Top 8 Best Garden Sprinklers | 2021 Reviews (Gardena)

Nothing shows how much you love your garden than treating yourself to a garden sprinkler. Just imagine how beautiful your lawn will look when thousands of water particles greet you in the morning. Buying a garden sprinkler is one of the next accessories to buy for your garden after growing it. After purchasing all those fertilizers and ensuring your plant grows, why not treat yourself to a good sprinkler?

Practically, sprinklers make watering your garden easier. You will no longer need to grab a bucket of water just to water your garden. Instead, you can just sit back and watch your sprinklers do the watering for you. We provided you eight (8) of the best sprinklers we feel are best suited for your beautiful garden. We will provide you some guidelines to help you decide which sprinkler is the best for you. 

Top 8 Best Garden Sprinklers Reviewed

  1. Gardena Circle Pulse Sprinkler Premium – Best Overall
  2. Hozelock Ltd Aspersor Rectangular Plus – Best Value
  3. Spear & Jackson BWF22 Oscillating Sprinkler with Brass Connector – Editor’s Choice
  4. Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro 314m
  5. GrowGreen Sprinkler Rotating Lawn Sprinkler
  6. Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler Automatic Garden Water sprinklers
  7. Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler
  8. Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

#1. Gardena Circle Pulse Sprinkler Premium – Best Overall

Gardena Circle Pulse Sprinkler Premium


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  • High-quality materials 
  • Full or pulse circle sprinkler  
  • Large adjustment knob 
  • Connected to GARDENA system connector 
  • Produced from the Czech Republic
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty 

Gardena is one of the leading sprinkler companies in the world. Gardena is originally based in the Czech Republic and provides lawn owners with sprinklers to last a lifetime. One of their amazing products is their Premium Circle Pulse Sprinkler. 

This sprinkler features two settings you can choose from. You can set your sprinklers to full mode, where it lets out water continuously around your garden. You may also opt to choose its pulse mode that will let out water in intervals. 

Its water pressure can reach a longer area. You can simply place this sprinkler in the center of your garden and let it work its magic. Every area is sufficiently provided with its fair share of water. 

Unfortunately, this product comes with confusing instructions. A beginner might experience a more difficult time setting up this product. The sprinkler might get damaged in the long run if you cannot understand the instructions. Thus, we recommend having an experienced gardener set up this sprinkler for you to avoid any malfunctions after installation. 

We cannot finish this review without talking about its elegant design. This sprinkler features a more futuristic look that entices its customers to buy it. Imagine how good it would look to have a futuristic, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing sprinkler at the center of your lawn. 

Overall, this sprinkler is one of the best sprinklers you can ever purchase in the market. This product successfully covers a large area of land. Its material makes this sprinkler extremely durable even after long periods of use. This sprinkler is beautifully designed to contribute a more elegant look to your garden. 

Good quality materials from manufacturing Does not rotate backward
Adjustable angle and height setup Confusing instructions 
Easy to use and set-up 
Elegantly made 
Perfect design 

#2. Hozelock Ltd Aspersor Rectangular Plus – Best Value

Hozelock Ltd Aspersor Rectangular Plus para 180 m2 Yellow, 180m2


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  • Coverage: 180m, 200m, 260m 
  • Style: Plus, Pro 
  • Made of plastic 
  • High-performance sled sprinkler 
  • Rotating sprinkler 
  • Even coverage from the powered motor and fifteen jets 
  • Enhanced stability 

Who said that sprinklers always need to go around in circles? Another amazing sprinkler to look at is the Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler. As its name suggests, this sprinkler features a sled design to increase its range and pressure. 

You may choose between three sprinkler coverages: 180m, 200m, and 260m. Customers choose the size based on their lawn size. A sprinkler would need to release a stronger water pressure to allow water to reach farther. 

You will not need to constantly bring your sprinkler to one part of the lawn and the other. You simply need to place this sprinkler in the middle of your lawn for it to work its magic. Its sled-like appearance also increases its durability. More support is given at the base to prevent the sprinkler from tipping over. 

Unfortunately, many customers cannot experience its benefits. Some customers receive defective products upon delivery below their expectations. We recommend purchasing your sprinklers from a registered store to ensure its authenticity and originality. A seller might wrongly package your sprinkler, which damages it upon delivery. 

Nevertheless, many customers remain extremely satisfied with their purchase. Careful maintenance for the sprinkler will ensure that your product will last you a lifetime. You just need to be careful of any uncredible sellers who aim to provide you defective products for income. 

Better soaking than rotating sprinklers No warranty if purchased from an online seller 
Gives good water spread Does not function well for some customers 
Can fill larger areasBreaks upon delivery 
Beautiful design 
Good throw 

#3. Spear & Jackson BWF22 Oscillating Sprinkler with Brass Connector – Editor’s Choice

Spear & Jackson BWF22 Oscillating Sprinkler with Brass Connector


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  • Highly resistant to temperature change
  • Made from quality brass 
  • 2018 award winner
  • Rustproof 
  • Incredible durability 

Spear & Jackson is another amazing sprinkler that continues to satisfy its customers for many years. This company won many prestigious awards in 2018. You can assure yourself that this product is one of the most viable options for you. 

Its best feature is its incredible resistance to heat. Many customers praise this product for its performativity even in hotter temperatures. This sprinkler effectively releases water across your garden without leaving a part dehydrated. 

You will not experience any rust from continuous exposure over time. Its rustproof capabilities increase its durability. You will not experience any wear over many years. This sprinkler outperforms many plastic sprinklers that compete at the same price level.  

Unfortunately, some customers experience product defects upon delivery. These resellers are usually not certified by the company. The company cannot guarantee its quality if it does not come from them. Thus, we recommend purchasing this product from a certified reseller or their company website. 

Overall, this sprinkler is one of the most viable options to select from. You are purchasing an amazing addition to your garden. You simply need to ensure that you are purchasing this product from the company or certified resellers. 

Higher quality than cheaper plastic sprinklers Diminishes in quality over time 
Controllable quality sprinkler Inconsistent delivery 
Covers a farther distance
Fantastic build quality 
Great range 

#4. Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro 314m

Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro 314m


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  • High-performance metal spike sprinkler
  • Reaches maximum area coverage diameter 
  • Rotating sprinklers 
  • Even coverage through a powered motor and 2-spray pattern 
  • Spike design to enhance durability 

Another amazing Hozelock sprinkler is its round sprinkler. This sprinkler is another amazing alternative from its sled-like counterpart. Customers acclaim this product for being an amazing equipment to reach farther parts of your garden. 

This sprinkler features a spike that you plant in the soil. You use its pointed tip to plant it firmly on the ground while it waters your garden. This spike also prevents your sprinkler from falling off while it waters your lawn. 

Most customers use this device for re-seeding. Re-seeding usually requires more amounts of care and consistent amounts of water to bloom. You would not need to constantly check on your plants if they received sufficient volumes of water. This sprinkler will constantly water your lawn until you turn it off. 

Unfortunately, this product does not last longer than the other sprinklers on this list. Many customers report only using this sprinkler for about a year before needing to purchase another pair. Many customers recommend constantly checking on your sprinklers for any potential damages routinely. If you take extra care of your sprinklers, your sprinklers should last longer than usual. 

Spike goes into the soil without any issues Inconsistent quality if bought from an online seller 
Perfect for larger areas Quality begins to diminish by fifteen months 
Larger than expected 
Perfect for re-seeding 

#5. GrowGreen Sprinkler Rotating Lawn Sprinkler

GrowGreen Sprinkler Rotating Lawn Sprinkler


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  • Powerful and versatile lawn sprinkler 
  • Water pressure of about 80PSI 
  • 360 degrees rotation 
  • 32.8 feet spray distance 
  • Fully adjustable sprinkler 
  • Durable construction 
  • Saves time and water 
  • Multi-Purpose sprinkler 

GrowGreen produced a sprinkler that covers around 32.8 feet of land. Its amazing performance continues to draw people to them throughout the years. Many customers praise this sprinkler for being extremely durable than its competitors. Customers can use this for almost anything they can think of. 

The best feature you will first notice is its amazing power and versatility. This sprinkler can let out a water pressure of about 80 PSI. This pressure is strong enough to water your entire lawn. Its rotating capabilities allow you to reach 360 degrees of your lawn if you position it at the center. 

This sprinkler is also relatively lighter than other products. This sprinkler plants itself well into the ground to prevent anyone from kicking it over.  

You will need to take extra care of this sprinkler, though. Some customers report the sprinkler having leaks as the pressure increases. The pressure might be too much that it starts to leak out water. Its light material does not respond to strong currents. However, if you take extra care of this sprinkler, you should receive experience its benefit longer. 

Overall, this is an excellent affordable alternative for the other high-end products we mentioned in this review. Many customers successfully found a way to maximize the sprinkler’s performance. However, if you can invest in a high-end sprinkler, certainly try these other products.  

Recommended by many customers Design is not as good as other products 
Good water pressureWeaker sprinkler “arms” 
Effective water flow Leaks often 
Covers large area 
Easy to use 

#6. Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler Automatic Garden Water sprinklers

Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler Automatic Garden Water sprinklers


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  • Three arms accompanied with ABS Plastic rotary lawn sprinkler 
  • Different spray direction 
  • Effective water sprinkler irrigation system 
  • Easy to use 
  • Great for watering medium to large yards 

This lightweight sprinkler features three plastic arms to water your lawn more effectively. This sprinkler spins around to reach farther corners of your garden. Its rotation waters every part of your lawn if you position it at the center.  

This product is relatively simpler to use than other high-end sprinklers. Its durability will last a while before needing to purchase another sprinkler. The instructions are clear enough to avoid any unnecessary complications when planting the product. 

This sprinkler can reach medium to large yards without any complication. If you plant this at the center of your lawn, it should provide the necessary coverage to reach its farther corners. 

Many customers use this sprinkler for other uses as well. Customers report being an excellent way for the children to play around the lawn. The safety aspect is the most enticing feature that draws many households to purchase this product. 

Practically, it is also lighter to easily adjust the sprinkler to the most optimal position of impact. You will not experience a hard time maneuvering the product. You should not need to move the product at all. Once you decide the most optimal position for your sprinkler, it will perform wonders there. 

Perfect for kids to play around with it Made with cheaper quality materials 
Good water pressure Smaller than other sprinklers 
Covers large area 
Larger radius 

#7. Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

Melnor XT4200M XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler


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  • Color: Black 
  • 3-way adjustable metal 
  • 20 precision nozzles to provide maximum coverage 
  • Coverage of about 4,200 sq. ft 
  • Twin touch controls 
  • Adjustable width and range 
  • Zoom control to adjust the overall watering area 
  • Infinity turbo drive 

This sprinkler features twenty precision nozzles designed to increase its coverage. More precisely, this sprinkler should successfully occupy around 4,200 sq. ft. of land. Thus, if you have a smaller lawn to water, this sprinkler should be more than sufficient to meet your needs. 

This product will allow you to adjust the width and the range based on your needs. If you have a smaller lawn, you can adjust the settings to impact your entire lawn. A larger lawn will cause the sprinkler to expand its range while watering every area it encounters. 

You will also notice a turbo drive that will efficiently let out water in the least amount of time. Its water pressure should allow you to water the lawn without experiencing jamming in your sprinkler. This sprinkler controls its pressure well to avoid any leaking and potential inconveniences for the user. 

Practically, you will not experience a difficult time attaching this sprinkler to your lawn. The directions are clear and simple enough even for beginners to understand. There is a certain kind of elegance in its simplicity and minimalism. This sprinkler dramatically changes the atmosphere and aura of your lawn. 

Unfortunately, some customers report seeing the sprinkler’s deficiency after using it several times. Since this product is made of cheaper materials, it will most likely show weaknesses after exposing it to harsher environments. Many customers recommend not placing this sprinkler in the sun for too long. The sun might, unfortunately, affect the amazing performance the company promises. 

Nevertheless, you will still gain the promise it offers you by taking care of this product during the day. Overall, this is another cheaper alternative to consider when finding your next sprinkler. If you can invest more money in sprinklers, we recommend looking at the other products on this list. 

Good water pressure Breaks quicker than other products 
Perfect flow control Do not leave it in the sun for long 
Easy to adjust Made with cheaper quality 
Easy to use 

#8. Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler


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  • Style: Garden Enforcer, Green Enforcer, Yard Enforcer 
  • Item weight: 5.3 pounds 
  • A 120-degree sensor in all activation modes 
  • Intelligent sensing technology 
  • 35-foot adjustable impact sprinkler
  • 30-minute timed watering setting 
  • 7,500 activation cycles 
  • 4AA alkaline batteries 
  • Stable metal tripod 

This sprinkler is relatively lighter than the other products we mentioned here. You can choose from three different styles: Garden Enforcer, Green Enforcer, or Yard Enforcer. These three options are based on what your lawn needs. Each sprinkler has its features designed to maximize your comfort when maintaining your lawn. 

The best feature you will notice is its motion-activated capabilities. This sprinkler is the only motion-activated sprinkler on this list. This sprinkler immediately detects human or animal entities. This product possesses most of the features not many sprinklers can beat. 

One of the features you can look forward to is its 35-foot adjustable coverage. More precisely, you can effectively adjust your sprinkler to match your lawn size. In the span of 35 feet, you should experience maximum coverage and impact to water the entire area. This sprinkler is placed on a tripod to maximize its coverage and to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening. 

This sprinkler has a 120-degree sensor that can detect the presence of an entity from the other side of your lawn. Practically, you can also set its water setting to about thirty minutes, which should be more than enough time for your plants to get hydrated. This product effectively uses the 4AA alkaline batteries to last relatively longer than other sprinklers. 

Most customers use this sprinkler to prevent any unwanted animals from entering their premises. Its well-made structure ensures durability that will last them relatively longer than other sprinklers. You should not experience any discomfort when installing and using the product. 

You will need to invest more money to purchase this product, though. Some customers might find its price the driving factor that will discourage them from buying it. This product will provide you many benefits you cannot avail from other sprinklers. However, most of these features are unnecessary for an effective sprinkler. 

Nevertheless, this sprinkler is one of the most advanced sprinklers in the market. You should not experience any discomfort and struggle when using the product. This sprinkler removes any watering concerns you may have and carries the burden for you. 

Removes unwanted animals from entering the yardArea of detection can be improved
Better than other products in the marketCannot change the tilt up or down 
Easy to set-up 

Best Garden Sprinkler – Our Top Pick 

We think that the Gardena Premium Pulse Sprinkler is the best sprinkler you can incorporate into your lawn. Almost any gardener can purchase this without feeling the guilt of spending too much money on one accessory. This sprinkler removes any unnecessary inconvenience you may experience when watering your garden. 

This product is relatively cheaper than others, enticing even budget-minded lawn owners to buy from them. These customers experience the amazing performance it gives for their lawn. This sprinkler spreads the water evenly so every area will get hydrated. If you are doubtful of which sprinkler to purchase, you can never go wrong with this one. 

Best Brand to Purchase your Garden Sprinkler 

We believe that Hozelock Ltd. is the best company you can purchase from. The company’s product was featured twice in this review. They continue to bring customers to their store by providing them with products that not many sprinkler companies can produce. They supply sprinklers to bigger companies and hardware stores for many years. 

Their sprinkler’s quality is significantly more than the price you will pay for it. You gain great value in investing in one of their sprinklers. Many customers remain loyal to this company after their first purchase. You will most likely see customers coming back to them to purchase another one for their lawn.

Few Guidelines in Selecting Your Garden Sprinkler – A Buyer’s Guide 

A sprinkler is one of the most cherished accessories that any gardener dreams of buying. People purchase a sprinkler to remove the hassle of constantly watering your plants the old-fashioned way. A sprinkler will remove you from this burden by providing light pulses of water to hydrate your lawn. After a few minutes, your lawn will receive the hydration it needs for the day. 

We provided you some factors to consider when choosing the best sprinklers for you. These factors will help limit your options to a select few that matches your needs and interests. 

How Big is Your Lawn?

Purchase a sprinkler that matches your lawn’s size. There are sprinklers designed to water smaller areas effectively. However, a sprinkler like this will not work as well in larger lawns. You will need to purchase a stronger sprinkler to water larger lawns. Thus, you need to measure first the length of your lawn so you can purchase the product that can cover this length. 

You may also base your decision on the sprinkler’s pressure. This pressure is what allows the water to reach farther areas. Looking at the pressure will also give you a glimpse of how far your sprinkler will reach. 


The next factor to consider is your budget. Your budget will determine the price range to buy your sprinklers. There are many other important factors to consider aside from purchasing a sprinkler. If you can only afford to purchase cheaper alternatives, then you can limit your purchase to these prices. 

However, remember that cheaper products do not necessarily mean weaker materials. Many companies invest in creating cost-effective ways of making their products more accessible. These sprinklers usually perform as well as other high-end ones. 

It is Not Wrong to be Brand Loyal

It is not wrong to look at leading companies in the industry for guidance and correct standards. Instead of exploring new entrants, you can purchase the products that have satisfied its customers for years. These companies placed significant time and effort into making their product the best. These companies are confident enough in their capabilities that they allow their customers to return the product within thirty days if they are not satisfied with it.  

Do I Need a Sprinkler?

Remember that you do not need a sprinkler. Sprinklers are bought to cover large masses of area in the least amount of time. These products are perfect for efficiently watering your lawn while you focus on other things. 

Purchase a sprinkler only when you got the bare necessities down. Ensure first that your lawn is healthy enough to grow. Purchase fertilizers that will make your lawn more beautiful and healthier. Purchase herbicides that will remove unwanted weeds from your lawn so your plants can grow fruitfully. 

After getting all the bare minimums down, you may now consider purchasing a sprinkler. However, purchasing a sprinkler will also mean investing more money just for a machine to water your product. If you have a smaller lawn, you may still save money by watering the area yourself before purchasing a sprinkler. 


We showed you eight (8) of the best sprinklers for your garden. Their advantages and disadvantages will help you weigh your buying decision to find the best sprinkler for you. We also provided you some guidelines to consider when buying your sprinkler. The biggest takeaway you can learn is determining how much you need a sprinkler. 

Overall, these sprinklers are created so you can focus on other things to keep your lawn healthy. If you purchase the right sprinklers for you, you will save more time and energy in maintaining your garden. Good luck! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When do you need to buy a sprinkler?

Many customers buy a sprinkler when they are taking care of land areas. These lands need sprinklers to hydrate the land while the lawn owners focus on other important factors. However, many customers result in watering the lawn by themselves if they own smaller areas.  

Are sprinklers damaging to your lawn?

Sprinklers are not damaging to your lawn. You can safely attach your sprinklers to the ground to provide water pulses to hydrate your lawn.

Do sprinkler companies provide a warranty for their products?

There are sprinkler companies that provide a warranty if you purchase their product from their physical store. However, the warranty and return-guarantee will vary if you choose to purchase your sprinklers from resellers.

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