Top 15 Best Greenhouse Kits | 2021 Reviews (Palram)

Gardeners, get ready! That magical time has come when all of your dreams about more crops/plants and extra yield are about to be materialized. That fancy greenhouse you saw in someone’s backyard, which had you wishing one for yourself, is now within the realms of reality. You probably ditched the idea back then because you couldn’t muster enough energy to construct one! But with the new DIY greenhouse kits available in the market, you can put together your dream greenhouse in a matter of hours!

But there is a catch. Finding the best greenhouse kit can be a bit challenging. The market has diversified in an unprecedented manner. With so many brands and their products, which one do you fall for? Which ones are the best greenhouse kits? Which brands make them? What are their key features? These, and many other questions can boggle the mind of a novice in the market. And it is exactly all of this that we intend to discuss in this discussion as well!

So, without further ado, let us show you what we have in store for you. We have fished some absolute beauties for you!

Top 15 Best Greenhouse Kits Reviewed

  1. Outsunny 6' x 4' x 7' Polycarbonate Portable Walk-in Garden Greenhouse – Best Overall
  2. Shelter-Logic GREENHOUSE-IN-A-BOX – Best Value
  3. Palram HG5504G Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse – Editor’s Choice
  4. Abba Patio Mini Walk-in Greenhouse
  5. Grandio Element Walk-In Greenhouse Kit
  6.  Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse
  7. Erommy Walk-in Greenhouse
  8. Flower House FHFH700 FarmHouse Walk-In Greenhouse
  9. Tierra Garden 50-2500 Haxnicks Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse
  10. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse
  11. Exaco RIGA III s 81 Square Foot Greenhouse
  12. Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse
  13.  Quictent 71' WX 36' D X 36' H Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse
  14. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse
  15. Palram HG6000 Oasis Greenhouse

#1. Outsunny 6' x 4' x 7' Polycarbonate Portable Walk-in Garden Greenhouse – Best Overall

Outsunny 6' x 4' x 7' Polycarbonate Portable Walk-in Garden Greenhouse


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Let us kick start this debate with a product kit that erects into a compact looking greenhouse. You already know about the dimensions from the product name, but there is so much more to learn. The polycarbonate sheet used in the structural construction of this greenhouse is UV-resistant. This has the obvious advantage of only natural light’s passage through the sheet. The frame is sturdy, mainly courtesy of the galvanized base this greenhouse comes with. The door is modern as well, the sliding design model of the door allows easy entry and exit. Uniformity is a key feature of this greenhouse, same aluminum-coated polycarbonate sheets are used to design, both body and door. The 88 lbs. greenhouse is super cool in terms of ventilation as well since it features a rooftop vent panel. Dark green frame and transparent sheets, here is a walk-in greenhouse kit that you shouldn’t miss out on. It covers as much as 3.65㎡, which is a lot more than what we guessed and hoped for at first! 

We have got some more beans to spills, let us jump to the pros and cons for those! 

Space-saving design courtesy that sliding doorAssembly manual could have been a bit simpler
Protects plants from the negative UV light Can withstand wind but not a hailstorm 
Comes with a rain gutter
Sturdy steel base 

#2. Shelter-Logic GREENHOUSE-IN-A-BOX – Best Value



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The dimensions of 13ft. x 20 ft. X12ft. 4 x 6.11 x 3.7 m are reflective of the fact how spacious the greenhouse under discussion is. The frame of this greenhouse is made of heavy-duty steel. The fascinating bit about the frame is that it is coated to avoid the damaging effects posed by rust and other environmental factors. The greenhouse features a roll-up side panel, which means that you, the gardener, have a great degree of control over the airflow as well as temperature. What are the closing and opening mechanisms? The hook & loop fastener strips are perfect for keeping the sides down while a bungee fastener makes opening convenient. A slide cross rail system has been installed to lock the down cover. The cover itself is triple-layered apart from being translucent. What does that translucency mean for your plants and crops? Waterproofing and UV-protection! Also, your plants need enough light to grow at a fast pace, and enhanced light is provided via this transparent cover. The cover is made of polyethylene while the doors of this greenhouse are zipped in a threefold manner. 

We wanted to talk about the Auger anchors as well but we are a bit cramped for time and space. Hence, we will jump straight to the pros and cons so that you can make up your mind about this fine DIY greenhouse. 

Polyethylene cover which provides better insulation Zipped-up sides are not everyone’s favorite. 
Auger anchors which provide an excellent anchorToo high for our liking. 
More protection on offer against the gusty wind
Excellent water management system 

#3. Palram HG5504G Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse – Editor’s Choice

Palram HG5504G Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse


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This greenhouse is available in a forest green shade, which is great since it complements the grassy lawns so well. Talking about the material, this greenhouse is polycarbonate by nature, weighing around 58.4 pounds and featuring dimensions of 51.1 x 72.8 x 82.2 inches. The wall of this greenhouse is about 4 mm thick, a fact that is reflective of this greenhouse’s sturdiness. The polycarbonate roof panels can deflect up to 99.9 percent of the UV rays. This is significant since UV can stunt the growth of your plants. On the other hand, the 90 percent light that manages to get through is enough for your crops to grow to their fullest. The frame is coated with aluminum, something ensures rust will find it hard to gnaw at your pretty little house. Are we forgetting something? Oh yes, space. Well, the Palram hybrid greenhouse allows you up to 24 sq. feet of growing space. 

Want to know a few more endearing features of this DIY greenhouse kit? Jump to pros pronto! 

Galvanized steel base which, as we mentioned before, provides support to the frame. No special support or prop to hang the plants in the greenhouse. 
Controlling temperature is made easier courtesy of vented panels. Assembly takes time and usually two people. 
Comes with the anchor pegs
Features a rain gutter 
A touch of modernity 

#4. Abba Patio Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Abba Patio Mini Walk-in Greenhouse


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More excellence on your way in form of number four on this list of best greenhouse kits. 56″ L x 56″ W x 77″ H. We think that getting done with dimensions in the first place cheers up the mood of many. Anyhow! Coming towards the specifications of this greenhouse, well this one features a walk-in design. At this point in the discussion, you should be able to guess it already that a walk-in design guarantees more space, which ultimately means more plants in your mini garden. 

The greenhouse features a heavy-duty transparent PVC cover. This ensures that more sunlight finds its way into the house and hence, speeds up the growth of your baby plants. Yes, yes, we are about to discuss the framework as well. It is sturdy steel, which is coated for obvious reasons such as rust and atmospheric changes. To ensure that more air finds its way inside the greenhouse, two roll-up windows have been installed. Moving this greenhouse from one place to another is fairly easy, and assembly is uncomplicated as well.  

But as it has been the case, we know you are craving for more. So, for more, let us jump to the pros and cons section of this DIY greenhouse kit under discussion. 

No tools required for the assembly of this greenhouse Steel frame is bound to heat up on a particularly blistering hot day 
Diffused light that your plants love but pests hate.Dimensions might not be suitable for small lawns
Minimalistic approach which is practical as well
Comes with anchoring pegs 
Minimum UV interference 

#5. Grandio Element Walk-In Greenhouse Kit

Grandio Element Walk-In Greenhouse Kit


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What makes this greenhouse from Grandio so grand? Well, the specifications will answer this question, wait till you hear about them! Let us start with the frame that is heavy-duty aluminum, and fully coated with powder to prevent rust from attacking the frame. The walls of this greenhouse are 10mm and come with polycarbonate panels. Walls are thick enough to withstand average wind pressure. There is a 10-year panel warranty as well as a lifetime warranty for the frame. These two warranties are perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Grandio walk-in greenhouse. But wait, there is more of course. Walking in and out of the greenhouse is easy, it comes with a double sliding door that is as tall as 6 inches. For maintaining ventilation, roof vents have been installed ingeniously. 

We know that you are looking for more, so let us jump to the pros and cons section without wasting any time.  

Multiple warranties, which is unique to this DIY greenhouse kitBase not as solid one could have hoped for
Comes with all the tools that are necessary for the assemblyPrice on the higher end of the spectrum
Excellent ventilation system. 
Anchors well

#6. Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse

Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse


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So many things to like about this easy-to-assemble greenhouse kit from Palram but we think we would start from the walls. Well, the manufacturers like to say these are virtually unbreakable, but we don’t want to be eating any humble pies later. So, we would limit ourselves to conveying the specifications only. Walls are 6 mm, the twin-wall comes with a polycarbonate panel. We are sure that you know a bit about UV light being blocked by the polycarbonate panel by heart now, so we will move on to more important things. The temperature is maintained at a constant level, which is growth-friendly for most of the plants and crops that can be grown inside a greenhouse. 

The design of this greenhouse is certainly an innovative one, especially when you have a closer look at the different competitors in the market. It is in the shape of a bell, the benefits associated with this design are numerous, including increased resistance to wind. The greenhouse is an ideal choice for those living in a snowy area since the snow will find it hard to build upon this sort of slope.   

Solid base and structural support courtesy the galvanized steel baseGets very hot under the direct sun
160 sq. feet area for growing plants and vegetables Assembling is not easy 
Comes with a five-year warranty
Rust-resistant coating
Adjustable roof vent 

#7. Erommy Walk-in Greenhouse

Erommy Walk-in Greenhouse


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Seven is a magical number, but is the number seven in this list of best greenhouse kits magical as well? Let us have a look at the key specs of this greenhouse kit to see if it is magical or not. Let us begin with the dimensions that are 4′(L) x 6′(W) x 6.6′(H). Done with the dimensions, let us talk a bit about the frame. This DIY greenhouse kit is structurally designed using an aluminum frame that is quite stable and sturdy. Rust can’t get it since it is coated well enough to resist the damage inflicted by rust. Then, the greenhouse features an adjustable roof vent. This is important since it encourages an environment that encourages the growth of plants. The mini garden also has a rain gutter that collects and drains water efficiently. Roof and walls are made of polycarbonate, the manufacturers claim it to be virtually unbreakable. There is more to know of course, but for that, you will have to jump to the pros and cons section of this product.

Strong base but still light in weight Anchoring peg is not included, which is a bit disappointing 
Roof vent is adjustable A bit pricey 
Enhanced portability 
Easy to assemble 

#8. Flower House FHFH700 FarmHouse Walk-In Greenhouse

Flower House FHFH700 FarmHouse Walk-In Greenhouse


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The most impressive thing about this greenhouse kit from Flower House is that it is available in four different styles. These are clear, economy shelves set, flower forcers, and the walk-in. But seeing that we are cramped for time and space, we will discuss only the walk-in greenhouse. We were looking for an innovative design that allows you to zip up multiple greenhouses together and look at what we stumbled upon by pure luck! Dimension wise, it is 108 x 108 x 96 inches, and weighs about 50 pounds. The greenhouse allows you to create more than one temperature environment. It is a suitable choice for soft soil and hard surfaces, both. Maintaining higher humidity levels also becomes possible only if you vote in the favor of this product. The greenhouse features an open ground setup. Made from PVC tubing, the FarmHouse is structurally safe and sound. 

But these are the general specifications, and we are sure that you are looking for more pros and cons before you can make up your mind about this greenhouse. 

More portable than some of the other bulky competitors in the marketA wind storm can rattle the structural durability 
Assembly protocols are easy to followNot an ideal pick if you live in a chilly place
Excellent ventilation system 
Quality customer care
Expands well 

#9. Tierra Garden 50-2500 Haxnicks Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse

Tierra Garden 50-2500 Haxnicks Garden Sunbubble Greenhouse


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This DIY greenhouse kit comes with a patented design. Are you noticing something? The competition is getting tougher as the list is moving on! The product features a one-piece folding design, which allows you to construct and erect an adorable abode for your plants within a matter of minutes. Adjustability is one of the key specifications of the Sunbubble greenhouse. 

You can play around with the temperatures inside the greenhouse by maneuvering adjustable vents. Also, to keep your pretty pants safe from animals and neighbor’s pets, the designers have introduced a zipped doorway. Coming towards the structural aspects of the Sunbubble greenhouse, it is made from PVC and fiberglass rods. We must laud the craftsmanship here, quite an excellent piece of work! The PVC used is UV stabilized, hence your plants are bound to grow at a good pace since they are safe from the damaging effects of UV. 

The overall shape of the greenhouse is that of a curveball, which means that more sunlight will be concentrated on the surface, and the situation will remain the same until the sunset. In simpler words, this means that your Sunbubble will warm up quicker than many other inferior quality DIY greenhouse kits.    

Can be erected in a matter of minutes Assembly takes some time 
Easy to store away Price on the higher end 
Zipped doorway
Patented design 

#10. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse


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A real space saver, if there ever was one! This mini greenhouse addresses your space woes most admirably. Some of us want to grow plants despite having no adequate place to grow them. The Gardman R687 4-tier mini greenhouse can be fixed on a balcony or patio without much fuss, which is handy. Item dimensions are 19 x 27 x 63 inches and the assembled greenhouse weighs around 9.6 pounds. Talking about the frame, it is made of sturdy steel and is fixed in a tabular form. Assembling this greenhouse is no biggie. The cover is made of polyethylene while roll-up zippered doors make life easy as well. 

This is a perfect choice to raise magnificent flowers and plants from mere seedlings. We would hate you to miss out on a mini greenhouse as good as this. Want something to convince you further? Let us jump to the pros pronto! 

Puts up a good fight against bugs One has to use zip ties for securing racks to rods
Perfect choice for small patios Sways a lot if the wind is too strong 
Cover is removable 

#11. Exaco RIGA III s 81 Square Foot Greenhouse

Exaco RIGA III s 81 Square Foot Greenhouse


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This silver shaded greenhouse from Exaco might just be what you have been looking for all this time. Made from premium quality aluminum, the dimensions of this plant abode are 126 x 92 x 87 inches. The greenhouse weighs around 245 pounds, which hampers portability. But other specifications make up for that pretty well. It is an ideal choice for your plants in terms of insulation. Windows feature glazed polycarbonate, there is one for the roof and one at the rear end of the greenhouse. We think the scheme of ventilation is good enough for your plants, as are the temperature control and adjustability features of the Exaco RIGA III s 81 square foot greenhouse.

We would have sharpened the resolution and focused a bit more on the structural features of this greenhouse, but we are running out of space. So, we will jump straight to the pros and cons so that you can make an informed and logical decision. 

Puts up a good fight against strong windsYou will have to get an installer’s services for installing this greenhouse. 
Heavy duty construction Not ideal for small patios and yards
Compact design 

#12. Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse

Rion Grand Gardener 2 Clear Greenhouse


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The virtually unbreakable wall in which this greenhouse feature is 4mm thick. The twin-wall is made of polycarbonate. As far as the roof panels are concerned, these do a very good job of protecting your plants from harmful UV radiation. The side panels are made of polycarbonate and endow this beautiful botanical abode with a classic look. Coming towards the design, it is styled in the shape of a barn. There are two benefits served by this approach. One, it creates more space and room from the gardening perspective. Second, it offers more headroom as well. Remind us if we are missing anything? Ah, the frame, very good. Well, the Rion greenhouse features a heavy-duty resin frame. Head straight to the pros section for finding out its benefits!

The structural frame is sturdy enough to last a good number of yearsMostly out of stock because of its popularity, so you will have to hurry up for placing an order
Resin frame offers more insulation for the plants Weighs around 300 pounds so is not as portable as one would have hoped for 
Excellent dimensions 153.1 x 105.1 x 93.5 inches

#13. Quictent 71' WX 36' D X 36' H Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse

Quictent 71


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There are two body colors in which this mini greenhouse is available. These are transparent and green. This 71″ WX 36″ D X 36″ greenhouse features a frame that is made of heavy-duty steel. This means that it will be some years before you have a reason to complain about durability. The steel frame is powder-coated, which means that rust will find it hard to leave an imprint over the main body. We are sure that at this point in the discussion, you are fully aware of the value of a greenhouse that offers UV protection for your baby plants. 

The Quictent greenhouse is waterproof as well, the credit for which has to be attributed to the transparent polyethylene cover. There are two doors that you can roll up with ropes if needed. This indirectly implies that this greenhouse offers more space for your plants, as compared to some of the other DIY greenhouse kits available in the market. 

Craving for more specs and pros? We got you covered in the pros! 

Will work even if you are starting from seedlings or cuttings. Plastic cover is not of premium quality 
4 zippers/ 2 doors that keep the greenhouse fully warm Could do with more ties
Suitable for both indoors and outdoors plantation 
95 percent germination rate
Excellent customer care

#14. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse

Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse


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There are two styles in which this greenhouse from Home complete is available. These are heavy-duty and regular. In terms of the number of shelves, the greenhouse under discussion probably trumps all its competitors. There are eight shelves that this greenhouse features, all of these are durable and sturdy. If you haven’t grasped the impact of this feature, let us help you there. 8 shelves mean that you can grow a variety of plants since you are offered more space. ANYHOW MOVING ON! This is indeed a home-complete product since it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Coming towards the structural features of this greenhouse, its cover is made using PVC. The DIY kit comes with ropes, anchors, and zip ties. Since you can maintain the temperatures at a required level without much fuss, this greenhouse is an ideal choice for you to grow plants in all seasons.

The dimensions of this green shaded greenhouse are r. Dimensions: (L) 56.3”x (W) 56.3”x (H) 76.7”.

Let us weigh the pros and cons to see if this greenhouse is worth your money or not. 

Super light in weight i.e. 23 pounds Shelves not suitable for too large pots  
Warm on the inside in all seasons Zip ties are insecure
Sturdy body frame 
Fits in patio

#15. Palram HG6000 Oasis Greenhouse

Palram HG6000 Oasis Greenhouse


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Close your eyes for a moment and try to picture this. On a cloudy day, in a corner of your lush green lawn, there sits your grey shaded Palram oasis greenhouse! We paint quite a picture but you need to snap out of that dream now and have a look at the specs that we have got all lined up for you. First, let us talk about the dimensions. There are two variations i.e. 7′ x 8′ x 9′ and 10′ x 12′ x 9′. The greenhouse features twin-wall roof panels which guarantee 99.9 percent protection from the UV rays. The polycarbonate panels, however, allow a 90 percent light transmission. 

This is a significant number of the germination rate. Talking about the frame, well, it is a heavy-duty aluminum frame that is coated with anthracite for rust repulsion. The doors feature a double hinge style and come with lockable handles. 

Now, let us weigh pros against cons, and see if this DIY greenhouse kit is worth your money or not! 

Excellent airflow regulation is possible courtesy of the two side windows.Can take you sometime assembling this greenhouse DIY kit 
Galvanized steel base that offers more sturdinessYou will have to add a floor on your own
Excellent customer support services
A five-year warranty is on offer
Looks nice outdoors

Top pick 

We have discussed some fifteen greenhouse kits in this short period. We can understand it if you are confused and panicky right now! But if there is one advice that we could give you, that would be: DO NOT PANIC. If you don’t want to feast your eyes on the variety that we have discussed for you, you might as well go for the best overall that we discussed at the very beginning of this discussion. Yes, we are talking about the Outsunny walk-in garden greenhouse. Why have we labeled this one as the top pick of the lot that we have discussed? Well, apart from the essential features that are a hallmark of any quality DIY greenhouse kit, this one has a few bonuses such as rain gutters and an excellent ventilation system. Our vote went in the favour of this product also because when assembled fully, it has a dark green shade. 

We think that it would go well with your lawn’s lush green grass. Folks, trust us. Sometimes, looks are as important as spaciousness or other useful features. Oh, and it is certainly within the range. A quality product, if there ever was one! 

Make a decision only after reading this!

Quality seems to be oozing out of the products that we have discussed. But if for some reason, you want to purchase a DIY greenhouse kit on your own, you will need to be mindful of certain specs and their presence in the article you purchase. In the following lines, we reveal the key factors that you must be mindful of if you don’t want to be disappointed post-purchase. Kind of a buying guide, if you will have it that way!  


This is something that is directly linked with your gardening ambitions. What are you planning to grow in your mini greenhouse? Is it ornamental flowers that you want to grow and adorn your house with? Or you are more focused on increasing the vegetable yield from your garden? Go for a greenhouse that has enough shelves to meet your requirements, that’s all that matters! 


Then, size matters as well. What are your aspirations? Do you want to leave a sizable portion for ordinary crop cultivation and gardening still? Or do you want a bigger botanical abode that offers more space than normal? If you want your gardening ambitions to materialize more in your lawn than in your greenhouse, then we daresay you will be fine even with a smaller greenhouse. But if you want more crops to be cultivated within the haven of your greenhouse, you will want a greenhouse that covers the entire backyard. Be sure to check with your neighbors though, they might not react kindly to a greenhouse that is so tall that it blocks their view. 


When it comes to panels, it is the debate between opaque and clear that needs to be settled. Which one serves which purpose? Let us find out. Clear panels offer more light. This means that your seeds have a better chance of sprouting quickly. On the other hand, an opaque panel allows the light to diffuse more. This is ideal for those gardeners who want their flowers to bloom and blossom to maturity quicker. So, keep all that we have told you in your mind when you buy your ideal greenhouse!   


This is something that is directly related to the climate of the place where you live. If you are a resident of snow-land your plants are going to need a greenhouse that offers more insulation against snowfall and cold winds. On the other hand, the residents of tropical areas will need a greenhouse for their plants that comes with adequate ventilation systems. 

Best brands

We have talked enough about the best products, now let us discuss some of the best brands that dominate the DIY greenhouse kits market. Of course, there are many. But we have decided to go for the top three only because we are a bit cramped for space and time! 


We have discussed a few greenhouse kits from Palram in this discussion already. And the reason why this brand’s greenhouse kits dominate the market is simple. Minimalistic design with bonus features. We have already highlighted the importance of rain gutters. Well, Palram greenhouses come with one! 

Flower house

You don’t want to be spending your money on greenhouses that are too technical for you to assemble on your own. Flower house agrees with us on this point. That is why their DIY greenhouse kits are so easy to assemble but still come with all the features that make them worth your money! 


Excellent ventilation systems and quality light transmission are the key features of all the products from Grandio. These are the very reasons why they are popular in the market as well. 


We can safely say that this is one of the most comprehensive guides on greenhouse kits on the web that you have just read! Practically outraging if you don’t agree with us!  We mean to say, tell us one thing that we have not discussed? But ANYWAYS. We sincerely hope that you learned something, if not everything, new about DIY greenhouse kits. There was a lot that we chattered about. So, we would recommend reading this discussion at least twice to absorb and assimilate all that we told you. Also, when you go shopping or scratch the credit card online for a greenhouse kit, make sure that you remember all the qualitative features we have told you to be careful about during this discussion! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Before we wind up this discussion, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the greenhouse kits. We are pretty sure that you have some queries even at this point in the discussion, and we would hate it if these go unanswered! 

Do I need artificial lights in my greenhouse?

It is always great to have artificial lights inside your plant abode if your residence is up somewhere in the cold north. 

When do I need a fan in my greenhouse? 

If things get a little hot inside your greenhouse, you will need a fan for proper ventilation.

How can I keep pests away from my greenhouse?

Sulfur burners are a great way of keeping pathogens away from your fancy looking greenhouse.  

Can I install a heating system in my greenhouse?

You will have to if you are a resident of northern areas. Your baby plants will need a source of warmth to grow up and grow quickly. 

Do I need a license for installing a greenhouse in my yard? 

Not really, but it is always good to check with the local municipality and their code if there exists one.


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