Top 10 Best Garden Faucet ǀ 2021 Reviews (Mueller)

Ensuring that you get the best garden faucet may seem like a simple task to accomplish, but it can easily get tricky if you see the countless choices available.

One of the first things that most homeowners look for in a faucet is how it looks. You have to like how it looks in your yard or garden after all. However, that isn’t the only thing that you should consider when buying the best garden faucet. After all, it will be placed outdoors and will most likely have to brave through the harsher outdoor conditions.

So, we’ve got the hard part of looking at various garden faucets to help you make a more informed decision before settling on a specific item. We’ve listed faucet options in different styles, designs, materials, and features to fit different requirements. Take a look at ten of our best picks for your garden.

Top 10 Best Garden Faucet Reviewed

  1. Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet – Best Overall
  2. Prier P-164D12 Outdoor Faucet – Best Value
  3. American Valve M71QT – Editor’s Choice
  4. Mueller 103-054HN Outdoor Faucet
  5. Liberty Garden 693-2 Outdoor Faucet
  6. Woodford 19CP-12 
  7. Taiwan-made Brass Garden Faucet 3-Piece Combo
  8. Eastman 48627 Heavy Pattern Male No-Kink
  9. RAINPAL RBS005 Quarter Turn Garden Faucet
  10. Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Outdoor Faucet

#1. Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet – Best Overall

Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet

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  • Material: rough brass
  • Handle Type: knob
  • Inlet Size: ½ inch
  • Neoprene seal
  • ¾ inch hose thread outlet

Mueller Industries is a trusted brand when it comes to providing well-crafted fixtures, and its 103-003 outdoor faucet model is our top pick if you’re looking for one to use in your garden. This one boasts heavy-duty construction, made with quality brass material with a rough and antique finish. It has the conventional faucet outlook, which doesn’t stand out from many unique faucet designs today. However, if you want something you can depend on to give your garden water without interruption, this outdoor faucet is a solid choice. 

The antique brass finish gives it a slightly vintage vibe, but it’s not only about the look because this feature also prevents rusting. It’s essential to have in a faucet, especially for your garden where it might need to brave the rain and other harsh weather conditions. 

This garden faucet produces a single-handle water flow rate control, and it’s extremely simple to use. It performs like a pro, offering fantastic water pressure, despite its relatively smaller size than most faucets. 

Another feature that we like best in this faucet is the neoprene seal that is efficient in preventing leakage issues. It also comes with NSF approval, which means that the build material contains negligible to no lead. 

Good quality construction
Not ideal for potable water applications
Meets NSF standards
Excellent design
Simple to install

#2. Prier P-164D12 Outdoor Faucet – Best Value

Prier P-164D12 Outdoor Faucet

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  • Material: brass
  • Finish Type: nickel plated
  • Inlet Size: ½ inch
  • Anti-siphon vacuum breaker
  • Soft grip handle

Another favorite faucet option for gardens that we have is from Prier, a US-based brand of quality residential outdoor faucets. Like many Prier faucets, the P-164D12 outdoor faucet comes with the traditional style but made with the finest quality material and craftsmanship. Prier made this one with a heavy-duty brass material with a premium nickel plating finish.

But that’s not all because you also get a well-working operating handle with a soft grip for comfort. The simple operation is convenient even in wet or cold weather. Another feature that makes this the best garden faucet in our book is the anti-siphon vacuum breaker to keep it functional even through winter. The back check valve also helps prevent freezing issues when the temperature got too low. 

The 4-degree built-in angle is great, the ideal drainage pitch for an efficient faucet for the outdoors. Plus, it comes with a slightly larger integral flange made of robust brass to provide an uninterrupted and overall better water flow. If you’re looking for a faucet that stands out best in outdoor applications, this one is a solid choice. It comes with excellent quality material equipped with a solid set of features suitable for outdoor settings all year round. 

Easy operation in wet conditions
Not the best for high water pressure
Ideal drainage pitch
Solid brass body
Easily repairable

#3. American Valve M71QT – Editor’s Choice

American Valve M71QT

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  • Material: brass
  • Inlet Size: ¾ inch
  • Ball valve handle
  • Quarter turn design
  • Rust-resistant

American Valve is another well-known brand for water fixtures, and its M71QT faucet is not your average one. This outdoor wall faucet boasts a high rating, truly designed to handle different outdoor water requirements. It’s a solid option, the best garden faucet if you want an uninterrupted water supply for all your garden tasks. 

It features a quality brass material with the typical brass finish. This faucet looks simple but reliable, especially for outdoor use, with its effective rust-resistant feature. The solid stainless steel handle is also durable and features a quarter-turn design, geared to operate smoothly no matter the temperature. Plus, the stainless steel material is robust and can resist wear and tear even with heavy daily usage. 

Another noteworthy feature that makes this product the best garden faucet in our book is its extended garden hose threads. The quality materials, parts, and solid brass construction ensure that this fixture can live up to several years without losing its efficiency and performance. It also boasts an o-ring and PTFE seal, lifting your worries for any leaking issues. The only downside is this faucet isn’t suitable for potable water settings, despite its negligible lead amount on the material used.

Effective rust-resistant features
Not suitable for winter
Unrestricted water flow
Wear-resistant handle
Smooth operation

#4. Mueller 103-054HN Outdoor Faucet

Mueller 103-054HN Outdoor Faucet

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  • Material: brass
  • Inlet size: ¾ inch
  • Max. Working Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Teflon seats
  • Chrome-plated brass ball

Mueller has many quality faucets suitable for outdoor use, so if you are looking for one to put in your yard or garden, the Mueller 103-054HN faucet will fit right in. It features a solid and durable structure, made of high-quality brass material to make it long-lasting and efficient. Mueller used 60% copper alloy brass for this faucet if you want to get specific, making it sturdier and more robust than most of what you can find in markets. 

This Mueller faucet is also a perfect choice because of its remarkable design and control, all at a budget-friendly price point. You don’t have to spend extra for a reliable faucet for your garden, especially not from Mueller. This item already comes with approval for safe usability from NSF-61. 

Installing this faucet is also simple, so is using it with the easy quarter-turn operation. You can quickly open the tap without problems, and the handle is also rust-resistant, perfect for outdoor use. Plus, it comes with the highest working water pressure rating for faucets, which is 125 PSI. It means you can expect it to prevent leakage problems even with higher water pressures. 

Removing for maintenance or repair is also trouble-free with the chrome-plated brass ball that makes the task simple. 

Easy quarter-turn operation
Small inner diameter
IAPMO-ANSI approved
Affordable option
Solid construction

#5. Liberty Garden 693-2 Outdoor Faucet

Liberty Garden 693-2 Outdoor Faucet

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  • Material: brass
  • Inlet Size: 5/8 inch
  • 5-inch rack radius
  • Steel stand with powder coat finish
  • PVC connector

Most of the best garden faucet on our list need to get mounted on a wall or post, but the Liberty Garden 693-2 outdoor faucet is different. It’s a freestanding faucet for your yard, perfect for gardening and lawn care and maintenance. This one you can place in the middle of your garden without much effort, plus it can hold around 150 feet of a 5/8 inch hose. The freestanding design is also why this faucet is suitable for housing, commercial, and industrial applications. 

This faucet comes with a couple more notable features, like a well-made brass faucet weatherproof powder coat finish attached to a durable steel stand. It provides strong construction that can weather any harsh outdoor conditions without breaking or rusting. 

The faucet and hose stand combo is a fantastic way to keep this garden essential handy and placed where you want it to. You can mount it on concrete or compact soil, although that would reduce the stand’s height. 

Still, this hose bibb style faucet is our top pick for the best garden faucet with a hose stand. What’s even better us Liberty Garden threw in a limited 3-year warranty for this faucet to assure it only gives a quality performance. 

Mounts in concrete or compact soil
Short stand
Convenient freestanding design
Weather-resistant construction
Holds up to a 150-feet hose

#6. Woodford 19CP-12

Woodford 19CP-12

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  • Material: stainless steel
  • Knob Type: knob
  • Max. Working Pressure: 125 PSI
  • No-lead solder
  • EPDM packing

Garden faucets have to brave through harsher conditions than those you have inside the house. In that case, you need one that offers optimum durability and performance no matter the weather, and the Woodford 19CP-12 is a high-end option that won’t disappoint. 

This hose bibb type faucet excels in durability and performance, as well as extra features. If you want an industrial-quality faucet, this one fits the bill right with its stainless steel seat with a powered brass finish. Operating this faucet no matter the weather is a piece of cake, thanks to its die-cast aluminum handle with a special powder coating. Adding to its weatherproof performance is the anti-siphon feature. There’s also extra non-rupture protection to keep the faucet frost-free and usable even when the temperature drops.

Leaking won’t be an issue though the faucet’s lifetime, thanks to its incredible features like the O-size washer, zero-lead solder, and the EPDM packaging. All these remarkable specs are available at a reasonable price tag. 

Whether you need a garden faucet for casual gardening applications or a more massive task, this one fits the job well. It supports a wide range of working water pressure up to 125 PSI without compromising a high water flow. 

Easy-to-handle oval design
Leaks sometimes
High-quality construction
Frost-free garden faucet
Great value for money

#7. Taiwan-made Brass Garden Faucet 3-Piece Combo

Taiwan-made Brass Garden Faucet 3-Piece Combo

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  • Material: brass
  • Finish Type: verdigris polished
  • Handle Type: knob
  • Inlet Size: ½ inch
  • 3-piece set

The best garden faucet doesn’t have to look conventional and boring. If you want something to add a little whimsy vibe to your beautiful garden, this Taiwan-made brass garden faucet 3-piece combo will fit right in. The design and color of these three faucets will give your outdoors something interesting and unique. 

The primary material for these faucets is quality brass that is both sturdy and weatherproof. However, what stands out best is its artsy verdigris polished finish, giving the faucet a moderately-transparent bluish-green color that makes the brass look weathered and antique-like. 

Another notable feature of these decorative garden faucets is their knobs. While most faucets feature conventional knobs or levers, this set comes with dragonfly, turtle, and hummingbird design handles. They are truly unique without compromising the faucet’s efficiency. It fits typical ½ inch water supply pipes, making it easy to install. And besides the sturdy brass construction, these faucets also feature tight seals to prevent leaking issues. However, it’s not the tightest when dealing with higher water pressures. 

Still, these decorative pieces can hold themselves well in housing applications.

Includes three faucets
Can leak with high water pressure
Unique knob designs
Sturdy construction
Tight seals

#8. Eastman 48627 Heavy Pattern Male No-Kink

Eastman 48627 Heavy Pattern Male No-Kink

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  • Material: brass
  • Inlet Size: ¾ inch
  • Max. Working Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Designed for irrigation purposes
  • Corrosion-resistant

The priciest model isn’t always the best option, and the Eastman 48627 Heavy Pattern Male No-Kink Faucet is proof. It’s one of the cheapest options we’ve found, but don’t let that low price mark fool you. This faucet is best-in-class when it comes to garden or outdoor applications. It delivers both in quality and performance, starting from its robust brass construction with a rugged finish. It also boasts a corrosion-resistant coating to keep it durable and long-lasting in the outdoors. 

Although this model isn’t suitable for drinking water applications, it’s a reliable option for irrigation purposes. The highlighting feature that makes this faucet stand out is its oversized green handle that is easy to operate. What’s even better is it works perfectly well in any outdoor temperature, including winter, without any blockage issues. 

The water flow rate that you can get is also fantastic, suitable for most gardening tasks. It can withstand both high outdoor temperature and even higher water pressure. It even comes with a modern stuffing inbox, a sealing component to avoid leakage while in use. 

Like any top-end and more expensive faucets, this one can last for some good years. Plus, it’s compatible with any outdoor water supply line, and the multiple threads at the front section are suitable for attaching different hose types.

With stuffing inbox to prevent leakage
Not for drinking water applications
Easy-to-grip oversized handle
Heavy-duty brass material
Good quality for the price

#9. RAINPAL RBS005 Quarter Turn Garden Faucet

RAINPAL RBS005 Quarter Turn Garden Faucet

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  • Material: brass; aluminum alloy handle
  • Inlet Size: ½ inch
  • Lead-free compliant
  • Embedded rubber gasket
  • Rust-resistant

Another impressive hose bibb style faucet for garden use is the RBS005 Quarter Turn Faucet from RAINPAL. It might be on the economic faucet range, but many people are impressed with its performance and design. It features a robust brass material with the archetypal brass finish for a unique outlook. It looks slightly vintage, but it’s stain-resistant and long-lasting. Meanwhile, the handle is aluminum alloy, a weatherproof material that resists rusting. It also ensures smooth operation, whether it’s hot or cold outdoors.

RAINPAL offers freeze-resistant construction for this faucet, ensuring that you can get a smooth and uninterrupted flow rate even during dead in the winter. The stainless steel handle screw and all-metal construction play a huge role in this faucet’s all-weather performance. You don’t have to worry about anything breaking or splitting when you have this faucet in your garden. 

You also get a guarantee for safe use as this faucet comes with the manufacturer’s assurance that the materials used contain less than 0.25% lead. Lastly, the installation process will be a breeze, thanks to this unit’s universal design, making it compatible with any outdoor equipment.

Durable and weatherproof aluminum alloy handle
Rough and sharp finish
No-rust stainless steel screw
High-quality spigot
Good price value

#10. Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Outdoor Faucet

Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Outdoor Faucet

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  • Material: brass
  • Inlet Size: ½ inch
  • Frost-free sillcock
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Built-in vacuum breaker

If you are shopping for the best garden faucet, the Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA is also worth checking out. This outdoor faucet boasts smart features and excellent performance, offering convenience you would want to have in your garden. For one, it eliminates the common problems you have with most faucets during the winter season. This unit boasts a back siphon that safeguards the pipes to avoid freezing when the temperature drops. 

Another noteworthy feature is the in-built vacuum breaker that efficiently prevents any water backflow issues. It’s a useful and safety feature that avoids water from getting contaminated. The brass material used for this faucet is top-quality. It’s robust, sturdy, and long-lasting, all at a great price value. 

If you’re looking for a no-freeze faucet that can brave through the coldest winter, this one is a fantastic option. Plus, the frost-free sillcock can also resist corrosion, perfect for outdoor settings. 

The limited 3-year warranty for the product is also a bonus to have, ensuring that you get the most out of what you’ve paid for the faucet. You can surely expect quality construction and performance from this one.

With anti-siphon backflow protection
Packing washer can wear out
Suitable for freezing temperatures
Durable material and construction
Easy to install

Best Garden Faucet – Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet

There are countless faucet options, but only one will take the top spot for the best garden faucet, and that is the Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet. Firstly, it boasts NSF approval for lead safety standards. Plus, it comes with impressive durability, from its heavy-duty brass construction to the neoprene seal that prevents leading issues. The two-pronged tough brass handle is also comfortable to use. 

It might look too conventional, but it’s highly dependable, especially for outdoor use. 

Best Garden Faucet Brands

Check out our top faucet brand options if you are looking for one with top quality and performance. 


Mueller is an industry leader in manufacturing all sorts of products made from plastic, aluminum, copper, and brass. The brand produces a wide range of products for heating, air-conditions, refrigeration, and plumbing applications. Its faucet products are reasonably priced and well-known for providing top durability and performance.


Prier is another trusted brand of plumbing products that can stand various weather conditions and the test of time. It has a full line of various quality products and fixtures for commercial and household applications, from drainage products, hydrants, specialty valves, and faucets.

American Valve

American Valve has been a trusted brand for dependable plumbing products for over 100 years. It’s among the leaders in manufacturing top-quality and innovative waterworks products. The brand focuses on creating lead-free products, making their faucet products safer to use, even in your garden.  

Types of Garden Faucet

Before you buy what you think is the best garden faucet, it helps to know what options are available. Although faucets may look alike, they come in different varieties to support different plumbing needs. 


Spigots are the most common faucet types for outdoor applications, and they can cater to multiple applications. Most spigot faucets come with brass or steel construction that can last for good years. They are also simple to replace or repair if there are damages or leakage problems. 

Hose Bibb

Most people use spigot and hose bibb interchangeably that it becomes tricky to determine which is which. However, the two have quite some differences. 

For instance, they have different functions against cold weather. Hose bibb faucets prevent freezing during winter, while spigots stop cracking and breaking. Both are durable options. A hose bib is heavy-duty that helps prevent water from freezing, while spigot faucets are sturdy enough that ice can’t break it. 

Overall, hose bibb types offer better control and functions than spigot faucets and easier to install than spigots.

Ball Valve

Ball valve types are usually affordable faucet options, and they are efficient for delivering excellent water flow. The design for this Type includes tight-fitting valves with a hole where the water can freely flow. It’s the simplest faucet design you can use outdoors. 

Yard Hydrants

This Type is more for larger outdoor spaces. Yard hydrants are tall piped fitted or mounted on the ground that starts spouting water once you pull the handle. 


Anti-siphon faucets are less common for outdoor applications unless connected to a potable water supply line. This Type keeps the water clean and prevents any contamination. 


Frost-free faucets are the best alternative to conventional hose bibbs or spigots. They are more commonly used in areas that experience harsher winter. This Type usually features a long metal tube attached to the valve that prevents water from freezing during winter. 

What to Consider When Buying the Best Garden Faucet

Before you settle for a specific faucet model, it’s essential to make sure that you have the right one for your garden needs. If you’re still confused about the best garden faucet for you even after the top picks reviewed above, you can check out these essential factors to help with your purchase. 


Outdoor faucets come in many styles and designs. You can pick an easy design for simpler usability or a decorative option to add a flair to your garden. 

However, design in more than just the looks as it also covers the materials used and the faucet’s craftsmanship. Your two primary options for material types are stainless steel and brass, and both work well for outdoor use. Brass, however, provides a more rustic and aged outlook. 

Performance in Outdoors

Besides look and quality, performance is also an essential consideration, especially for an outdoor faucet. Ideally, the best garden faucet has a weatherproof design and won’t freeze or break when the outdoor temperature goes to freezing point in winter. 

One way to make sure that your garden faucet remains intact during the cold season is to look for anti-freezing features like a built-in vacuum roller, a frost-free sillcock, and an anti-siphon. If your garden faucet has these features, you won’t have to worry about them breaking come winter. 

Another thing you should look for is a corrosion-resistant feature, especially for a faucet used outdoors. 

Connection Type

Different faucet models can have different connection types, and it’s worth checking out before buying an item to make sure it works well for you. 

Two common connection types for faucets are FIP (Female Iron Pipes) and MIP (Male Iron Pipe). FIP connections will have the threading placed on the inside and must connect into a male iron pipe. Meanwhile, MIP connections have external threading and will link to a female iron pipe. 

There are also faucets with sweat connections, which require a special fitted and soldering. Instead of using male or female connections, this faucet type needs a fitting cup at the end of the connection point. 


Most faucets will come in either a ¾-inch or a 1-inch size. The important thing when checking for the faucet size is to match it to your existing water pipe. Also, the 


Not everyone considers safety when choosing the best garden faucet, but it should be on your checklist. A safe design and performance are key, eliminating all your worries, especially when it comes to freezing problems. Another safety feature that you might want to consider is a lead-free material for the faucet. 


Outdoor or garden faucets come in a wide price range, which should also be on your checklist when buying the best garden faucet. The key is to find the right balance between the price and the desirable features that you can get from a faucet. Some features and functions are worth spending on, like anti-freezing functionalities to keep your faucet usable even during the cold season.

Quality Guarantee

Before you decide and purchase the best garden faucet for your needs, it’s worth looking at if the product comes with a quality guarantee. A promised quality and performance from the manufacturer is good, but it’s even better if it comes backed with a warranty. A brand confident with what their products can bring should offer at least a quality warranty of at least two to three years.


If you need the best garden faucet, we recommend getting the Mueller Industries 103-003 Outdoor Faucet. It’s reasonably priced and works well for garden and outdoor applications, especially with its solid steel construction and rust-resistant feature.

Still, no single faucet will be the best option for everyone, which is why we tried to cover different faucet options, from budget-friendly faucets to high-end faucets with premium features. Whether you need a fixture for casual gardening tasks or more heavy-duty commercial applications, there’s one best garden faucet for you on the list.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens if my garden faucet freezes?

A garden faucet that froze up during winter will usually split or break at the stem, brought by the expansion when the water froze. You can see the damage once the thaw begins, and you turn the faucet on, and water sprays out of the damaged pipe. 

Do I need to cover my garden faucet during winter?

When the temperature during winter is enough to freeze water, it’s safer to cover any outdoor water faucet to keep it insulated and prevent freezing. However, some faucet models feature frost-free or anti-freezing capabilities, which won’t give you much problem during winter. 

What should I do with my garden faucet for winter?

Preparing your garden or any outdoor faucet for winter is essential. You can start by turning off or cutting the internal water supply that feeds the fixture. Opening the faucet once there’s no water supply will help drain any remaining water in the pipe. If there’s no water inside, nothing will freeze and damage the faucet once the temperature goes to the freezing point. 

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