Top 7 Best Outdoor Garden Clocks | 2021 Reviews (SkyNature)

After doing all your gardening activities, it would be best to finish its look with an elegant outdoor clock. It does not only help you track time, but most of them can tell the day’s weather. Thus, you will know if it is the right time to apply your fertilizers and other chemicals. Some can even adjust automatically to daylight saving mode. 

You will come across numerous clocks with unique shapes and designs along the way. With several choices, you will certainly find a clock that suits your garden. If you have no idea what is in store for you in the market, explore this article to find out more. 

Consider yourself lucky once you determine the perfect timepiece. It may only be an aesthetic thing for some, but an outdoor clock is essential to many gardeners.

Top 7 Best Outdoor Garden Clocks Reviewed

  1. Outdoor Clocks with Thermometer and Hygrometer by SkyNature – Best Overall
  2. 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer by Lily’s Home – Best Value
  3. Large Outdoor Clock by BEW – Editor’s Choice
  4. 12-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Wall Clock by 45minST
  5. Garden Stone Outdoor Wall Clock by FirsTime & Co.
  6. 12-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Silent Non-Ticking Waterproof Wall Clock by SmileMary
  7. 13-Inch Indoor Outdoor Clock by OCEST

#1. Outdoor Clocks with Thermometer and Hygrometer by SkyNature – Best Overall

Outdoor Clocks with Thermometer and Hygrometer by SkyNature

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  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 2.5 inches
  • Power Source: Battery-operated
  • Type: Analog Clock
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Colors Available: Bronze, Copper, Metal

SkyNature supplies an all-in-one clock suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Improve your garden’s look with the clock’s classy design, and impress your visitors during birthdays and reunions. The product looks enormous with its 18-inch size, but it is lightweight. You can hang it anywhere, but you will enjoy its maximum capacity outdoors.

It looks old, but it is gold. You will get several advantages when you use this product. First, it has a thermometer and hygrometer to measure weather and humidity in real-time. Thus, you can have an accurate estimate when planting seeds, applying fertilizers and working on your lawn. 

The metal frame and glass lenses are weather and UV-resistant. You need not worry about leaving it outside with too much heat or an extremely cold climate. It is non-ticking, too, so it saves from the disturbing sound of a clock if you are trying to enjoy the view of your garden. 

The impressive thing about this clock is the size. The round frame and large numbers are enough for you to read, even if you are a few yards away. You can stand at the opposite side of the pool, and you will still be able to read the time. You do not need to open any devices to check the time because you have this massive wall clock hanging outside. 

If you have any complaints about it, it has a friendly and fast-acting customer service, too. It has a one-year warranty for free replacements if the clock starts to dwindle. However, that happens quite rarely because the brand used premium and long-lasting materials.

A classic look that adds vibrancy to your garden
Thermometers and hygrometers can be inaccurate at times
Has large numbers and a massive frame
Price is a bit expensive
Has a hygrometer and thermometer
Can stand extreme weather
Has a one-year warranty

#2. 14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer by Lily’s Home – Best Value

14-Inch Faux-Slate Indoor or Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer by Lily’s Home

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  • Item Weight: 1.86 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 5 inches
  • Type: Analog Clock
  • Size: 14 inches
  • Materials Used: Plastic
  • Colors Available: Burl, Slate, Stone, Travertine, Urban Granite

Time is a beautiful blessing. You will appreciate it more when you see it running in a lovely timepiece. Lily’s Home’s 14-inch Faux Slate Wall Clock comes in different varieties, exuding the term elegance. The Urban Granite and Slate designs are our personal favorites. It has more features that will send you checking this item out in no time. 

More than its design, it has reliable features that make it a decent outdoor clock. Its thermometer can read weather temperatures from -40 to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit. You may also translate it to Celsius. The hygrometer can read 0% to 100% RH to help you predict if there is a higher chance of precipitation. These features may be typical on all outdoor clocks, but the brand promises an accurate reading. 

At the back part of the clock, you will see the storage area of the battery. You can easily replace its power source since you can manually open the case. It has a hook of significant size to make wall mounting an effortless task. If there is one thing that this clock may fall behind others, it is the numbers’ size. Other outdoor clocks have larger fonts compared to this product. Rest assured, you can still see them visibly from afar. 

If you have any issues with the clock upon receipt, like slow movement or frequent stopping, you may ask the brand to replace it with a newer item or a full refund. They are accommodating because the customers’ satisfaction is their priority.

Reads temperature and humidity with accuracy
Some users complained about the frequent stopping of the clock’s hands
Elegant designs perfect for stone walls
Manage expectation with its longevity
Accommodating customer service
Replace the battery with ease
Can stand any weather

#3. Large Outdoor Clock by BEW – Editor’s Choice

Large Outdoor Clock by BEW

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  • Item Weight: 5.19 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18 inches
  • Type: Analog Clock
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Power Source: Battery-operated
  • Colors Available: Arabic and Roman

Red is the theme of this item. No, this is not a Swiftie song, but it is a popular clock from BEW. It has a hot red frame that makes it look outstanding and noticeable. You will love how it adds pop to your garden while functioning well as a timepiece. It has more to offer than you could imagine. 

As you finish your day’s work, you may find yourself sitting at your patio and enjoying the view. You can leave your phones inside to enjoy your experience with nature fully. You need not worry if you lose track of time because BEW’s clock is easy to read from afar. No one will miss noticing that 18-inch round product hanging beautifully on your wall.

Since it is expected to suit the outside environment, the brand did not miss to include a thermometer and hygrometer to its components. It can measure temperature from -10 to 130 Degrees Fahrenheit and humidity from 0% to 100% RH. It is also waterproof, making it resilient when heavy downpours reach your garden walls.

The clock’s price falls on the average rate of outdoor garden clocks. However, you may enjoy some discounts on selected online stores. You may also decorate the interior of your homes with this product. Put it anywhere, and it will add flavor to a boring environment.

Can measure temperature from -10 to 130 Degrees Fahrenheit
Other clocks can measure higher temperature
The red frame makes the clock pop
Fragile and easily breaks
Has bigger frames and numbers
Water and weather resistant
Compatible for indoor use

#4. 12-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Wall Clock by 45minST

45Min 12 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Round Waterproof Wall Clock with Thermometer, Silent Non Ticking Battery Operated Quality Quartz Wall Clock Home/Patio Decor

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  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.91 x 12.83 x 2.24 inches
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Type: Analog Clock
  • Material Used: Plastic Frame and Glass Cover
  • Colors Available: Gold, Silver, Black Gold, Black

Simple does not mean cheap. The 12-inch outdoor clock from 45MinST will prove to you that. It comes in different colors, and the numbers are available in regular and roman numerals. It is suitable for indoor use, but you may also utilize it outside. It has a water-resistant feature that makes it less susceptible to damages.

Simplicity is at the heart of this timepiece. You need not indulge in an expensive clock to have one that would suit any wall designs and colors. The thermometer makes it a useful tool when you hang it in your garden. It can read temperature accurately to help you with your gardening activities.

It guarantees its customers a long-lasting product. While this may vary from one item to another, it would be best to use a zinc-coated battery to lengthen the power source’s life. It is also easier to clean because of its design. Wiping dirt off does not need a lot of effort because they do not stick on the frame.

This clock suits any rooms in your hours or office. Because it has more neutral colors, it is not a challenging task to mix and match it with your home decors. Please make sure to hang it properly to avoid any damages to the clock.

The design complements any wall designs and color
May not last long as expected
Available in various colors and number layout
Does not have a hygrometer
The font is large enough to read from afarSmaller frame
Reads temperature well
More affordable price

#5. Garden Stone Outdoor Wall Clock by FirsTime & Co.

Garden Stone Outdoor Wall Clock by FirsTime & Co.

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  • Item Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2 x 18 x 18 inches
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Material Used: Plastic
  • Power Source: Battery Operated
  • Colors Available: Faux Stone, Multi GreyStone, Tan Stone

Is it your first time buying an outdoor clock? It may be an excellent time for you to check on FirsTime and Co’s products. You will never get disappointed with their functionality and pleasing looks. Dress your garden with any of their stylish clock design because you deserve a good-looking surrounding. 

You should add the brand’s Garden Stone Outdoor Clock in Faux Slate design to your list. It delivers well when it comes to design, temperature, and humidity. It is accurate and is not susceptible to frequent stoppage of the clock. As a beginner, you must find an all-in-one device because it is a great help for you in the long run. 

Size does matter when it comes to outdoor clocks. Skip those cute little alarm clocks because that will not serve its purpose. You may have a cheaper wall clock at home, but that might not be water and weather-resistant. This FirsTime & Co product has all the right specs that you will need for your garden. There is no wonder why many customers are quite satisfied with it.

Suppose you are worrying that it looks heavy for your walls, set aside that thought of yours. It may have a stone design, but it is not heavy at all. The material used for this product is plastic. Thus, it is lightweight and does not easily break when accidents occur. Yes, this is quite a reliable piece, and the price does not require a lot from you.

Check this item today because it quickly loses item stocks.

Easy to install and does not easily break
Hygrometer and thermometer is not as accurate as other brands
Has a temperature and humidity reader
May not be sustainable
Wider frame and larger numbers
Affordable and Lightweight
Elegant design

#6. 12-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Silent Non-Ticking Waterproof Wall Clock by SmileMary

12-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Retro Silent Non-Ticking Waterproof Wall Clock by SmileMary

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  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.09 x 12.09 x 2.24 inches
  • Type: Analog Clock
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Available Colors: Black with Gold Beze, Black with Silver Beze, Bronze-Black
  • Power Source: Battery-operates

SmileMary has several timepieces for its clients, but this retro-style clock stands out the most. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use to add a classic look to your homes and gardens. It has a non-ticking capacity, so you will not get disturbed while working, sleeping, and doing some gardening activities.

Like other outdoor clocks, this one has a thermometer to read the weather for the day. It is dual so that you can have a Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature. It is water and moist-proof, too, so that you can leave it outside without worrying if it gets wet with the rain. The large numbers help you check the time, even if you are far from where the clock is hanging. 

This product comes with a reasonable price of around $22. You have the liberty to change its batteries without any hassle, too. Cleaning it does not take a lot of effort because of its smooth flat glass design and plastic frame. You can dust it off or use wipes to remove dirt. Customer reviews may differ, but one thing is for sure. This product is functional and serves its purpose well during the time that you are using it.

Replace the batteries without any hassle
Not long-lasting and may stop several times in a day
Large numbers that are visible from afar
Price may be expensive for its longevity
Easy to hang on walls
Non-ticking sound

#7. 13-Inch Indoor Outdoor Clock by OCEST

13-Inch Indoor Outdoor Clock by OCEST

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  • Item Weight: 1.59 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.77 x 13.77 x 2.55 inches
  • Size: 13 inches
  • Power Source: Battery-operated
  • Material Used: ABS
  • Colors Available: Grey

A great garden deserves a stylish clock. OCEST’s product deserves that space in your home because of its exquisite design. As an indoor and outdoor clock, it has several features that make it suitable to hang in your bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and garden. It can stand extreme weather, and it has waterproof materials. 

This device is multi-functional since it has a thermometer on top of its clock feature. You can put it in your farmhouse or on the patio so that you can keep track of time while outside. It has a massive size, and the frame ring is quite wide. It makes a smaller space for the numbers, but they are large enough to see from a farther distance. 

The plastic material makes it a lightweight product. It also guarantees that it has a sturdy build because of its thick structure. You will not even notice plastic because the stone ring design is quite close to real-life rock features.  It does improve the quality of your home, and it is a perfect gift for family and friends. 

The rubber seal in the battery area seals the deal for this item. It makes the battery life long-lasting so that you can avoid replacing it from time to time. It is a money-saving product that would sit right to your premium expectations.

Perfect for adding on any parts of your home and office
Smaller area for the numbers because the stone ring is thick
Frame ring is plastic, which makes it lightweight
Time is not as visible as the previous brands
Has an accurate thermometer
Cannot measure humidity
Beautiful layout

Top Pick – Best Outdoor Garden Clock

Who would have thought that picking an outdoor garden clock is this crucial? You need not think about it thoroughly. It would be best if you enjoy learning from one brand to another about their strengths and weaknesses. It does not matter what you pick as long as it fits your taste.

If you ask us which is our top pick, we suggest that you go with SkyNature’s retro clock. Aside from its classic look, it has a thermometer and hygrometer that makes it multi-functional. The materials used for this product are water and weather-resistant so that you can leave it outdoors without any worries. It has a massive size, too, which makes distance less of a problem.

However, if you want to be bolder or tone down a bit, there are other options that you can take. Pop up your garden’s look with some red finish, or you can go with a more neutral color. Whichever clock you like, as long as you are happy and the device works well with you.

Best Outdoor Garden Clock Brand


Several outdoor clock brands promise a lot of things, but only a few can deliver long-lasting items. SkyNature is a top name when it comes to this category. It always secures that their products are from premium materials and does not instantly wear out.  

This principle is why many clients wait for this brand to release another set of products. Yes, they quickly run out. You might as well check on their products today so that you can grab one from this world-class brand. Indeed, SkyNature is your best buddy when completing the look of your home garden.

Lily’s Home

This brand has a more feminine take when it comes to gardening accessories. It is not Lily’s Home product if it does not look elegant and sophisticated as to outdoor clocks. Apart from the one we featured in this article, other items have unique designs and styles. 

Like SkyNature, the company also ensures that its products do not only look pleasant. You can use it to check on the weather and humidity, too. Impress your guests with their products because they are here to improve your environment radically. Disappointment has no room in Lily’s Home.

FirsTime & Co.

Beginners and experts love to explore the timepieces from FirsTime & Co. You will fall in love with its clocks because they have that beauty that other brands do not have. Most of them look like they cost more than $100. In reality, they cost cheaper, they are lightweight, and they never fail to function.

You will find a few negative reviews about this brand online. If they do, it is mostly because of the packaging or the manner of delivery. Overall, you should not miss checking FirsTime & Co items. You may find anything that would suit your taste and standard from their product line.

Get to Know Your Outdoor Garden Clock – A Buyer’s Guide

Like any other product, outdoor garden clocks have several features that you must check. Some of them are unique because clocks have their quirks, too. It would be best to look for particular specs since not all timepieces are suitable for outside use. If you are unsure if you are looking at the right product, check this quick guide for your garden needs. 

Identify Which Spot Outdoors Will You Hang the Clock

Do you have a wall to hang your clock, or do you prefer hanging it in a post? If your garden has a massive space, you may need a larger clock with bigger fonts. The average outdoor clock’s size would range from 12 to 18 inches. Wall clocks are more convenient to use. They are less likely to cause damage and are typically long-lasting. 

However, other trendy clocks will add valuable style to your garden. A perfect example is a Paddington clock, which gives off that wizardry vibe like in Hogwarts. 

Check If the Clock Has a Thermometer and Hygrometer.

You do not see this on regular indoor clocks. However, thermometers are essential for garden use. Many plants, herbicides, and other chemicals require enough sunlight for them to live or become effective. You can now have a clock that would also tell you if it is the right time to plant or use a fertilizer.

The hygrometer checks precipitation. Rain is one of the key reasons why chemicals are not effective because it washes them out. Using a hygrometer, you can assess if there is a higher chance of rain to skip the day from any gardening activities. While not all clocks have a hygrometer, having a clock with a thermometer is a must-have. 

Ask If It Has a Daily Saving Mode

For continents that change their time twice a year, there is a chance that you will forget to adjust the clock. Worry no more because there are brands who innovated their products. You can now pick one that automatically switches the time for you during the winter and spring season. It is quite convenient but a rare gem to find. 

Determine If the Clock’s Design Would Suit Your Garden

A clock’s aesthetic is one of the reasons why you would pick it. Visuals are the first thing that your eyes see before you delve into the specifics. There are clocks with bolder and more aggressive designs. Others are neutral and simpler. If you choose one, pick a clock that would either blend with your patio or stand out. 

A clock is not something that you should spend some time looking for in the garden. It must be the first device that you will notice.


You have so much more to learn about gardening. Even clocks should have the right features, design, and quality. It may overwhelm you at first, but take it one step at a time. You have us to keep you guided in picking the right devices.

As you learned a lot about outdoor clocks, you now have more choices that would fit your garden. Time and again, we do highlight SkyNature’s retro clock as our top pick. It does not only glam up your backyard, but it does well with an accurate time, temperature, and humidity. You can also rely on it for a long time since it is from premium materials.

Please keep in mind the things that you need to consider when buying an outdoor clock. Some brands offer the same specs for a pricier or cheaper cost. Whichever pick would suit your taste, we believe it will make your garden look a lot livelier.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do outdoor clocks have a classification?

You can classify them based on their power source. It can either be battery or solar-operated. If you do not know yet, solar-powered clocks do not any batteries because they recharge under the sun’s heat. The most popular choice between the two categories is battery-operated products as long as you have a new pair of batteries. They are long-lasting and saves you from the effort of recharging the clock.

What are the special features that I should check when buying an outdoor clock?

Most outdoor clocks look like a typical wall clock. However, some of them have smaller circles that monitor weather temperature and humidity. They are add-on features in modern clocks today. You can also check if the product is water and weather-resistant. These two are important to consider because you will never know what kind of heat or storm will touch the device. If it has these features, there is a higher chance that your timepiece would be able to stand the test of time. 

What is the best size for an outdoor clock?

We cannot say that there is the best size because it will depend on your garden area. However, it is recommended to have a larger outdoor clock so that you can read the time at a farther distance. The bigger its diameter and font, the better it would be. If you are asking for numbers, you can begin with clocks that are 12 inches in size. If you still find it small, go for bigger ones. Please also note not to overwhelm the garden with your clock’s size. 

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