Top 8 Best Orchid Pots | 2021 Reviews (rePotme)

Are you thinking of repotting your orchids to look their best? Maybe you’re planning on buying an orchid and start nurturing them. The variety of choices for orchid pots sold in the market today can be overwhelming. Luckily, a list of the best pots specifically designed for orchids has been readily made for your convenience. You can weigh the pros and cons of each pot to find the best fit for your budget and needs.

Pots are not their natural growing habitat, but you can come close to it by knowing the best features a pot should have for your orchid’s proper growth by reading our buyer’s guide proceeding the list below. 

Dive into the list below for the best orchid pots we could find and grab the best suited for your orchid’s needs. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best ones in the market today.

Top 8 Best Orchid Pots Reviewed

  1. rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot – Best Overall
  2. Sun Bulb Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket – Best Value
  3. TRUEDAYS Clear Orchid Pots – Editor’s Choice
  4. Blue Sapphire Orchitop Carousel Orchid Pot  
  5. Flowers Orchids Planters Mesh Net Pots 
  6. Orchid Pot with Saucer White 
  7. Mkono Plastic Planter Pot 
  8. New England Pottery Orchid Pot 

#1. rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot – Best Overall

rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot


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  • Type: Clear plastic
  • Size: 3”, 4”, 5”,6”, package – 2 each
  • 46 opening slots
  • With UV protection

Most orchids generally prefer this plastic pot because of its generous aeration slots located around and beneath the pot. Its clear plastic make-up will make your orchids easier to manage and transfer from place to place. Its plastic material is tough enough for stability yet thin enough to be placed in heavy-duty decorative pots. Just ensure that the decorative pot you place it in has big and numerous slots for the orchid roots’ proper breathing.

The size of the slots is made at the right size to hold potting material. You can also choose to adjust the slots to be smaller by putting one pot on top of another to make the holes smaller, according to your preference.

Moisture levels are regulated well with its base’s maximum drainage capacity. Your orchid will enjoy maximum aeration and drainage, giving it healthy roots for its overall good growth. They come with a reinforced outer rim at the top. Its material is made with UV protection to protect the orchids from the sun’s harmful rays yet allows enough sunlight to nourish the roots.

These pots come in a package of eight, in different sizes of two, from three to six inches of sizes. If you’re looking for a plastic pot with maximum and adjustable aeration and drainage, this pot may be the perfect one for your orchids.

Comes in a package of four different sizes, two for eachDoes not taper enough from top to bottom to get a standard good fit for most decorative pots
Has the right amount of aeration and drainageSome may prefer orchid pots that are not plastic and are more sturdy
Adjustable slots
Good price deal

#2. Sun Bulb Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket – Best Value

Sun Bulb Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket


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  • Type: Cedar Basket
  • Size: 8” octagonal slatted
  • Other dimensions: 4.75” tall and 6.5” at narrowest

This beautifully structured octagon cedar basket is designed to hold your orchids with or without a potting medium. It is commonly called the Vanda basket because it works well with the Vanda type orchid. However, it is also used for various other plants, such as ferns and bromeliads, because of its excellent drainage properties.

If you plan on using it for plants that are usually potted in potting soils, you can use coconut fiber, and sphagnum moss will make a good liner. Other options you can use are mesh onion or vegetable sacks to hold your orchid in place.

This basket has galvanized wire eyelets if you want to hang your orchid inside or outside your home. It serves its purpose of holding your orchid while allowing a good presentation for your home or your garden.

If you want a stable and well-presented decorative orchid pot that will give your orchid maximum drainage and aeration, this is for you.

Made of stable cedar that gives a good octagon basket presentation lookMay require liners and fillers if you plan on putting your orchid directly on it for a better snug fit hold
Big and customizable enough for any plant sizeExpensive than other workable pots in the market
Well-designed for good drainage and aerationHeavier than the plastic pot types
Can be used as a decorative pot

#3. TRUEDAYS Clear Orchid Pots – Editor’s Choice

TRUEDAYS Clear Orchid Pots


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  • Type: Clear plastic
  • Size: 5.5” top diameter, 3.7” bottom diameter, 4.33” height
  • 4 per pack

These clear plastic pots are possible the most affordable yet functional pots for your orchids in the market. It has holes at the bottom to give proper drainage with a raised center to avoid stagnant water. It also has slitted sides to give proper aeration for your orchids yet still have a good hold for its tree barks.

Its holes work for common plants and are specifically designed for Orchidaceae roots, such as Orchid, Dendrobium, and Cattleya. You can increase your pot’s stability by putting it on ceramic pots or heavier designer pots that have big aeration gaps.

Its clear plastic design makes it easy to move around and let enough sunlight pass through it and provide nourishment for your orchid’s roots. You won’t worry about your pot easily getting ruined as it is made with high-quality PP plastic.

If you are looking for a more affordable plastic pot with great draining and aeration abilities for your orchid, this orchid pot is for you. 

Slitted design around it allows aeration for the roots yet a good hold for the tree barks that hold the rootsMay need additional purchases to give it support like a clear planter saucer or ceramic pots
Clear plastic design allows sunlight to nourish the rootsCan be unstable on its own for bigger orchid types
Cheapest orchid pot option that has quality
Great drainage properties 

#4. Blue Sapphire Orchitop Carousel Orchid Pot

Blue Sapphire Orchitop Carousel Orchid Pot


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  • Type: Decorative plastic 
  • Size: 5.25” top diameter
  • Comes with a detachable saucer

The unique design of this plastic decorative pot come with different stunning colors to choose from. It is unlike no other pot as it is made with 47 smooth rounded high-quality upright plastic tines that are UV resistant. Each of its plastic spines that go around to form the pot are non-restrictive, flexible enough to let your orchid’s roots grow freely.

Unlike other pots that work as a clear plastic pot or a decorative pot only, this glamorous pot serves both purposes. Its tines are evenly spaced at a distance that allows drainage and great aeration space for your orchid’s roots. There’s no need for plastic liners or fillers as it can hold the tree barks for your orchid’s well and give enough space for water, air, and sunlight control well.

Drainage is further improved at its bottom, having 16 drainage holes to drain excess water. A convenient detachable saucer makes it even better, increasing stability and easy management for draining water. 

Repotting will be made easy because its unrestrictive design prevents root tangling. It will be unlikely for your orchids to experience root rotting due to this pot’s flexibility. It will also look good if you plan on displaying it inside your home or office.

If you are looking for a well-designed decorative pot that is flexible enough for your orchid’s roots to grow healthy, this pot is worth investing in. 

Has a glamorous design that is designed to give great drainage and aeration properties to your orchidUnrestrictive sides can make orchid’s roots try to escape outside the pot over time
Allows enough sunlight and air to come through for nourishment for your orchid’s rootsSome find it too expensive for its plastic material
Gives flexibility for unrestrictive growth of your orchids
Has UV protection properties in its material

#5. Flowers Orchids Planters Mesh Net Pots

Flowers Orchids Planters Mesh Net Pots


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  • Type: Plastic mesh net planter
  • Size: 8” inner diameter, 7” height
  • Heat resistant (120-20 degrees Celsius)

This orchid pot has an inner and outer pot design. The inner pot has a mesh basket design that allows proper drainage and aeration for the roots. The outer pot serves to hold and provide more stability for the inner basket that contains the roots and barks for your orchid. It has drainage holes that let excess water out from the inner basket pot.

The plastic material of this pot is durable enough to withstand heat, and it also has anti-corrosion properties. Its new PP plastic material outstands most of the plastic pots in the market. ROHS has also approved its materials to be safe for contact with food for added safety and assurance that no toxic chemicals are exposed to you and your orchid.

The net design of this pot allows your orchid’s roots to breathe freely. As an orchid grows, its roots would grow as well. Solid pots would restrict their roots and would choke each other. However, netted pots allow the roots to breathe freely and spread out of its slits.

If you want a durable plastic pot that can withstand tough temperature conditions and provide well-ventilation and space for your orchid’s growth, this is for you.

Gives enough room and air for your orchid’s rootsDrains water away too fast for some
Provides extra stability even for its plastic natureIncompatible with small orchids
Durable material for a plastic pot, heat resistant
Has great drainage properties

#6. Orchid Pot with Saucer White

Orchid Pot with Saucer White


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  • Type: Ceramic clay
  • Size: 7-8” inner diameter, 6” height
  • Elegant decorative design

This ceramic decorative clay pot gives an elegant design for your indoor plants like your orchids. It has big cut-out planter pattern holes that give proper aeration for your orchid’s roots and drainage. It also comes with a saucer to steadily hold the pot and be more manageable when water drains out of the pot.

Its white ceramic look with patterned engravings gives a classy vibe that will complement your orchids’ look. The aeration hole patterns all over this pot are big enough for the orchid’s roots to breathe freely. You can put a plastic liner before you place your orchid inside, or you can use landscape cloth or sphagnum moss to keep the bark in if you don’t like plastic liners. 

If you are looking for a pot where beauty and function meets, this pot will be a great investment for you.

Elegant design makes your orchid look classy, ideal for indoor displayMight need plastic liners or fillers to avoid the bark or soil spilling out of its big holes
Has a saucer for easy management of draining excess waterVulnerable to breaking upon impact due to its ceramic clay composition
Big, designed holes provide great aeration and drainageExpensive than most pots in the market
Great for medium to large orchids or other plantsIncompatible with small orchids

#7. Mkono Plastic Planter Pot

Mkono Plastic Planter Pot


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  • Type: Plastic mesh net planter
  • Size: 2×4” inner pots, 2×5” outer pots 
  • Two packs

This plastic mesh pot is specially designed for small orchids that usually have shallow root systems ideal for this pot. It has an inner pot with a breathable mesh system as slits are placed around it. The outer pot holds the inner pot steadily and drains water effectively at the bottom. A saucer conveniently holds excess water so you can manage draining water easily.

The draining system effectively gives your orchid’s roots enough moisture and prevents stagnation, causing most plant roots to rot. Its mesh design allows more airflow for your orchid’s roots to breathe and grow freely.

If you’ve been trying to look for an affordable yet functional pot that is well-designed for orchids and other plants that needs effective drainage and airflow, this pot is worth the try.

Comes with a saucer for easier drainage managementSome prefer other pots that would match the elegance of their orchids as this pot has a simple look
Compatible with small to medium-sized orchidsSaucer is shallow that tends to overflow easily
Cheaper than most orchid pots in the market
Good drainage and airflow system

#8. New England Pottery Orchid Pot

New England Pottery Orchid Pot


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  • Type: Terra cotta pottery
  • Size: 4” diameter, 3” height
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor

This pot’s classic terra cotta pottery design will be perfect for your indoor or outdoor orchid display. It gives off an elegant look because of its classic earthy color, perfect for gardening and indoor display. Its clay property will allow your orchid to breathe. It has drainage holes at the bottom for proper drainage of excess water.

The size of this pot is just right for any orchid size that you plan to repot. It has a Fresh Air pottery technology that brings out the best in your plant roots by balancing the pH of the material it’s holding. 

This pot will be useful outside as it has a classic gardener’s delight design. It can also be placed indoors with a saucer or some platter to hold it at its base for catching excess drained water from the pot.

If you’re looking for a classic terra cotta pottery designed clay pot for your orchid that will allow your plant to breathe and get the right amount of moisture, this is for you.

Would look and function well outdoors and indoorsProne to breaking upon impact due to its clay pot material
Breathable with a good drainage systemHas no complimentary saucer for indoor use
Elegant terra cotta clay pot

Top Pick – Best Orchid Pot

The rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot is one of Amazon’s bestselling pots, particularly for orchid use. It is one of the most affordable pots in the market that functions well for good aeration of orchid roots and a great drainage system for your orchids to get the right amount of moisture.

It can be used both as a liner to be placed inside a decorative pot or an independent pot. It is stable enough to stand alone and let the sunlight nourish the roots of your orchid while its plastic material blocks harmful UV rays. It is sold in multiple pack pot sizes, making it a great buy. The rePotme brand is one of the most well-known pots to be bought and used by orchid potters. So, if you’re just starting on potting your orchid, then you might want to check this product out.

Knowing Your Orchids

Orchids grow well in tropical areas and usually grow dying or decaying trees and shaded slopes. They thrive in these environments because they can absorb water from natural humidity with minimal sunlight, causing too much transpiration. The slopes and trees also keep their roots drained well from too much water.

You should carefully choose the right home for orchids if you plan on nurturing them in pots. Growing in pots is against their natural growth. You must try your best to get them in a pot that will make them most comfortable and grow healthily. Select the best features that will help you manage your orchids responsibly.

Features You Should Know When Selecting Your Orchid Pot



This material is the most common type of pot for orchids. They provide minimum restriction for your orchid roots and usually have a clear UV protected surface for some sunlight to penetrate, mostly mimicking an orchid’s natural habitat. They retain more moisture in the potting mix and keeps the roots warmer in cold temperature conditions. 

Plastic material is lightweight and easy to move around and manage. However, these plastic pots can be easily tipped over and be less stable, so most use them for liners to be put in heavier decorative pots. You may also opt to hang them onto something to mimic their natural growing environment. Some prefer to display them inside the house and put some saucers under them to manage better the excess water drained from the pot.

Terra Cotta or Clay

These types of pots are heavier, providing more stability. They are less likely to tip, but when they do, they can break easily. They are more fragile than the other pot types, but they give a classy vibe that will match orchids’ elegance. 

Most use these pots as decorative holders for the plastic pot types. However, this gives more restrictions for the orchid root’s air circulation, so some people put their orchids directly on it and put some fillers to hold the potting mix well. 

Many clay pots put drainage holes at the bottom of their pots. However, clay naturally breathes and allows moisture to transpire quickly. You can water your orchids in these pots more often than those in plastic pots.

Wooden Slatted or Baskets

These pots naturally provide good aeration and draining systems because of their mesh and water-absorbent or easy to penetrate the material. However, this feature makes them susceptible to the potting mix’s spillage, so most people use some fillers like moss to hold the potting material intact. You can water your orchid in this kind of pot more frequently than other pots due to its fast-draining property.


You already know how orchids, and generally, other plant roots require proper airflow and more freedom for their roots. As your orchid grows, its roots will want to spread out. If you leave them in a solid constrained pot, the roots will begin to strangle each other and begin to die. Repotting might be difficult as well because the roots would be entangled.

Drainage System

Knowing the natural habitat of orchids, they want to retain as little moisture possible and grow at sloping surfaces where water can be drained easily. Orchid pots are designed to have a drainage system that drains water easily. This feature goes hand in hand with aeration because pots are made to have slits, holes, and mesh designs all over for these reasons.


Orchid pots generally range from three to eight inches for their top diameters and usually have three to five inches in height. Most orchids have shallow roots and prefer a shallow pot for more natural and healthy growth. Though there are also some large orchids, they also require relatively shallow pots relative to other common potting plants.

Material and Durability

You must be meticulous and know what your pot is made of. This feature would be easy to determine once you know the different types of pots. For plastic pots, reputable brands pay attention to their plastic pots’ flexibility and the ability to resists tough temperature conditions. 

Wooden and basket pots should have strong and trusted wood material to prevent easy deterioration and decay. Cheaper wood materials can easily break down over time by expanding and shrinking as they absorb water and dry up. It would be better if they are coated for water resistance.

Clay pots are generally easier to crack and break upon impact, but you can check their clay and chemical composition to ensure their clay content’s authenticity. Cheaper alternatives may contain toxic ingredients that might be harmful to people or your orchid. 


The cheapest types of orchid pots and the most popular are the plastic ones. They are fully functional and do the job, but if you want to give a more elegant presentation for your orchids, you can upgrade your pot to more expensive wooden and terra cotta clay pots. The quality of material and proven performance of a pot has a huge influence on its price. You may adjust your budget with your pot type of choice, but it’s advisable to invest in pots’ best quality and performance so you won’t compromise proper care for your orchids.


Orchids give an elegant and exotic vibe, making them one of the most popular flower decorations. They also promote a calming environment that relieves stress, making them commonly present in spas and salons. Their rarity makes people want them more. You should know them well or at least know some of their basic characteristics to nurture them properly. Pots are not their natural growing habitat, but you can choose the best one that comes close to their comfortable home.

 The rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot has been placed as the best choice for orchid pots. Not only are they affordable, but they do a great job of mimicking the natural habitat of orchids. They are also flexible and manageable, making them one of the bestselling orchid pots on Amazon.

It’s important to know the different features an orchid pot has to offer so you can carefully assess which would best serve your orchid and fit your budget well. You can play with your budget range based on the type of pot you want to purchase but be careful not to compromise the orchid pot’s quality to give the proper care for your orchid.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know when it’s time to repot my orchids?

Generally, orchids should be repotted every year, but not necessary if the orchids are still properly bound on the media. The roots can get too crowded as they grow over time, which is a signal for you to go up a pot size. If your orchid is placed in a terra cotta or opaque pot, you can report yearly. However, if you can monitor the roots of your orchids properly through a clear or transparent pot, you can extend repotting up to six months to another year as long as the roots and the pot media are still doing fine.

How do I properly water my orchids?

The watering frequency would depend on the type and age of the orchid you own and your environment’s humidity. Orchids naturally store water in their roots, so you should do so in moderation. You can water them once every five to seven days, but make sure they’re drenched well to make sure they’ve stored enough water in their roots. Remember to water them only in the mornings and dry towards the night to prevent accumulating bacteria, making them prone to diseases.

How can I prevent the fungus from infecting my orchids?

A popular ingredient for keeping fungus away is cinnamon. Cinnamon Spice is a natural fungicide you can easily buy in your local grocery store. Orchid fungicides also contain cinnamon, but you may want to substitute it with cinnamon spice for a more natural treatment for your plant. You should also check your orchid’s roots for bugs and infections and apply cinnamon to it as well when you repot your orchid.


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