelve spikes you can use whenever your plant needs it. These spikes provide a slow release of important nutrients that the plant can absorb quicker than other fertilizers. 

This fertilizer is known for providing effective results in the shortest time possible. Its simplicity makes you forget that you even planted these spikes in the first place. Most customers use this fertilizer to revive their dying plants effectively. 

You will not experience a harder time applying these spikes to your succulents. You will not need to mix or apply anything. You just need to plant it firmly on the plant’s soil and let it absorb the nutrients. Many customers commend this product for being relatively easier to use than other fertilizers. 

You will notice significant results in a few weeks. However, these results will vary with the kind of soil you succulents are planted in. If you plant it in bad soil, then your plant may contract molds. However, if you follow the instructions correctly, your plants should grow to perfection before you know it.  

Works well for all succulent plants Might grow and spread mold 
Perfect for tomato plants 
Great organic fertilizer
Saved a sad lemon tree 
Easy to use 

#4. Grow More 3130 Cactus Juice

Grow More 3130 Cactus Juice


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  • Provides calcium and other nutrients 
  • Feeds plants and flowers 
  • 1-7-6 fertilizer analysis 
  • Apply every two weeks 

This fertilizer is the favorite fertilizer to use for owners of cacti. This juice is applied to the plant’s soil to make it healthy enough to grow succulents. Many customers praise this product for the significant results it provides over time. Most customers experience significant results in just a couple of weeks. 

Use this fertilizer every two weeks to keep your succulents healthy. This juice contains calcium and other nutrients designed to improve your plant’s overall health. The company intensively designed this fertilizer to maintain your succulent’s overall health. 

You will not have a difficult time applying this product compared to other fertilizers. Specific instructions are placed on the packaging to prevent any misunderstandings. This fertilizer also lasts relatively longer than other products. You only need to apply this fertilizer every other week to notice significant results. You will see significant results if you apply these instructions correctly. 

However, you must keep this fertilizer away from children’s reach. Many customers speak of this fertilizer being extremely dangerous for children and pregnant women. Prevent your children from coming near your succulents after application. We recommend waiting for a few hours for the plant to absorb these nutrients before allowing your children to play on the lawn.

Provides a mix of hormones and nutrients Dangerous for children
Produces healthy plants 
Thrives evidently 
Lasts a long time 
Easy to use 

#5. No products found.

No products found.


No products found.



  • Good indoor and outdoor fertilizer 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Can be used for both native and potting soils 
  • Slow-release 
  • OMRI Listed 

This fertilizer takes care of the succulents you place inside and outside your household. Many customers speak of its amazing results over time. The company ensured that this fertilizer is easy enough for beginners to use. Thus, many beginners look for this fertilizer first when they begin to grow succulents. 

This product slowly releases its nutrients over time. The slow release of nutrients prevents your plant from receiving an overdose of nutrients. Instead, you will experience a more progressive growth over time. 

If you follow the directions properly, you should notice your plant becoming significantly brighter than before. A brighter color in these succulents directly translates to its overall health. 

However, this slow-release method might not work for other plants. Other succulent plants might need a fertilizer that will provide a faster release of nutrients. These customers did not concretely mention the kind of plants that do not respond well to this fertilizer. Nevertheless, consider inquiring about its applicability before purchasing this product. 

Overall, this fertilizer is one of the best fertilizers to produce healthier succulent plants. Its nutrients are balanced enough to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening. You should notice significant results in a few weeks after application. However, you must be careful to only apply this to succulent plants that respond to a slower release of nutrients. More precisely, only use this product if you plan to grow cacti in your yard.  

Makes succulent plants healthy Might not grow for some plants 
Significant progress over time 
Recommended by customers 
Perfect for cactus 
Easy to use 

#6. Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food

Espoma Organic Cactus Plant Food


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  • Made with all major plant nutrients 
  • Ideal for cactus and succulents 

This fertilizer is a cheaper alternative compared to the other products mentioned in this review. This cheaper alternative still performs relatively well compared to other high-end products. Thus, budget-minded lawn owners usually seek this fertilizer to grow their succulent plants. 

Cacti are most responsive to this fertilizer. You are providing your plants with all the major nutrients required to keep it healthy. This fertilizer will ensure that the plant receives the nutrients it needs and its daily doses of sunlight and water. 

Many customers experience an easier time using the product. You simply need to apply the recommended amount to your succulents and allow it to grow over time. If you apply the necessary amount stated in the package, you should experience significant growth in a few weeks. 

However, many customers also complain about this product releasing a more pungent smell than other fertilizers. If you apply this fertilizer within your house, the smell might be too unbearable. However, applying this fertilizer for succulent plants outside your garden will release the smell quicker into the atmosphere. We recommend you let the plant absorb this fertilizer first before letting the plant back into your house. This will provide the plant sufficient time to release the smell to a more neutral state. 

Nevertheless, this fertilizer is still an excellent alternative for beginners. You will provide your plants with the necessary nutrients without any artificial and dangerous synthetic chemicals. 

Provides good growth for cactus Contains pungent smell 
Perfect for succulent plants 
Easy to use 

#7. Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder

Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder


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  • Sizes: 4.5 pounds, single-pack, two-pack, three-pack, and four-pack 
  • Beautiful growth 
  • Nutrients in earthworm castings 
  • Slowly feeds plants for long periods 
  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor plants 

Worm castings are worm’s feces used for plant fertilization. Worm castings are used as organic fertilizers designed to improve soil and plant growth. Worm castings are the most organic and natural fertilizer you can ever think of. 

Gardeners use worms as their fertilizers if they cannot find a fertilizer best suited for their plants. This fertilizer ensures that your plants are adaptive enough to receive the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive. 

This product comes in many sizes on the size of the area you plan to fertilize. You provide your plants with consistent, organic, and natural nutrients to grow into healthier and brighter succulents. 

Unfortunately, expect that this fertilizer will smell more intense than others. This smell will usually last a long time before it will dilute into the soil. However, the smell should begin to subside after your plant effectively absorbs the nutrients. However, a good gardener will gladly give up comfortability to produce beautiful and healthier plants. 

Overall, this product is an excellent alternative if you want to make plants using natural ingredients. All the nutrients your plants will receive will come from nature itself. Thus, no dangerous chemicals and synthetics will plague your garden again. 

Highly recommended by many customers Contains pungent smell 
Effective for succulent plants Might cause root aphids 
Organic fertilizer 

#8. Schultz Cactus Plus 2-7-7 liquid Plant Food

Schultz Cactus Plus 2-7-7 liquid Plant Food


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  • Feeds through roots 
  • Perfect for cactus and other succulents 
  • Include supplement during the day 

For the final product in this review, we want to show you a liquid plant food designed to relinquish its nutrients in the most natural way possible. This fertilizer is known for penetrating deeper into the soil to reach the roots. This fertilizer is best for gardeners who aim to plant healthy and more beautiful cacti. 

This product comes in a liquid form instead of the traditional solid or powdery structure. Liquid form efficiently reaches deeper roots to absorb the nutrients effectively. These kinds of fertilizers also fertilize the soil around its premises. Thus, you fertilize your soil to adapt to the other plants you plant to incorporate into your lawn. 

This fertilizer is also relatively easier to use. The instructions are clear enough, even for beginners to comprehend. These instructions will prevent any accidents from forming when applying the product. You will be provided with the recommended amount to use for the area you want to apply it in. 

If you use these instructions correctly, you will notice a progressive growth over time. Your plant is digging deeper into the soil to better its foundation. The nutrients are balanced enough to produce more lively and brighter succulents. 

Unfortunately, this fertilizer does not work well with harder soil. Many customers will experience slower growth if their soil is more difficult to fertilize. We recommend finding a more aggressive fertilizer if your soil is not conducive to your plant’s growth. At the very least, you will experience its benefits relatively longer than other gardeners. 

Nevertheless, this fertilizer is an amazing alternative for the many products on this list. You should grow your succulents more efficiently and effectively without any struggle. Do not forget to survey your soil first before deciding on this fertilizer. 

Significant growth over time Not perfect for some soils 
Water and do not feed 
Perfect for cactus 
Easy to use 

Best Fertilizer for Succulents 

We believe the Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food is the best product you can purchase for your succulent plants. This fertilizer was specifically created to feed your plants with the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy. It was incredibly difficult to find a customer to talk about the disadvantages of the product. Its designers ensured its quality through tedious research and testing. 

You will never go wrong with purchasing this plant food. You are provided specific instructions to ensure that you do not give your plants too much or too little of it. If you apply these instructions correctly, you should see significant progress in a matter of weeks.

Best Fertilizer Brand Out There 

When finding the best brand out there, do not limit yourself to what the company can do for a specific kind of plant. The best companies specialize in creating fertilizers suitable for all plants. We used this standard to select which fertilizer brand is the best one. 

We think that the best fertilizer brand you can choose from is GrowBetter. This company brought many customers to their doorstep through the many years of service under its belt. We chose a company that specializes in creating fertilizers for all plants without any synthetic or dangerous chemicals. 

GrowBetter ensures that all its products are made of natural ingredients to make their plants healthier than before. If you want to be loyal to a specific brand, consider being loyal to an established brand. These companies continue to satisfy their customers through the years of service under their belt.

How to Find the Perfect Fertilizer for Your Succulents?

Feeding succulents are relatively easier than other plants. However, these succulents need to be treated with care to grow into beautiful plants in the future. Succulents usually require a more specific kind of fertilizer compared to other kinds of plants. 

It is very easy to be overwhelmed with the numerous choices in front of you. However, choosing fertilizers based on specific standards limit your choices to a select few. Thus, we will provide you some factors to consider when purchasing your fertilizer for your succulents. 

Enhance Growth Not Make Growth

Technically, you do not need to provide your succulents with fertilizers. Succulents successfully grow into maturity even without injecting any fertilizer on them. You only ingrain fertilizers to enhance their overall health and encourage abundant growth. 

Your soil should be sufficient to bring your succulents to maturity. Instead, find fertilizers that will work hand-in-hand with your soil to give your plant the necessary nutrients it needs. 

Natural Not Artificial

You will want to choose fertilizers composed of purely natural ingredients. Your succulents easily absorb these ingredients. Thus, you should expect abundant growth in time. 

A good rule-of-thumb is never to purchase artificial or synthetic products. However, these products can also potentially burn your succulents and their soil. These chemicals are potent enough to disfigure your plants to make it look uglier than before. 

It is Alright to be Brand Loyal

Exploring different fertilizers should be the least of your concern if you are an interested gardener. It is better to purchase products from established companies than new entrants. These companies will assure you of their dedication to excellence. You can assure yourself that these products are made with natural ingredients designed to grow your plants. These companies researched extensively to grow your plants naturally without any dangerous chemicals and synthetics.  

Exploring other fertilizers places your soil at risk. If you purchase the wrong fertilizer for your lawn, the lawn might be permanently damaged to produce anything. More importantly, you will waste your money on a product that did not work at all. 

Consider Manure Above Everything Else

Manure is the most natural fertilizer you can ever give your plants. This organic fertilizer takes care of the soil to make it adaptive to your plant’s growth. More precisely, manure increases aeration and conditions your soil to be receptible to growth. 

If you want to feed your plants with natural ingredients, feed them with manure. Many companies specialize in making their manure better than others. These fertilizers will successfully feed your land and the seeds inside it. Over time, it should be easier for you to plant almost anything in your garden without the struggle. 

More precisely, this compost comes from worm castings. The worms serve as good and natural fertilizers for your soil. If you purchase these castings in the market, ensure that the company did not inject these composts with dangerous and synthetic chemicals. 


Consider your budget before finding the fertilizer for you. Invest in more high-quality products at a higher price than mediocre products. Despite how tempting it might be, purchasing lower products may be extremely dangerous for you and your lawn. 

Fortunately, many companies produce high-quality products through cost-effective measures. If you are on a budget, you may consider purchasing these kinds of products instead of purchasing cheaper ones. 

Patience is Key

Never believe the fertilizers that claim to create beautiful lawns within a few days. These fertilizers have deviously injected their products with chemicals that will eventually damage your plant and its soil. Good fertilizers usually take weeks before you notice significant results in your plant’s growth.  

The biggest takeaway to learn is how important time is in fertilizing your lawn. It will take you relatively longer to produce soil that your plants will beautifully grow in. If you are a passionate gardener, this time is completely worth it. 


There you have it! We showed you eight (8) of the best products we believe are suitable for your succulents. We selected fertilizers free from any artificial and dangerous chemicals. You also saw the best product and brand you can purchase from that would provide you the best results. Finally, we provided you some practical guidelines to consider when purchasing your next fertilizer. 

Remember how hard it is to decide on fertilizers. Many gardeners consult one another to determine which fertilizer is best. Consider asking established professionals to provide you a series of recommendations to help you with your buying decision. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you need fertilizers to plant succulents?

Succulents do not necessarily need any fertilizer to thrive. Most fertilizers are used to enhance the growth and color to make it more visually pleasing. Fertilizers are also used to increase its overall health and endurance. 

How do you plant succulents?

Plant your succulents only during summertime. Succulents usually need more sunlight to maintain their health.  

Can you use regular plant food for succulents?

We recommend avoiding using regular plant food for succulents. There are specific products designed to fertilize succulents. These fertilizers fertilize the soil rather than the plant itself. Fertilizing the soil will allow your succulents to grow without any obstructions and intrusions.

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