Top 7 Best Moss Killer for Lawns | 2021 Review (Scotts)

Everybody knows how difficult it is to deal with moss. After all, they are among the biggest problems that a good lawn may face in its lifetime. Leaving them to grow will become a problem in the long run. They spread their pores all over the place and, sooner or later, your whole lawn may be overtaken by moss. These moss tend to have a deep and complex hold on the soil, making raking them an unsuitable solution. Even worse, if you do that, you will spread it to uncontaminated parts of your lawn. This is why you need a better solution, a moss killer for lawns.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of the best lawn moss killers out there. So, read on and pick one out to ensure that you can enjoy your lawns sooner, without worrying about moss.

Top 7 Best Moss Killer for Lawns Reviewed

  1. Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control – Best Overall
  2. Scotts MossEx Moss Control for Lawns – Best Value
  3. Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic – Editor’s Choice
  4. Safer Brand Moss and Algae Killer
  5. Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic
  6. Miracle-Gro Mosskill Liquid Concentrate
  7. Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn Granules

#1. Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control – Best Overall

Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control

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  • Cover up to 5,000 sq. ft. 
  • Builds up soil quality
  • Apply during spring or winter
  • Last up to six months
  • Not sold in FL, MD, NH, and NJ

Scotts is a well-known name in the lawn and garden industry, and their fame extends to the moss control aspect of gardening. Among their products, the Turf Builder with Moss Control is among their best. Not only does it guarantee to kill moss, but it is also designed to thicken grass. This will fill your lawn and prevents moss from being a problem and coming back.

This product is made to improve your lawn’s ability to absorb nutrients from the soil and help it contain moisture better. And in turn, this will make your grass fuller, greener, healthier, and beaming with life. 

It is made to be applied using a broadcasting or drop spreader. This depends on the type of coverage you need. This is best on the drier days of mid-spring and winter when moss is the most active. It is a must to consider the weather before applying this product to your lawn, as heavy rain may carry off the product before it gets absorbed into the soil. Also, heavy water may wash the product off and stain the concrete. 

Individuals who used the product had a great experience with it and are satisfied with the results. It works well for moss, even in shadier places where most moss colonies thrive. They say that it killed all the moss in the area, and the grass responded well to the formula and thrived shortly after. Others also said that it was able to solve their issues with moss that lasted years in just one application of the product.

Overall, this is the best moss killer in the market, especially if you want to ensure that they do not return. Although a little expensive, this twice-a-year treatment will solve your moss problems and last for a long time.

Helps prevent moss by strengthening grass
Not available in some states
Thickens grass in bare spots
Improves soil quality

#2. Scotts MossEx Moss Control for Lawns – Best Value

Scotts MossEx Moss Control for Lawns

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  • Cover up to 1,250 sq. ft. 
  • Builds up soil quality
  • Apply during spring or winter
  • Last up to three months

Another great product from Scotts is the Scotts MossEx Moss Control for Lawns. It not only kills moss but also has nutrients that will improve the color of your lawns. This product is also made to improve your lawn’s ability to absorb nutrients from the soil and help it contain moisture better. This will make your grass fuller, greener, healthier, and beaming with life while ridding it of moss for good.

This comes in two sizes, and they can cover either 1,250 or 5,000 square feet of lawn space. It’s safe for use in any lawn types with varying grasses and is applied using Scott’s rotary, broadcast, or drop spreader to apply evenly. The company also recommends that you apply this in winters and springs when moss is most active and thriving. Also, apply this after mowing the lawn to ensure that the product reaches deep into the ground.

The people who used the product liked how it performs. It works well for moss as long as you follow the instructions given by Scotts properly. They say that it was able to kill the moss in their garden but left their grass black. This issue was resolved by mowing the lawn a week after. 

Overall, like the previous product from Scotts, this is also a great moss killer. This is best if you will be using it in smaller lawns as it comes in a smaller package than the previous product. Highly recommended.

Helps prevent moss by strengthening grass
Cannot kill certain moss types
Thickens grass in bare spotsNeed a spreader to use
Improves soil quality

#3. Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic – Editor’s Choice

Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic

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  • Cover up to 10,000 sq. ft. 
  • Has iron sulfate
  • Apply during spring or winter
  • Last up to three months

This UK made Pro-Kleen product was designed to enhance your lawn its superior quality, iron-rich, and long-lasting fertilizer. They made the Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic to encourage strong growth and healthy greens grass for your lawns. In addition, it acts as a turf hardener. Aside from this, it is also among the best in the market in terms of stopping moss from growing and preventing your lawn from getting contaminated by them.

One 2.5kg tub treats up to 2500 square meters for grass greening and 1500 square meters for turf hardening. It comes in an easy close clop top lidded container that keeps the powder in optimum condition and can be used immediately. It can be applied in both wet and dry conditions, but it works best when the powder is diluted in water for easy and even coverage. 

It contains iron sulfate that is beneficial for lawns, and professional landscapers have been using it to remove moss and keep grass green. This will help your lawn transform with its formula made to be among the best superfood fertilizers out there. After applying this to your lawn, you can expect the results to show within four days, with your grass looking much healthier and greener.

The people who used it praise it for being a great tonic for your lawn. It kept their lawns in great shape all year round. The results have been satisfying for them. Some even note that it worked great even in deep snow and was able to maintain the lawn when the snow thawed. Although some are asking for more information as most of the specifications it has are based on the international system of units.

Overall, the Pro-Kleen Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic proves to be the best option for professionals when it comes to killing moss and maintaining your lawns. If you need to deal with bigger lawns and make your yards more beautiful and green, this is the best for you.

May be used in wet and dry form
Doesn’t include a scoop
Comes in a re-sealable tub
Covers a wide area
Professional grade

#4. Safer Brand Moss and Algae Killer

Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control

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  • Last up to three months
  • OMRI listed for organic use
  • Ready-to-use
  • Utilizes potassium salt
  • Covers up to 500 sq. ft. 

The Safer brand has made this moss and algae killer and surface cleanser. Its RTS hose sprayer utilizes the effectiveness of potassium salts and fatty acids as a killer of moss. This is the most economical choice for smaller moss problems and is a very convenient solution to a wide array of moss and algae problems. 

This ready-to-use formula is OMRI listed and can be used for organic gardening. Plus, unlike other moss killers in the market, it is safe to use on any surface. This can be sued for roofs decks, sidings, walkways, home greenhouses, growing containers, benches, structural surfaces, and hardened tree barks, aside from the usual turf and lawns.

You can get results from this product very quickly. In most cases, moss begins to wither and brown within a day. However, a thicker application or reapplication may be needed for thicker moss patches. While this product doesn’t stain, it will leave behind salt residues, especially on harder surfaces like walkways and wood.

The people like that it can freshen old brickwork and gravel paths aside from the turfs. Some of them tried to use more of it on their first try, and when they saw how effective it is, they have opted to use it more sparingly on their next try. The people who used it on lawns also said that it was great for use on small patches of moss on their lawns, although they had to use another bottle to cover their whole yard. 

Overall, this is the best option for those who only need the product for smaller patches of moss. This is also great for other surfaces, cementing the products place on this list. 

Can be used for organic gardeningNot enough for bigger moss patches
Great moss and algae killer
Ready to use

#5. Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic

Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic

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  • Last up to three months
  • Ready-to-use
  • Utilizes seaweed extract
  • Offered as a 2-in-1 solution

Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract has long since been a firm favorite for keen gardeners and commercial growers. The key to this company’s product is that it has been proven through a multitude of independent trials. And this extract is used regularly throughout all the products of the company. They maximize nutrients and reduces the levels of environmental stress of the lawns. This ensures that they are in great shape and are of great quality. 

The Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic is a 2-in-1 solution with a natural and organic seaweed base that will kill moss and offer rapid greening for the lawn. With Seaweed Extract plus Ferrous sulfate and Nitrogen, this product will blacken the moss within hours of application and rapidly stimulate grass growth in the treated area. 

To use this product, shake it well before opening. Then apply it to the area as instructed by the labels on the bottle. This can be applied twice a year and leave at least 40 days before reapplication. It would also be best to use this in the months when moss is expected to grow or thrive, which is usually around shadier months in spring and winter.

Individuals who used it found it very easy to use. All you have to do is dilute it and water and spray it on your lawn with a watering can. They say that the moss turns black within hours and the lawn feed element certainly stimulus grass growth and leaves them greener. Afterward, they recommend to rake out the moss once they are dead. An issue they found is that some bottles tend to leak when the weather is hot. 

Overall, this is a great seaweed-based moss killer for your lawn. Just be sure to follow the instructions when you use it and mow your lawn three days after application to enjoy the results and see your yard greener than ever. 

Encourages fast grass re-growth
May need re-application when used in damp conditions
Improves lawn health

#6. Miracle-Gro Mosskill Liquid Concentrate

Miracle-Gro Mosskill Liquid Concentrate

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  • Fertilizes your lawn
  • Greener lawn in 3 days
  • Ready-to-use

If you are looking for a fast-acting solution, take a look at the Miracle-Gro Mosskill by Evergreen. Not only is it made to control moss growth, but it also gives you a greener and richer lawn after application. This works in as little as three days and will leave your lawn looking pristine for the next coming weeks. 

This liquidized formula is easy to apply using an outdoor hose for wider application or can be diluted in a watering can for spot treatments. Detailed instructions regarding the product are included in the label, and it is recommended to follow it to ensure proper use and kill those pesky moss more effectively. If done correctly, you will be able to rake off the moss after just a few days or once you notice them drying out and separating from the soil.

For best use of the Miracle-Gro Mosskill Liquid Concentrate can be applied in February and October when the grass is actively growing. This will encourage the growth of the grass further, leaving no space for the moss to grow at all. However, you shouldn’t use this product more than three times per year. It can also stain concrete and other materials, so be more careful when applying it and rinse these surfaces if the need arises. 

People found the product great. A majority of its users say it is great at removing moss for lawns, gardens, and perimeter of homes. It is also safe for other plants and doesn’t affect their growth even if you accidentally sprinkle them with it. However, several of them said that the stain is difficult to remove, and they had to use more aggressive cleaning agents to fix the issue.

Overall, the Miracle-Gro Mosskill Liquid Concentrate is among the best in the market. Just be careful when using it to avoid stains. Highly recommended.

Encourages fast grass re-growth
Stains concrete and other surfaces
Improves lawn health
Toxic for aquatic creatures
Easy to use

#7. Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn Granules

Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn Granules

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  • Quick Acting
  • Promotes greener grass
  • Contained ferrous sulfate
  • Covers 5,000 sq. ft. 

Lilly Miller Moss out granules can kill moss without damaging your lawn. This product not only stops moss from speeding and taking over your lawn, but it also feeds your grass and gives it a greener shade of green. The greatest benefit of this product is that it makes your lawn look that much greater without you having to exert extra effort. This is because the product will leave your lawn without excessive growth after application.

When used as directed, this granulated moss killer should start working right away. The moss will turn brown in one day and makes it easy to remove, preventing growth in the future. One bag can also treat up to 5,000 square feet of lawn space, making it an economically standout product.

Many people found this product satisfactory. The praises on this product are plenty. They like how it’s almost odorless and isn’t airborne. Once the granules fall to the ground, they take effect quickly. They also do not leave an adverse effect on the plant life it touches. Although some had issues when opening the product as the dust inside as it tends to shoot upwards.

Overall, the Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn Granules can compete with the best in the market. You may need to apply it a few time for the effect to stick, but there are more than enough of it to go around.

Doesn’t promote excessive growthWear eye protection when opening
Kills multiple kinds of moss
Not for use on newly seeded lawns
Great for big lawns

Top Pick Section

Not all moss killers at the market work the same. Different products work differently and need to be applied in a particular manner. As great as the other product in the lists are, the Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control stands out the most. Not only does it guarantee to kill moss, but it is also designed to thicken grass. This will fill your lawn with beautiful greens and prevents moss from being a problem and coming back.

By improving your lawn’s ability to ability to absorb nutrients from the soil and help it contain moisture better, this will make your grass fuller, greener, healthier, and beaming with life.  When applied correctly, its effect sticks and repels future moss growth for six months, so there won’t be any more reason for you to avoid going to your lawn and not liking what you see. 

This product may be more expensive than most in the market, but it’s the easiest way to take back what’s yours using this amazing moss killer for lawns. With this product, get ready to spend more time outside without having to worry about spreading moss when you accidentally step on a moss patch on your way out. 

What is lawn moss?

Lawn mosses are considered as one of the most primitive and basic plants. There are thousands of these mosses, and the different species under its category can be found in every content. As sturdy as mosses are, most lawns need to have a very specific set of conditions to thrive; without these, their survival isn’t guaranteed at all. 

These conditions may vary so much that they can’t be summarized without being too technical. But, the good thing for those who are having issues with these mosses is that they can be exterminated by just changing one of the conditions in the area where they are living in.  This is usually enough to weaken the plant and kill them. However, some are more stubborn and would require the help of the specifically made moss killers that can be found in the market. 

Classification of lawn moss

Lawn moss is part of the moss division called Bryophyta. These consist of three classes: Bryidae, Sphagnidae, and Andraeiedae. Shpagnidae is the peat moss, Andreaeidae are the granite Moses, and Bryidae is the true mosses. 

Lawn mosses commonly fall under the Bridge class of mosses. And moss that is commonly found in and around homes around the world are placed under this class. This class is also among the broader classes of moss, and its species are numerous despite looking the same. 

Other ways to control lawn moss

Reduce the amount of shade

Moss thrives in heavy shades and can grow in places where common grass cannot. Thus, trimming low tree branches and opening up canopies will allow for more light to hit the ground and introduce more air to the soil. This is a sure-fire way to reduce moss growth. 

Fertilize soil

Most lawn mosses excel in soils in poor conditions, even more so for low nutrient and acidic soils. This can be solved using fertilizers that are rich in agricultural lime or have iron sulfate in their formulations. But it is best to perform a soil test to know what is lacking in the soil to ensure better results. 

Adjust soil acidity

Adding lime to low pH soils will add alkalinity and raise their pH levels.  Highly acidic soils make it a problem for grass to take in nutrients making and will hinder their growth. It is important to understand that these mosses do not have root systems and do not need to pull nutrients out of the soil, so correcting the pH balance of the soil is necessary. This can easily be done by adding lime to the soil and should fix other issues related to moss growth.

Correct drainage and compaction problems

Highly compacted soil with high clay content and low grading hold in water and do not allow for proper drainage of the water. This also encourages moss growth. The compaction issues can be solved by introducing air into the soil. This may be done using core aerators that attach to the back of a riding lawnmower. These are generally cheap, thus making them easy to buy if the need arises.  Doing so should allow for water to drain properly and lessen moss growth.

Rake them out

There are times when using a steel rake should be more than enough to solve the issue. It may take some work, but moss usually comes off easily. Just be sure to be careful not to spread the moss in unaffected areas. After raking it out, reseed or sod the area top ensure that moss won’t have space to grow on. 


Moss can be difficult to get rid of; it requires particular measures to ensure that they can be killed off properly. Aside from this, the over-saturation of choices in the market may also make it difficult to choose which weed killer for lawns will best suit your needs. 

The product listed on the list are all great and can also act as fertilizers. This feature is essential in the fight against moss, as you have to repopulate the area with grass to ensure that no moss will grow in the spots you treated. Doing both will ensure that you keep moss from coming back, and you’re left with a green and beautiful lawn. 

As there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving this issue, and these products are only meant to help you, it is up to you to decide how you’ll deal with the issue and which product to choose. Regardless of your choice, every product is different, so be sure to read the labels and apply them carefully. After that, wait a few days and reap the benefits of your hard work. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should I apply a moss killer on lawns?

You have to follow the instructions written on the label of the product you are using. But, there are few general considerations as to when to apply moss killers. 

The best time is to tackle these issues around spring and winter when these mosses’ growth is more obvious while still not being too fast or aggressive. Also, you should consider what type of moss killer you will be using. Moss killers that are organic are more forgiving about the timing of use, while chemical bases formulations have a more rigid schedule for their use. 

How do I use a moss killer?

This depends on the type of product you will be using. For concentrated formulations, you have to dilute them in water before spraying onto the affected areas.  While for granulated moss killers, it is best to use a spreader to ensure an even distribution of the product.

Can I apply a moss killer and fertilizer at the same time?

You can, but I can be a little tricky. This is because some of the things you will be using might not be compatible with each other. Thus, it is best to read their instructions carefully to consult a specialist. But, there are also products in the market that can kill moss and fertilize grass at the same time. You may opt to buy these products if you are unsure about using two products instead.

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