Top 8 Best Rain Barrels | 2021 Reviews (Good Ideas)

Water isn’t an unlimited resource in areas with frequent water outages. In areas where water runs scarce, local governments enact conservation laws for their residents to prevent water wastage. During the summer or drought season, limited water can affect your gardening and house chores. That’s where a rain barrel comes in as efficient water collectors.As the name suggests, rain barrels collect rainwater, which you can use for a wide range of gardening and house chores. They come in different capacities, materials, shapes, and extra features that will suit your needs. However, with various brands and models available on retail and online, the selection may not be easy.

This buying guide will help you filter down your options when it comes to rain barrels. You will find the top eight best rain barrels, including a product review that is completely honest and unbiased. You will also know the top brands and the key features of a rain barrel. All the information included in this article came from extensive research and feedback from verified customers.

Do you want to know the best rain barrel for your home gardening needs? Scroll along to get the info you need to make the right purchase decision.

Top 8 Best Rain Barrels Reviewed

  1. RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel by Good Ideas – Best Overall
  2. Collapsible Rain Barrel by VINGLI – Best Value
  3. Black Eco Rain Barrel by RTS Home Accents – Editor’s Choice
  4. Imp-L50 Impressions Palm Rain Barrel by Good Ideas
  5. RC4000 Home Rain Water Storage Catcher Barrel by FCMP Outdoor
  6. Cascata Rain Barrel by Algreen Products
  7. Rain Barrel by Gardener's Supply Company
  8. Planter Urn-Style Rain Barrel by FCMP Outdoor

#1. RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel by Good Ideas – Best Overall


RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel


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  • Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Classic whiskey barrel look
  • Made of UV-resistant polyethylene resin, BPA-free
  • Does not rust, mold, or rot
  • Brass valve
  • Debris and bug screen

The RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel from Good Ideas is a 50-gallon unit made from the most durable UV-resistant polyethylene resin material. It’s also BPA-free and saves you from possible damage and contamination, such as molds, rusts, etc.  

This barrel has a flat-backed design, which can easily stand flat against a wall, reducing the chances of an extra downspout. Plus, it has a smaller footprint, where you can easily connect it to several barrels.

Good Ideas include a brass valve for hose attachment, which you may find useful when you want to water your plants. Other features include a plastic mesh screen to keep out animals, debris, and bugs, making it easier to remove dirt for regular maintenance and cleaning. It also has a front-side overflow to prevent water leakage at the back of the barrel.

Another standout feature is its wood-grain texture, which you can use as an added decoration in your yard. It comes in four different colors, including oak, black, khaki, and green.

Does not bow when fullBottom edge splits after long use.
Pet and child-safeLeaks from the side barrel
Doesn't leak

#2. Collapsible Rain Barrel by VINGLI – Best Value

Collapsible Rain Barrel


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  • Capacity: 50/ 66/ 100 gallons
  • Made of anti-corrosion PVC mesh fabric
  • Two rubber rings to avoid leakage
  • Top mesh design prevents leaves and insects from coming in
  • Easy storage with foldable design
  • Outflow water valve and tap included

For those who need a collapsible rain barrel, you will certainly love the Collapsible Rain Barrel by VINGLI. It features a sturdy PVC frame with PVC mesh fabric. VINGLI ensures that the materials used for its construction won’t lead to corrosion and cracks, making it safe to use even in the winter season. 

The Collapsible Rain Barrel has two waterways, including a water outlet and valve that each come with two rubber valves to prevent leaking. It also has a mesh-covered top to prevent bugs, leaves, and other debris from contaminating the water. 

If the rain barrel is not in use, you can store the unit easily with its collapsible design. Once the rainy season comes around, you can take it out of the storage and assemble it within a few minutes.

Another great thing about the Collapsible Rain Barrel is that you can link more barrels to increase water collection. You can also choose other sizes that range from 50, 60, to 100-gallon capacity.

Durable and sturdy enough to hold waterPlastic leg easily snaps when full.
Collapsible and portableNot durable enough
Easy to assembleUnstable when full
Easy to store

#3. Black Eco Rain Barrel by RTS Home Accents – Editor’s Choice

Black Eco Rain Barrel


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  • Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic
  • A plastic screen that keeps out insects and debris
  • Plastic valve for outlet and hose hook-up
  • Authentic oak barrel texture
  • Does not rot, fade, or risk insect infestation

Collecting rainwater is a highly-sustainable initiative, but using a 50-gallon rain barrel takes conservation to the next level. The Black Eco Rain Barrel from RTS Home Accents is made from 100% recycled plastic that doesn’t fade or rot. It has a flat-back design, so you can allow it to sit flush against an outside wall to occupy less space, making the assembly easier. 

The Black Eco Rain Barrel uses a plastic screen that keeps out insects and debris. Its plastic valve allows you to attach a garden hose when you want to water your garden. RTS uses an authentic barrel texture for its design molded into plastic for a stylish look.

This RTS rain barrel features a front side overflow that prevents water from spilling against the wall. You can also link the barrel with other units to increase water capacity.

Fits nice against outside wallsBroken overflow, water trickles from the valve.
Looks great and feels ruggedThe back seam splits from top to bottom.
Lightweight yet sturdyPoor material construction
Easy to assemble

#4. Imp-L50 Impressions Palm Rain Barrel by Good Ideas

Imp-L50 Impressions Palm Rain Barrel


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  • Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Self-draining planter top
  • Dual valve locations
  • Anti-debris and bug screen
  • Built-in overflow
  • BPA-free

The Imp-L50 Impressions Palm Rain Barrel is the perfect choice for stylish gardeners who need a water collection unit with a more subtle look. This unit comes with unique planter top with self-draining feature, making it a suitable for various outdoor plants.

Under the planter is a 50-gallon rain barrel. It has a built-in overflow to prevent water spillage and a filter screen from preventing debris and dirt. Good Ideas uses BPA-free plastic for its material, making it safe for water storage.

This Good Ideas rain barrel includes two valves located at the bottom and upper-half of the unit. Both valves will make it easier for you to draw out water through a garden hose or fill up watering cans. You may also like its palm trunk finish that adds appeal to your yard. 

Two different ways to get water outNeeds to turn upside down to get water out
Holds water well without bulgingDoes not capture water well
Usable deck to hold flowersFaulty spout design
Classy and stylish design

#5. RC4000 Home Rain Water Storage Catcher Barrel by FCMP Outdoor

RC4000 Home Rain Water Storage Catcher Barrel


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  • Capacity: 45 gallons
  • Large opening and flat back design
  • Spoke and wheel pattern for added safety
  • Overflow connection to flow down excess water
  • Side valve to connect multiple rain catcher barrels
  • IN-Series feature for expandable water storage

The FCMP Outdoor RC4000 Home Rain Water Storage Catcher Barrel is a simple and practical rain catcher storage with a flat back design. It comes with a large top opening for easy installation. This unit can hold up to 45 gallons with an expandable collection capacity. You can connect multiple barrels with its linking kit and side valves. 

The RC4000 Home Rain Water Storage Catcher Barrel has an aluminum mesh screen to keep out leaves, insects, and other debris from ruining the water quality. It also has a hose extension if you want to connect a garden hose or fill a watering can without losing too much water or making a mess. Additional features include overflow hose, shut-off valve, and hanging hose clip.

FCMP designed this barrel to look like a traditional wooden barrel topped with a solid black color that adds a contemporary touch. It is also made of UV-resistant and BPA-free durable plastic that can last for several seasons. 

Stronger and bigger than expectedThe protective filter screen is not secured.
The tube does not fold on itself.The overflow tube isn't useful enough
Built-in brace for child-safetyBottom splits and cracks when full.
Sturdy enough to hold water

#6. Cascata Rain Barrel by Algreen Products

Cascata Rain Barrel


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  • Capacity: 65 gallons
  • Made from roto-molded plastic
  • Authentic pottery-like texture
  • High-quality brass valve
  • Corrosion-proof screen
  • Crown planter with durable double-wall 

The Algreen Cascata Rain Barrel is an elegantly-designed rain barrel with an authentic pottery-like texture. Although it is made of durable-BPA-free plastic material, Algreen ensure that it retains its enchanting sophistication. 

This slender rain barrel combines the visual elegance of ancient ceramics and the strength of high-quality roto-molded plastic. It can withstand changes in temperature and bad weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold. Meanwhile, its thick, double wall is durable enough to resist cracking and fading. 

With its 65-gallon capacity, this unit is large enough to provide rainwater for any medium-sized garden. This barrel comes with handy features, including a six-feet garden hose with nozzle, a corrosion-free screen guard, and a brass-colored valve. It also has a bottom-fitting component, allowing you to use rainwater without getting the remains.

Comes with corrosion-proof screen and brass valveA low-quality valve that easily corrodes
Authentic pottery-like impressionOverflow hose is not included
100% water utilization Low-grade drain hose
Fairly easy to assemble

#7. Rain Barrel by Gardener's Supply Company

Rain Barrel by Gardener's Supply


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  • Capacity: 75 gallons
  • Made of UV-stable polyethylene
  • Bottom threaded fitting to attach the garden hose
  • Non-corroding screen to catch leaves and debris
  • Overflow spout to divert to other barrels
  • Child-proof top cover

Gardener’s Supply Company Rain Barrel is one of the most stylish selections on this list. It has an elegant, modern design made of UV-stable polyethylene that can withstand extreme weather and temperatures.  

This rain barrel can hold up 75 gallons of water with a brass tap, which you can use to attach a garden hose or fill up a watering can. It also features a child-proof top cover with a non-corroding screen to prevent debris, dirt, and other little crawlers.

This unit has an overflow spout to connect the unit with another rain barrel to expand its collection capacity. Stylish gardeners will be able to pick from two designs: faux sandstone finish and whiskey barrel. You may also like its decorative feet and stoneware jar shape that adds appeal to any outdoor setup.

Sturdy enough to catch waterDefective thread on the front faucet
Rugged but fairly lightweightNo removable top planter
Stylish-looking water catcherPoor plastic quality
Removable top cover

#8. Planter Urn-Style Rain Barrel by FCMP Outdoor

US4000-TC Planter Urn-Style Rain Barrel


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  • Capacity: 50 gallons
  • UV-inhibited recycled polyethylene
  • Planter top to grow flowers
  • Flat-back design to keep it stable
  • Screen filter to prevent insects and debris
  • BPA-free 

The Planter Urn-Style Rain Barrel from FCMP Outdoor is a decorative and highly-functional piece for your garden yard. This eco-friendly rain barrel is made of recycled polyethylene that is UV-inhibited and BPA-free.

Although this decorative rain barrel looks like a real terracotta jar, it is made of high-quality plastic material. Worry not because FCMP guarantees that it’s stable and durable enough to withstand any weather conditions.

This urn-style rain barrel comes with a planter positioned at the top, enhancing its decorative look. With its stable flat-back design, you can place it against any wall in your house. 

Like other premium rain barrels, this unit uses a screen to filter debris and insects. It also comes with a brass value to link it with other barrels using a long hose.

Classically-elegant shape perfect for decorationWeak garden hose hold that stretches out
Highly-durable constructionThe hole at the top barrel is too small.
UV-resistant and BPA-freeExpect overflows during heavy rains
Sits flat on the deck

Top Pick for Best Rain Barrels: RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel by Good Ideas

Collecting rain is an eco-friendly way to save water during the drought season. They are also useful in gardening chores by supplying continuous water to your lawn and garden. Although water may run in short supply, value-priced rain barrels are not. That is why this buying guide covered some of the best rain barrels you will find on the market. 

Considering all the rain barrels on this list, the RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel by Good Ideas is the most definitive model. This 50-gallon rain barrel is incredibly sturdy and reliable enough to take in extreme outdoor conditions and physical impacts without showing any signs of damage.

Although it is made from a wood-grain texture, this rain barrel is far stronger than a natural wood barrel. More importantly, it doesn’t break down when filled with water and won’t rot easily through years of use. 

The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel comes with an easy-to-use valve found at the bottom barrel that can fill up buckets or hoses within a matter of seconds, especially when it has been filled with rainwater. It also includes a mesh-based overflow hole that leaks out excess water while preventing debris from clogging up the valve. This way, it stops the water from splashing back against walls, preventing long-term damage and mold. 

Good Ideas used a multi-purpose design for its shape to make it look more stylish while providing enough support to attach the barrel directly to any wall. It also comes in different colors, such as green, black, khaki, and oak. 

For those who have other preferences for their rain barrels, make sure to check out all the models mentioned in this list as they are all value-priced products that come with reliable features. 

Best Brands for Rain Barrels

Good Ideas

Good Ideas are known for their sustainable home and garden products with innovative and multi-functional design. They also supply eco-friendly tools to help you make your dream yard a reality. From glow in the dark products that catches Earth’s natural resources to rain barrels that double as decorative planters, Good Ideas will help you dominate any outdoor setting with ease.

Their main goal is to promote sustainable ideas to their customers while making it easier for them to happen. Some of their eco-friendly product lines include recycled rain barrels, planters, composters, landscaping, storage, and waste bins.

FCMP Outdoor

FCMP Outdoor, also known as Forest City Models and Patterns, produces custom and stock programs for all of your outdoor needs. Headed by innovators, developers, and designers, their team comes together with their unwavering passion for designing and developing lawn and garden products in various categories. 

FCMP highly values creativity and strategy to help them create reliable outdoor items. Today, tFCMP has become a preferred partner among leading gardening retailers for e-commerce and in-store. Their product line is exclusively dedicated to composters, rain barrels, and planters.

RTS Home Accents

Since 1872, RTS Home Accents has taken with them a tradition of excellence in developing new and innovative products for your garden and home. Along with their eco-friendly advocacy, their team has been committed to providing outdoor items that will benefit the environment. They design various gardening products from outdoor rain collection systems to indoor composters. 

RTS Home Accents has been manufacturing rain barrels since 2000. Since then, RTS has expanded its product line by including compost systems, home décor accessories, ground rainwater collecting systems, etc.  

Features to Consider When Buying Rain Barrels (Buyer’s Guide)

A rain barrel’s ability to catch rainwater allows you to use it for household chores and gardening tasks. This rain barrel buying guide will help you pick the right rain barrel kit for your water repurposing needs.


Before buying a rain barrel, the first step you should do is to identify its possible location. You have to find out the space limitations, the type of ground where you will place the barrel (flat or bumpy), and the position where the rainwater often comes down. This way, you will know which size and design you should expect for your new unit. 


It is worth investing in a rain barrel with more water storage space for those who live in hotter locations with infrequent rain. However, you may want to get a decent size for your barrel since a huge unit may take a long time to fill up, but once it’s full, you may also struggle to move it around.  

Choose a size and capacity that perfectly suits your needs, and downgrade or upgrade if necessary. Rain barrels are typically sold from 50 to 100 gallons. The best way to estimate the desired capacity is to determine the average rainfall and frequency, roof size, water usage, and the amount of collected rainwater your state allows.


The water capacity of a rain barrel can also affect its overall durability. For example, a cracked barrel with sixty gallons of water tends to be more destructive than other units holding lesser gallons. When heavy rain comes along, the rain barrel will often get topped up with water, running to possible risks, such as leakages and unexpected holes in the outer shell.


As much as possible, you need to make sure a rain barrel is stable enough, especially if you have pets and children around. Since most barrels can hold a minimum of 50 gallons of water, you need to make sure they won’t easily overturn when moving them. Other barrels have a pet and child-safe feature that prevents possible overturning.


A properly sealed lid ensures that animals won’t fall into your barrel. Go for a rain barrel with a lid that locks. Those who want to fill their watering can by dipping it into the barrel, you must choose a unit with a latched lid, so you can access the lid when needed.

Mesh Screen

A rain barrel should have a mesh screen to keep debris, leaves, and insects from getting into the water. Since mosquitos tend to breed in standing water, a mesh screen can prevent them from laying eggs in the water and infesting your yard.                         


A valve is responsible for dispensing the collected water. The valve should be near the bottom so the water can be easily dispensed. Other rain barrels come with a second valve that sits at the middle or topmost part of the barrel so you can fill the watering can without bending down. You may want to choose a barrel with a valve that attaches itself to a hose so you can water your garden directly.

Overflow Protection

A rain barrel may certainly overflow during heavy rainstorms. That is why you need to pick a rain barrel with an overflow valve to divert water once the unit reaches its full capacity. The best rain barrels have dual overflow ports for efficient overflow protection. 


While some rain barrels are only meant to collect rainwater with no decorative purpose, others come with a multi-purpose design to add appeal to your garden yard. You may also consider where to put the barrel and how visible it will be so you can pick the most fitting design for your outdoor setup.


Rain barrels differ in price based on their capacity and material. Typical barrels range between $75 to $300. 

  • 40 to 50 gallons – $75 to $115
  • 50 to 60 gallons – $90 to $130
  • 60 to 80 gallons – $125 to $150
  • More than 80 gallons – $150 to $300


Since water tends to be less consistent as a natural resource, rain barrels come in handy as a steady water supply to keep your garden thriving. They’re simple and easy to use that come in various designs and features. 

While rain barrels on the market have their advantages and drawbacks, some units provide great solutions to complement your gardening needs. On this buying guide, The RW50-OAK Rain Barrel takes the top spot as the best rain barrel that is incredibly durable and reliable. 

The RW50-OAK Rain Barrel has a 50-gallon water capacity made from UV-resistant polyethylene resin. It is also BPA-free, which means this barrel will not rust, rot, or mold after years of use. This barrel comes with a multi-purpose design, where you can easily place it flat against a wall without any extra downspout. 

Other features include a brass valve, a plastic mesh screen, and a front-side overflow. It comes in different colors from oak, black, khaki, and green that complements its wood-grain texture.  

Besides water collection, a rain barrel delivers plenty of benefits for your home gardening needs. They are sustainable garden tools that help you save money on your water bill. 

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How should I clean a rain barrel?

Before and after you start setting up a rain barrel, you need to make sure that the gutters are fairly clean. Pine needles and dirty leaves do not block the diverter, but the decomposed organic matter clogs them. 

How often you maintain and clean the gutter affects a rain barrel’s overall performance. As much as possible, you should clean a rain barrel every two to three years. You can do this by mixing a solution using two teaspoonfuls of vinegar, liquid soap, and hydrogen peroxide mixed with one gallon of water. Grapefruit seed extract may also help sanitize a rain barrel. 

What is the correct method to draw out collected rainwater from a rain barrel?

Drip irrigation is the best way to draw-out stored rainwater. It is an effective way to water your garden since it is delivered directly right to the roots, where it can slowly absorb nutrients into the soil. Plus, it also prevents runoff and distributes water into the soil to promote healthy root growth. 

Keep in mind that water is not lost due to evaporation. If you want to make sure there is enough pressure to push the water through the drip system, a barrel’s base should be well-elevated at least two feet above your garden’s highest point. This way, the water maintains its pressure level even when the rain barrel is less than full. 

What kind of water pressure should I expect from a rain barrel?

The higher the water elevation, the greater the water pressure will be at the lowest point. Each foot in elevation change is equivalent to 0.433 PSI (pounds per square inch) of water pressure. Once you place a full rain barrel on a three-feet stand, you will receive 2.598 PSI of water pressure. 

A rain barrel should be at least two to three feet higher than your garden’s highest point to keep a favorable pressure level. The barrel should be elevated at over two feet for those who grow their plants on the ground. Meanwhile, for plants that cultivate in a one-foot raised garden bed, the barrel should have an elevation of three feet or more.

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