Top 7 Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizers | 2021 Reviews (Lawnifi)


One of the best methods to upkeep and improve your lawn’s beauty is to select the best fertilizer for you. There are many different methods to keep your lawn beautiful, and to protect it from pests. Acquiring a good liquid fertilizer will provide your yard with the necessary nutrients to sustain its growth. A good fertilizer will maintain your lawn’s nutrients and provide the nutrients that are lacking. A liquid fertilizer also digs deep into the soil to increase the seed’s likelihood to absorb it.

The question now must be, “how do I select the best liquid fertilizer for my lawn?” Well, we provided you with seven of the best liquid fertilizers that we believe will suit your lawn the most. We will also feature the best product and brand at the end of this review. Finally, we will give you a few factors to consider when purchasing your fertilizer. 

Top 7 Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizers in the Market Today

  1. Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener for All Season – Best Overall
  2. Simple Lawn Solutions Ultimate – Best Value
  3. Urban Farm Fertilizers, Liquid Lawn Fertilizer – Editor’s Choice
  4. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass.
  5. Ironite Plus Lawn & Garden Spray
  6. American Hydro Systems Grass so Green
  7. Lawnifi Maintain Fertilizer

#1. Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener for All Season – Best Overall


Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener- Aerator Soil Conditioner- No Mechanical or Core Aeration- Simple Lawn Solutions- Any Grass Type, All Season- Great for Compact Soils, Standing Water, Poor Drainage


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  • Advanced liquid aeration soil loosener 
  • Safe, natural product 
  • Compatible for every grass type
  • Reduces soil compaction 
  • Promotes movement of standing water 
  • Enhances soil structure 

The first product we will feature is a soil loosener popular and admired by many lawn owners. This fertilizer is best for lawn owners with soil too hard and solid. This fertilizer will dig deep into the soil to provide the seed with the necessary nutrients to bloom in the future. 

The significant differentiation from other products is its advanced liquid aeration soil loosener. This loosener softens and dampens the soil effectively, providing convenience and comfortability for the lawn owner and his seedlings. Further, this loosener also removes contaminants around the lawn to provide the seed with a safer room to grow. 

This loosener also provides the lawn with the necessary nutrients to remain healthy. Most customers will experience a significant change in the greenness of their grass. This loosener will provide the necessary nutrients to make the grass look more aesthetically pleasing to the lawn owner and his visitors. 

Most customers never experienced any inconvenience while using the product. It was extremely difficult to find a customer with a negative review of this product. The only issue customers have is how expensive this product is compared to other liquid fertilizers. This product is a cheaper alternative for other aeration products. 

Thus, you are getting a better deal compared to other more expensive soil looseners. This product will outmatch the other products in its competition. This product is the most recommendable product from the customers. 


Significant progress after using the product No recent negative reactions about the product 
Creates soft soil Expensive 
Easy to apply 

#2. Simple Lawn Solutions Ultimate – Best Value


Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK- Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer- Concentrated Spray- Any Grass Type- Summer & Fall Nutrients- Simple Lawn Solutions, 32- Ounce- Green, Grow, Root Growth, Health & Strength


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  • Enhances root development 
  • Encourages strength in roots 
  • Builds stress resistance 
  • Compatible for all grass types 

This product is another of the most popular liquid fertilizers in the market today. This fertilizer primarily caters to lawn owners who experience a deficiency in potassium and phosphorus. This product provides your lawn with an abundance of these nutrients to ensure that it grows to the kind of lawn you want it to be. 

Customers usually purchase products like these if they need to prioritize a nutrient that their soil lacks. You will notice that there is a significant change in the ratios. A change in ratio means that this product specializes in lawn nutrition instead of granting an equal proportion of nutrients. 

The best feature you will gain from this product is the significant growth your lawn will experience. This product enhances root development, contributing to the seed’s overall growth. This product will nurture the seed from the very beginning and guide it to its maturity. 

Moreover, this fertilizer does not contain dangerous chemicals you would most likely see from cheaper alternatives. Instead, this product will nurture your plants with organic nutrients to prevent any unfortunate circumstances from occurring. This feature also contributes to your lawn’s overall aesthetic because of the purity of the solution you are incorporating into it. 

Customers also do not experience a difficult time applying the product to their lawns. Liquid flows smoothly out of the tube to prevent any clogging from happening as well. This product also provides you with the necessary information you will need to maximize your lawn’s fertilizer effect.  

Overall, this product a viable option, especially if your lawn lacks phosphorus and potassium. You will surely not regret purchasing this product. Not only will your lawn look greener, but it will also be nurtured with the purest, most natural, and most organic nutrients the world can provide. 

Creates significant positive difference to the lawn Does not work well with other equipment 
Encourages healthy grass growth Little possibility of burning the grass 
Good for overseeding
Gives life to the lawn 
Easy to use 

#3. Urban Farm Fertilizers, Liquid Lawn Fertilizer – Editor’s Choice


Urban Farm Fertilizers Liquid Lawn Fertilizer, 1 gallon, 13-1-2


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  • Handcrafted liquid lawn fertilizer 
  • Contains Mycorrhizae, Humic Acid, and many more enzymes 
  • Iron and balanced N-P-K 
  • Treats 5,000 sq ft lawn 

Urban Farm is most known for creating all-natural and organic products that will significantly benefit your lawn. Urban Farm handcrafts its products to ensure that each product is meticulously examined before distributing it to the public. You can assure yourself that every product you will purchase from them was handcrafted for you and you alone. 

This fertilizer caters to the lawn owners looking to increase the aesthetic and overall health of their lawn. This product aims to nurture your lawn even more, hoping to bring about a healthier looking lawn. This fertilizer features a balanced NPK. This means that this product will provide your lawn with a balanced set of organic nutrients. 

The best feature you will experience is the tremendous growth and improvement your lawn will embody. After a few weeks, you will begin to see positive changes around your lawn that very few liquid fertilizers can provide. This means that if you continue to use this for the entire year, you will have gotten rid of almost every contaminant your soil will possess. You will be growing your lawn in a completely purified and healthy state. 

Conclusively, it is impossible to go wrong with Urban Farm. This fertilizer will give you a safe, organic, and natural medium for growing your lawn. In the investment you will provide, you will see the significant changes quicker than most products. 

Significant progress after many weeks of use. Ineffective when using recommended dilution 
Works great on almost any grass type Does not work for some people 
Recommended by many customers 

#4. Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass.


Scotts Turf Builder Starter Food for New Grass Ready-Spray, 32 oz.


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  • Improves seeding results 
  • Feeds and waters the grass at the same time 
  • Good for sod and grass plugs 
  • Compatible for all grass types 

Scott Turf is another brand that continues to attract customers because of its consistency. Scott Turf continues to be a standard of excellence for many new entrants in the industry. You can assure yourself that this company will not provide a subpar product under their watch. Rest assured that you will reap the maximum benefits if you choose to invest in their brand. 

This product is best known for revitalizing a “dead” lawn. More precisely, you will experience a significant change for the better. This product is also known for filling in bald spots you would see in most lawns. This feature will allow you to create a 70% thicker grass field without the ugly sight of barren spots. 

The product is also very easy to apply. The direction is clear enough to avoid any misunderstanding and misusage. The effects are fast enough to notice results within weeks after your first use. However, you must become religious in applying the fertilizer to your lawn. Understand the instructions and redirections as to how often you need to reapply the fertilizer. 

You will get your dream lawn in no time! With a little patience and perseverance, you will create a nicer looking lawn in the least amount of time. All you need to do is to spray your soil with the recommended amount and watch the magic happen from the comfort of your couch. 

Provides excellent results over time Risk of damaging lawn if not applied correctly 
Effective for almost any grass type 
Good-quality grass seed 
Easy to use 

#5. Ironite Plus Lawn & Garden Spray


Ironite Plus Lawn & Garden Spray 32 oz.


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  • Speeds up greening process
  • NPK 6-2-1 
  • Covers over 5,000 sq. ft. 

This is another product designed to improve your already-amazing lawn. This product serves as an upgraded measure to increase the aesthetical beauty of your lawn. Thus, this product is not suitable for beginners. This product should only be applied as a maintenance measure. 

If you are looking to up your lawn into a beautiful garden, then the Ironite Plus Lawn Spray is the best one for you! This product features a heavier amount of Nitrogen over the other nutrients. This prioritization means that this fertilizer aims to increase the growth of your lawn through Nitrogen.  

This product targets the vegetation roots of your lawn and feeds its foliage to encourage better growth. This action will ensure that your lawn becomes greener and more aesthetically pleasing than your neighbor. However, this feature may only be achieved if you follow precisely the instructions stated on the package. 

If you apply the instructions correctly for your lawn, you will experience significant changes in 2-3 weeks. You will experience a significant color change to a brighter and livelier green color emanating good health. 

Overall, this product is specifically designed for lawn owners looking to better their existing lawn. This product is designed to place your lawn at an advantage by providing better health through chelated iron.

Grass areas greened up quickly after application Little progress if applied incorrectly 
Disperses very well Particles tend to clog up the tube 

#6. American Hydro Systems Grass so Green


Grass so Green 7-7-7 F4G Formula is an Environmentally-Friendly Liquid Fertilizer that is Applied Through an American Hydro Systems Feeder System in Continuous Small Doses.


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  • Easy to use 
  • Applied through an American Hydro Feeder System 
  • Child and pet friendly 
  • Money-back guaranteed if it does not meet expectations 

This product is another one of the most popular bestsellers in the market today. This fertilizer specializes in immediate and evident results after application. The product’s efficiency is one of the determinants that draw people closer to this product. 

This product features a balanced ratio between Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. This ratio allows the product to efficiently allocate the needed nutrients for a seedling planted on neutral soil. Further, these nutrients were cleverly designed to provide more efficient results than most of its competitors. 

This gallon of liquid fertilizer can feed up to 2,000 square feet while maintaining its level of quality. This means that you will most likely see your entire lawn covered with green beauty from your fertilizer. 

It was extremely difficult to find an unsatisfied customer who would provide a valid criticism about this product. However, the most significant remark made by most customers is how expensive this product is compared to its other competitors. 

Nevertheless, the significant price of this product compensates for the performance it provides for your lawn. At a larger investment, you can ensure that your lawn will experience an all-natural, organic, and safe solution. You will also see faster progress than most of the other cheaper alternatives. If you have the budget to purchase an amazing product like this, we recommend that you do so at once! 

Produces significant result on the lawn Packaging is not sufficient for product safety 
Creates greener fieldsExpensive 
Instructions are clear 
Comfortable to use 

#7. Lawnifi Maintain Fertilizer


Lawnifi Maintain Fertilizer | Easy Hose-End Fertilizer for Spring and Fall Feeding | Covers 5,000 Sqft


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  • Eco-friendly fertilizer 
  • Effectively greens up the field 
  • Chelated fertilizer to prevent soil lock up 
  • Safe for kids and animals 

We present a product that will boost your lawn to heights you’ve never seen before for the final product. This fertilizer caters to lawn owners looking for an improvement in their existing lawn. This fertilizer is supposed to provide your lawn with a brighter color accompanied by the respectable thickness that every lawn owner looks for. 

This product is an efficient way of providing the necessary nutrients in the least amount of time. The highly concentrated solution allows the lawn to respond quicker than other fertilizers. This product comes in a container that is easily attachable to a garden hose. 

We recommend that you constantly apply this solution to your lawn, as recommended in the instructions. This will provide a constant stream of nutrients for your lawn to absorb. 

If you adhere to the instructions and directions the package will provide, you will experience significant growth in your lawn in about three months. The growth may still depend on the receptibility of your lawn. However, many customers should provide you the needed assurance to remind yourself this is a viable option. 

Significant progress after three months Some customers experience defects 
100% uptake Not designed for newer lawns 
Easy to useRare defects in product 

Best Liquid Fertilizer – Our Top Pick

The market is flooded with extremely good products that will provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients it needs to maintain its health. However, we needed to find a liquid lawn fertilizer that is compatible with almost all lawn owners for our top pick. Further, we decided to select a balanced fertilizer that beginners and experienced lawn owners can benefit from. 

After carefully analyzing each product’s advantages and disadvantages, we believe that the Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener is the best product for you. This product has satisfied hundreds of lawn owners with its ability to provide the lawn with the necessary nutrients in the most efficient way possible. It was difficult to find an unsatisfied customer with this product primarily because of the attention to detail the brand gave to the product. 

The biggest feature that other fertilizers rarely possess is its ability to loosen the soil enough to allow the seed to grow. The fertilizer also focuses on ensuring that the soil remains healthy throughout using it. 

Further, the product can create a more beautiful green lawn that every lawn owner craves for. You will be creating your dream lawn in a short number of weeks through this intricate compound. 

The beginner lawn owner will receive a better planting ground to grow his lawn. In a short number of weeks, he will have experienced a beautiful lawn that many lawn owners take years to master. The product will also have created softer soil to allow the roots to be more receptive to growth. 

The experienced lawn owner will receive the best upgrade that everyone wishes to have. In just a short number of weeks, you will experience the greatest growth you have ever experienced. For a more significant investment, you will create a lawn that all your other neighbors will envy! 

Best Liquid Fertilizer Brand 

Urban Farm is one of the few brands out there with the same amount of attention to detail. Urban Farm ensures that you are provided the best product that they can produce. They continue to better their product to create more consistent output for distribution. 

How often do you hear about a brand that hand-brews its own compound? This dedication to their work shows their effort in ensuring you receive the best product out there. After many years in the business, Urban Farm provides you with various choices designed for your specific need. 

If you go to their office, they will also provide you professional advice on what product is best for you. They will provide you the fertilizer that your lawn will respond to best. 

While it is true that this brand is more expensive than the others we discussed here, the price you spend will provide you a lifelong return. Investing in products from this company will remove unnecessary expenses you would most likely spend finding other products. You can assure yourself with the utmost confidence that any product made by this company is the best they will provide for you. 

How to Pick a Good Liquid Fertilizer – A Buyer’s Guide 

Your fertilizer will ensure the overall health of your lawn. Investing in a good fertilizer will provide you a greener and thicker lawn in a short amount of time. However, accidentally purchasing a bad fertilizer will create damaging effects on your lawn. 

Thus, we cannot stress enough the importance of finding the fertilizer specifically designed for your soil and grass. However, we know how difficult finding the correct fertilizer is, especially given the information overload. Thus, we will provide you some factors to consider when buying your liquid fertilizer. Limiting your choices will also remove many fertilizers that simply won’t match your lawn. 

Understanding Ratios

When deciding on your fertilizer, you must understand the N-P-K ratios. These three letters symbolize three of the most important nutrients your fertilizer must possess. These nutrients are namely: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Each nutrient contributes to a characteristic of your lawn to create a beautiful output in the end. 

Not all soils are created the same. If you are lucky, you will be growing your lawn in a more neutral atmosphere. This means that you can purchase a fertilizer with a balanced ratio. This means that your lawn only needs an equal amount of each nutrient to grow healthily. 

However, some soils lack a particular nutrient. That means your seeds are being grown at a deficient state. This will most likely lead to your lawn not producing as many yields as your other lawn owners. Therefore, some fertilizers have an increased portion of a nutrient. If you are a lawn owner in this predicament, consider purchasing a fertilizer that provides the nutrients your soil lacks. 

Get an All-Natural Product

Natural products are significantly more expensive than synthetic products. However, natural-based fertilizers will ensure that your yard remains healthy and safe. Synthetic products could contaminate your lawn and damage it in the long run. 

Thus, investing in an amazing natural liquid fertilizer will ensure that your lawn is fed with the best products in the market. You will not have to worry about unwanted chemicals that might linger around. 

Moreover, you are also assured that more effort has been created to brew the fertilizer naturally. Some companies successfully created an organic liquid fertilizer that will provide fast and efficient results without jeopardizing the making process. Further, we know that more effort was put into the product to grow, mature, test, and distribute. 

Consider Professional Help

We also recommend requesting a professional to personally provide you a recommendation for the kind of liquid fertilizer you will need. Professionals will provide you a more accurate interpretation of your needs. 

Hiring a professional will save you less time speculating and trying different products at the risk of your lawn’s health. A professional will provide you the necessary information to avoid the costs of mistake. However, you will need to provide monetary compensation to compensate for his consultation. 

Nevertheless, if you are extremely dedicated to the health of your lawn, you will see this professional fee as an investment. This action will save you more time and money than speculating yourself. 


There you have it! We provided you seven of the best liquid lawn fertilizers in the market. We also provided you their pros and cons to aid in your buying decision. We provided you the best product and brand we believe will best serve your interest, either as an experienced or a beginning lawn owner. 

We also provided you the necessary information that you can use to consider when purchasing your new product. If you are still new to this environment, seeking professional consultation will save you more money than you would most likely spend trying out different things. 

All these choices will depend on you in the end. You will determine what is best for you and your lawn, and no one will be able to tell you otherwise. Thus, choose your fertilizer wisely because this will directly affect how beautiful your lawn will be in the end. Good luck, and enjoy the process! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does NPK stand for?

The acronym NPK stands for three of the most important nutrients in a fertilizer: Nitrogen (1), Phosphorus (2), and Potassium. These nutrients should be your primary determinant in finding your future liquid fertilizer. 

What is the difference between a liquid fertilizer and an organic one?

The primary difference is that a liquid fertilizer reaches the soil faster than a solid one. However, choosing between the two will always depend on your personal preference. 

Can I create my own artificial liquid fertilizer?

Yes, you can. However, creating your own liquid fertilizer will not produce the same effect as the ones professionally made. This fertilizer might end up hurting your lawn even more.

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