Top 7 Best Snake Repellent for Lawns | 2021 Review (Ortho)

Nothing beats the feeling of going out on a sunny day and seeing lush, green, and healthy grass on your lawn. As a homeowner, you always want your lawn and garden to look beautiful and full of life. But, all this can be destroyed by having pests around your homes.

 Among these pests, a snake may be the most dangerous and most difficult pest to deal with that you may encounter. As beneficial as they are for controlling the population of other pests like rodents, the risks of having them around your home cannot be ignored. 

This is why it is important for homeowners to also invest in an effective snake repellent for their homes. And, the good news is, several products in the market can do just that. Here is a list of the best snake repellents for you to choose from. 

Top 7 Best Snake Repellent for Your Lawns Reviewed

  1. Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules – Best Overall 
  2. Nature's Mace Snake Repellent Granular Shaker – Best Value
  3. Safer brand 5951 Shield Snake Repellent –  Editor’s Choice
  4. Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Repellent
  5. Victor VP362 Way Snake Repellent
  6. Sealuxe Solar Powered Snake Repellent
  7. Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defense One Gallon Spray Repellent

#1. Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules – Best Overall

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  • 2 pounds per bottle
  • Long-lasting and rain resistant
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Ready-to-use formula
  • No-stink formula using essential oils
  • Prevents snakes from entering, nesting, and foraging

With Ortho being a well-known name in the lawn and garden care industry, you can rest assured that this is a great choice for your snake repellent needs. With that, the top choice on this list for the best snake repellent in today’s market is the Ortho Snake B Gon Granules. These granules are made to deal with all possible snake related problems that you may encounter. 

This product will prevent snakes from entering, nesting, and foraging in your lawns. This will effectively rid your yard of the common issues with these snakes. When used correctly, this product is safe for humans, pets, and plants. This is why it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using this product. 

The product’s users praise it for being easy to use and effective in cleaning out and repelling snakes in their yard. They say that the product can repel existing snakes from the area with the granules within a day after application. They also recommend putting them closer to the edges of your yard and around known nesting areas. They also note that this doesn’t leave an off-putting smell.

Overall, the Ortho Snake B Gon Granules is deserving of the top spot on this list. Highly recommended. 

Doesn’t leave a stinky scent
You’ll have to restock more often
Easy to applyComes in small batches
Ready to use

#2. Nature's Mace Snake Repellent Granular Shaker – Best Value

Nature's Mace Snake Repellent Granular Shaker

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  • 5 pounds per granule shaker bottle 
  • Long-lasting and rain resistant
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Ready-to-use 
  • Free of harsh and harmful chemicals
  • Safely and effectively repels snakes

The Nature’s Mace Snake Repellent Granular Shaker is the snake repellent for people who are looking for an easy and convenient option. These will guarantee an effective means of getting rid of these pests while staying humane. These will not kill snakes. Instead, they are designed to irritate and confuse their senses.

This product comes in an easy shake bottle that is ready to use. Just walk up to the area where you need to apply it, open the lid, and shake a few granules off. After some time, the snakes will start avoiding the area as their senses are confused by the product’s scent. And the best part is, this product is 100% biodegradable. It doesn’t have as many harsh and harmful chemicals compared to others on the market. 

The people who used it say that the product is effective even in areas where many wild animals are roaming around. It effectively repelled snakes without being harmful to the other animals in the area. Some had issues when applying them just before heavy rains as they had to reapply the product to repel the snakes again, but this issue is easily avoidable. 

Overall, this is a great choice, as well. It’s easy to use enough not to be a hassle, but effective enough to solve your problems. This product deserves its place on this list as much as in our homes. 

Doesn’t have harsh and harmful chemicalsRain may lessen its effects
Easy to apply
Ready to use

#3. Safer brand 5951 Shield Snake Repellent –  Editor’s Choice

Safer brand 5951 Shield Snake Repellent

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  • 4 pounds per resealable bag
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Starts working immediately

With 30 years of experience, the manufacturer of the Safer brand 5951 Shield Snake Repellent is considered among the leading brands in the alternative lawn and garden industry. Their product exploits the fact that snakes are naturally cautious, and it doesn’t take much to discourage them from going to an area. 

Their chemical-free snake repellent uses time-release technology for the granules, ensuring long-lasting protection from these snakes. Applying the product is fast and easy. All you need is to unseal the bag and slowly shake it along the perimeter of the areas you want to protect from snakes. And the manufacturer recommends spreading it in eight-inch thick bands to maximize its effect.

The people who have tried the product say that its effect can last for up to a year, but recommend reapplying if you experience long periods with heavy rains. They noticed that these granules repel the snakes without hurting them. And, its scent is also well-liked. They say it smells like oils and mild herbs, making it very pleasant.

Overall, since the bag comes with 5 pounds worth of the product, you can be sure that it will be enough for most homes. Add its great smell and effectiveness, rest assured that the Safer brand 5951 Shield Snake Repellent is among the best in the market. 

Starts working immediately
Needs to be reapplied after weeks of heavy rain
Comes in a resealable bag
Won’t work as well when spread in a wide area
Smells great

#4. Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Repellent

Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Repellent

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  • 32 ounces per bottle
  • Easy to apply
  • For home, garage, and garden
  • Works for venomous and non-venomous snakes

This is the best choice for people who recommend sprays over granules. It is made by professionals in the field of dealing with pests and snakes regularly. It is made with all-natural ingredients to ensure a friendly and cruelty-free solution to your snake problems.  

This snake repellent works against different snakes. It can repel grass snakes, rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and copperheads, among many others. This spray works like its granular counterpart, but it offers a faster acting solution that overwhelms the snake’s senses, fending them off effectively.

Most of the users of this sprayed snake repellent say that it is effective. They like how convenient it is to use, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also doesn’t smell toxic, unlike other products, and they also noticed that it needs to be reapplied after heavy rains. 

Overall, for people who need a fast-acting choice for immediate snake issues, this is the one for them. As it comes in a spray bottle, it works even indoors, making it that much more of a great choice for your snake repellent needs. 

Comes in decent amounts
Needs to be reapplied after heavy rain
Can be used indoors
Has a pleasing smell
Doesn’t spill or leak

#5. Victor VP362 Way Snake Repellent

Victor VP362 Way Snake Repellent

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  • 28 pounds per bucket
  • Time-release formula
  • EPA-registered snake repellent
  • Works for venomous and non-venomous snakes
  • Repels rattlesnakes and garter snakes

The First thing you will notice about the product is its massive size. The Victor VP362 Way Snake Repellent comes in a bucket with 28 pounds worth of these granules and should last you a significant amount of time. Aside from this, its effectiveness is also noteworthy. 

It is also easy to apply. All you need is a pair of gloves and start scattering the granules in bands around the perimeter of your property. You also do not have to worry about it harming others that may come in contact with it as it is safe around pets and humans. While this may be gentle for other animals, it should be noted that it still works against many types of snakes, including venomous ones. 

The users of the product say that it works well for their needs. It is also large enough for users who live in bigger plots of land. Some users can also notice that it has a strong scent, which is effective for snakes but may be off-putting for other people. Aside from this smell, its effectivity on repelling snakes away from their property is well received by its users.

Overall, if you need to cover larger areas, the Victor VP362 Way Snake Repellent is the one for you. It also comes in a smaller bag for those who want the product but do not need it in large quantities. 

Also offered in a four-pound bagLeaves a noticeable scent
Great for large plots of land
Easy to apply

#6. Sealuxe Solar Powered Snake Repellent

Sealuxe Solar Powered Snake Repellent

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  • Three pieces per set
  • Solar-powered
  • Broad Coverage
  • Safe for pets, even dogs
  • Maintenance-free

The Sealuxe Solar Powered Snake Repellent strays far from the conventional choices in the market. These pins work by gently vibrating underground, which in turn repels snakes from your yard. It works as soon as you stick it into the ground, and you should notice snakes clearing away from the pin’s range. 

These pins come in three-piece sets and cover a maximum range of 7000 square feet. It works with solar power, which means that no maintenance is required to that it works continuously. It is also safe for homes with pets and kids as it doesn’t use any toxic materials. 

The users of these solar-powered snake repellent pins say that it works very well and is the easiest to use. It easily covers decent-sized yards and effectively repels the snakes that come close in its range. Its effect also lasts for a long time. Although some had to buy more pins for larger lawns, which may be its biggest downside is it isn’t exactly cheap. 

Overall, the Sealuxe Solar Powered Snake Repellent is a techy solution for your snake problems. This works as effectively as the others on the list, but what makes it stand out is that you won’t notice it at all. If you want something different, this is the best choice for you.

Doesn’t have any chemicals
Needs more pins for larger areas
Safe for humans and pets
Requires no maintenance
Can be hidden easily
Very easy to apply

#7. Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defense One Gallon Spray Repellent

Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defense One Gallon Spray Repellent

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  • 1 gallon per bottle
  • Works for venomous and non-venomous snakes
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Comes with remote sprayer
  • Easy to use application

The Snake Defense Spray Repellent is the best choice for people who like sprays but need them in larger quantities. The final pick for the best snake repellent, this massive spray bottle is what most professionals prefer to use for their snake repelling needs.

This snake repellent is easy enough to use that it can be applied quickly and efficiently around the perimeter of your home, even for larger homes and yards. It comes with its own easy-to-use remote spray and is ready to use. It’s also effective enough that it can repel even the more stubborn snakes in the copperhead and rattlesnakes. 

The people who tried this product say that it is better than most products they previously tried, but its size and price aren’t that appealing. They said that as effective as it is, the amount left after using it takes away from its overall worth. They also note that its effect lasts for a long time but should be reapplied when it rains. It also has a noticeable yet pleasant smell. 

Overall, as this is more of a professional’s product, it is best to read the instruction carefully before using it. Its size is large enough to that should last you long enough to enjoy its value fully. If this meets your needs, you can’t go wrong with the Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defense One Gallon Spray Repellent.  

Can be sprayed on outer walls of the house
Needs reapplication when it rains
Comes with own sprayer
May be too big for most users
Can cover large spaces
Has a pleasant smell
Easy to use

Top Pick Section:

Ortho’s products have always been among the most popular when it comes to caring for your lawns and gardens. They’re pesticides and herbicides are well-known for their effectiveness and reliability. And this is true as well for their snake repellent option in the Ortho Snake B Gon Granules.

These granules are ready to use and come in sizes that are just enough for most people’s needs. With a simple spread of this product around your desired area, it will prevent these snakes from entering, nesting, and foraging in your lawns and around your homes. And its effect also lasts longer compared to other snake repellents in its class.  

The Ortho Snake B Gon Granules has easily edged out the rest of the competition when it comes to ease of use, value, effectivity, and reliability, among many others. Add the numerous positive reviews on this product; it has truly cemented its place as the best snake repellent on this list and in the market.

Tips to Prevent Snakes from Staying in Your Yard

It may not come as a surprise that most people would be scared when they see a snake slithering in their yard, even more so if they see it closer to their homes. Being scared and panicking is an understandable reaction. But, as easy as it is to panic and worry, there are plenty of ways for you to reduce the chances that these snakes would stay around your property.

Regularly mow your lawns.

These snakes prefer passing through unkempt and overgrown areas of your lawn or yard. They are more likely to avoid areas where they are more exposed and can easily be spotted. 

Thus, regularly mowing your lawn and keeping your shrubs and bushes kempt will give snakes fewer spots to hide. And, they may even head elsewhere in search of areas that match their preference more. 

Keep rodents and pests under control.

The likeliest reason for these snakes to come within your property is that they’re looking for food. And, finding any would encourage them to return more frequently or even stay in the area. This is even truer for homes with lots of mice and rodents as they are easy pickings for these snakes.

As there are many methods to keep these rodents away from your homes, it shouldn’t be that difficult. But, if you’re experiencing difficulties, it is best to reach out to an exterminator. 

Make sure that they don’t reach your homes in winters and falls.

These snakes do not like cooler weather. Thus they will seek shelter in areas that are warmer, and their best option is usually in your homes. They may either stay in your garage, chicken coops, woodpiles, and sheds, among many others. And if they reach these areas, it would be more dangerous for you.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to seal all access points they may go through in their search for shelter. Look for cracks and holes in your homes where they could sneak in. it is also recommended to cover drainage pipes with filters.

Remove possible hiding places in your yard.

As these snakes do not like people, they will do their best to hide from you. They may choose to curl up inside your garden hoses, squeeze into woodpiles, climb into buckets or drums, or crawl under low shelves in your garden, among many others.

Try to avoid leaving these things open as best as you can. The snakes will be less likely to stay if they cannot find a suitable hiding place. 

Add gravel and stone around your house and yard.

These snakes prefer traveling on smoother surfaces. They can cover more distance under these conditions faster. Thus, adding a wall of sharp stones and rocks around your homes may deter them from going further. 

These stones may be in the form of crushed gravel or sharply cut mulch. Just be sure to choose something sharp enough for snakes but dull enough for when you step on them yourself.

Invest in a good snake repellent.

As much as these tips can help deter snakes from coming into your property, they can be furthered by doing them in conjunction with a snake repellent.

These snake repellents may come in different forms. Choosing which one should be done dependent on your needs and the prevailing conditions in your property. Regardless of your choice, these should help greatly in ridding your home of snakes. 

What to consider when buying a snake repellent

Much like with most other purchases, you need to consider a few things before getting the product. And as snake repellents aren’t a staple product for most households, it would be best to know a few things to consider before buying them.


This is always your first reference when it comes to buying a product. Is the manufacturer reliable? Is it well-known? These are just a few questions you need to answer before choosing your snake repellent. 


This is the most reliable means of knowing if the product you’ll pick works as well as advertised. They provide you with a chance to crowdsource information regarding the product.


As a budget limits most purchases, it is best to consider this factor before finalizing your choice. Make sure that you’ll get the most value for each buck you will be paying for the product. 


There are various types of snake repellents in the market. You should add this to your considerations before buying as it would make it easier for you to use the product. This is because some products need complementing equipment to use effectively and not having it would prove as even more of a hassle for you. 

Overall, these are just a few considerations that you need to remember before buying the product. There are still many more depending on your conditions and reasons for buying these snake repellants. Regardless, it is still best to prioritize these four to ensure you get the best snake repellent that matches your needs.


Keeping your homes, lawns, and yards beautiful and alive is a tedious process. You are expected to do numerous maintenance works to ensure that they stay as beautiful as they are safe. And, among these maintenance works is keeping it safe for your children and pets.

It’s no secret that pests pose a certain level of danger for the people and animals that live in your homes, thus keeping them out should be a priority. And among the ways to do these is investing in a snake repellent that is both reliable and effective even for people who are new to these products. 

There are multiple choices for your snake repellant needs in the market. Some come in granules that need to be spread in certain areas, some are powders that can seep to the ground, some are sprays that are easy to use, and some lean more towards modern technology. 

Choosing which one you’ll get maybe a difficult decision. But, as long as you weigh your options well and consider the prevailing circumstances in your homes, you should be able to make the best choice. 

As great as the products are in this list, and how highly recommended they are by both its users and reviewers, the final verdict still lies on you. After reading this list, may you have the information you need to keep these snakes away from your homes. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is in a snake repellent?

As there are different types of snake repellents, the components within them vary as well. In general, these repellents usually contain a variation of mothball flakes, sulfur, predator urine, a blend of natural ingredients, or ultrasonic sound.

How does snake repellent work?

Snake repellents usually use odors to discourage them from approaching an area instead of killing them. Most of these repellents make use of essential oils, sulfur, garlic, or anything else with strong odors in a bid to overwhelm the snake’s sense of smell.  These repellents take advantage of the snake’s Jacob’s organ, which is a part of the olfactory system of the animal. In contrast, other options are the ultrasonic snake repellents, which emit a high-pitched sound into the ground and disturbs the hearing of small animals, including snakes. 

How do ultrasonic snake repellents work?

These snake repellents usually comes in the form of pins and are stuck into the ground. These pins will vibrate and start sending off high pitches sounds, which travels faster on the ground and repel the snakes away from their range. These are effective as well for keeping other mammals that are borrowing under your property. Although some of these products usually take a few days to take full effect. It usually takes some time for these animals to understand that the noise that is bothering them will be staying and that they cannot avoid it. It takes a few days before they clear out of the area. 

Are snakes bad for gardens?

Contrary to popular belief, snakes are great for your gardens. They will actively control the garden pest population. They are the natural predators of small animals, including most rodents and mice. The only reason you rid yourself of these snakes isn’t because of their effects on your garden but because of their effect on you and your pets. This reason is especially true if you ever find a venomous snake near your homes as these snakes are as much a danger to the pests as they are to you. 

What plants can repel snakes?

There are a few plants that may help in repelling snakes. As snakes do not like overpowering smells, these five plants are the most well-known natural deterrents of these snakes. These plants are the Marigolds, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, West Indian Lemongrass, Onions, and Garlic. However, it should be noted that these plants’ effectivity in repelling snake from coming into your gardens is tested more through simple observation than scientific experimentation. 

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