How to Clear a Yard Full of Weeds (The Ultimate Solution)

You all might have heard the comical statement, “When there is a problem in your body, cut the head off”. But is this really the solution? No, it is definitely not the solution. In the same way, when we talk about how to clear a yard full of weeds, we should not cut off the whole sward of the yard. Rather, it is more effective to take some wise steps for clearing the weeds.

The weeds can crack your lovely yard into a thorny hell bed. Sometimes, it may happen that you came to your yard to refresh yourself but went back inside having a thorn inside your bases or an allergic feeling all around your leg. And if your yard is nothing but weeds, you must want prevention. There are some fantastic ways to get rid of the irritating weeds. Let’s learn how to crowd out weeds!

Observe Your Yard before You Learn How to Clear a Yard Full of Weeds

Maybe you are inspecting something disturbing in your yard but not sure whether they are weeds or not. If you cannot identify, you won’t be able to learn how to fix a lawn full of weeds. Well, you can simply identify them watching their trifling thorny leaves and acerbic taste. Most of the garden weeds have small flowers of white, yellow, and purple colors.

While observing your yard, you need to confirm whether the weeds have blown out the yard or not. If they are only in fission state at one corner, it’s easy for you to clean those wastes. But if you see them covering your yard all around, then it’s going to be a hard time for you. Take decisions wisely so that you can clear them all at a time.

Clear the Weeds Temporarily if You Are in a Hurry

To stay benign from these irritating grasses at the beginning, you can use your lawn roller to cut them down. You can also use the best weed eater string for this purpose.

Besides, you can hire some workers whom you may find around you doing it for you with a small payment. But that is not going to bring any permanent solution for your yard.

If you clear them for now, they will rise again after a few weeks; and it carries on. It’s a big problem to cut them over and over again. So, it is better to clear them permanently.

Clear the Weeds Permanently to Stay Worry-free Forever

Well, if you want to clean the weeds permanently, you need to sprinkle your wallet a bit. Because you need some pieces of stuff to clear them out. The best way is to create such an environment in your yard that is hard for them to thrive. You can use chemicals, sprayers, powders, etc. to clear them. Again, some methods like the Hot Water method and DiBO are there for vanishing weeds from your lawn permanently.

The permanent clearing is the best way. But, WHY? Because a long-lasting solution should always be there for your yard so that you need not work for it over and over again. This will save both your time and money. And you will be exempted from the feeling, “my lawn is full of weeds”.

Killing Weeds Using Chemicals

At present, science, especially chemistry, has advanced a lot. You’ll find a 5% nitrogen solution with 2% phenol mixed in the marketplace, which is sold as weed preventing chemical. Some packed ultra-drops are also there which can help to bring a decent environment in your yard.

Using Sprayers

Sprayers are used to spread the chemicals all over the yard. The methods are simple. According to the scientists of IRRI, “The chemicals must be mixed with 1 liter of water. The products should be sprayed from a height of around 50 cm from the base”. You should spray perpendicular to the wind so that chemicals are blown away from the applicator.

But sometimes the sprayers can harm other flowering plants in your yard as they are toxic. So, precautions must be taken while you spray the chemicals over the weeds. You’ll never want to drift risks to neighbor’s yard. So, carefulness is a must. And choose the best time of year to spray weeds.

Using Powders

According to OMRI, using calcium cyanamide, sodium chlorate powders are most effective and safe for weed clearing and control. Spreading the powders using lawn spreaders, you should wait till the powder starts working. But there are certain side effects of those like: The fresh grass can be affected; the color of the yard grass can turn pale a little bit.

There is no specific way to use the powders rather it’s important to use it in weed dense spots. But make sure it’s not reachable to your pet or children. 

Using the HEATWEED Method

There are specially designed machines used to clear weeds in yards. The most popular term in this segment is “HEATWEED”. It’s termed as the second-generation weed control machine. It’s not really a machine; it can be termed as a method where the machine spreads hot water nearly 83C that immediately kills weeds. Because of thermal conductivity, the heat penetrates deep into the ground to destroy the weeds from the root.

The advantages of using HEATWEED are as follows:

  • No environmental impact.
  • Highly effective and causes no harm to grasses and plants.
  • It can be easily used in any type of surface.
  • Most importantly, it’s safe.

Using the DiBO Method

Another thing introduced in early 2014 is DiBO. It’s developed as the ultimate solution: the WEEDKILLER. It’s a high-pressure cleaner that can be used as a multifunctional cleaning apparatus. The DiBO goes from side to side the weeds and destroys them forever. That’s why it’s one of the most effective ways to clean up the weeds of your yard.

Hot Water Method

it’s also one of the relaxed but effective ways to pick. It is especially great to fight weeds overtaking new lawn. The system is practiced for more than 35 years. It can be said as the old method of the “HEATWEED”. Just like that contraption, hot water is imposed in weeds. The difference is in the method and use of technology. 

But limitations are everywhere in this world. Excess hot water can cause solemn problems to the surface and side by side caution essentially be there while scattering boiling water.  You will never like to burn your hands while clearing the simple weeds.

The best way I’ll say to go with the traditional hot water spraying is to use the water sprinkler that we use generally. Mix a salt little bit. Then wait until the water reaches the optimum temperature. After that, move forward.

Costs behind Buying the Machines Required for Weed Killing

The “HEATWEED” machines are available at a low cost. For different types of HEATWEED, outlays are different. Different types of HEATWEED machines are there according to their effectiveness, technology used inside, sustainability, etc. Some of them are:

  1. XL1.0- It’s an extremely efficient solution designed for large yards. The option allows easily adjustable water pressure up to 130 bar which is amazing. The cost roams around 300-350$ USD. Some dealers are providing it at a low cost for advertisement now a day.
  2. MiD3.0- It’s a sustainable and cost-effective solution. The MiD3.0 emits less exhaust and uses less water and fuel. You can get a good quality of it from amazon at a price of 50-60$.
  3. Multi S-It’s made of UV-resistant polyethylene which allows it operating in sensitive areas like hospitals and schools. It’ll shake your wallet a little bit. But the truth is; good things are of a good cost. The only supplier is the “HEAT WEED” who works with amazon. The price roams around 600-750$.

You may also find some small two-wheeled hot water machines at your grocery or nearby markets. But those will not last long for sure.

Don’t Want to Buy Machines? Use Household Materials to Clear Weeds Instead

Whenever a query arises about the best way to clear a yard full of weeds, people keep asking a common question. Can I use my household things as a solution against the weeds? Yes, you can. But those will go for a temporary solution, not everlasting.

You may use traditional blades to cut off the weeds. Using grass cutters will provide you relief for a while but it’ll come back again. That doesn’t sound cool, right? Obviously it’s not.

Instead, you may use some very artless but effective methods. You can mix lemons while spewing water in your patch every day. That sounds wired, right? But it’s the truth and widely used method. If you whip them up into your hot water tank, this simple trick will banish those stubborn greens.

Before you pour yourself a drink with vodka, make sure your yard is okay. Vodka is also an amazing way out to kill the weeds. The same process goes for vodka as like as lemon juice.

Baking soda is another intelligent solution for clearing weeds in your yard. Before scattering water using sprayers in the yard, mix some baking soda in your tank. It’ll help to affect the weed roots and take them to bereavement. But there is a threat for fresh grass to get affected. So, the water should be imposed carefully.

Types of Weeds You’ll Find in Your Yard

Not all types of weeds are disturbing for your yard. But anyway, if you feel disturbed that’s up to you. Generally, you’ll find Dodder, Red weed, Orange Hawkweed, deer tongue, Bull thistle, Smooth brome, slender rush, spotted knapweed. 

Some of them would beautify the yard. The red weed looks gorgeous. Smooth bromes are sometimes used as medicines but those will truly create a disturbance. So, it’s wise not to thrive them out.

How to Get Rid of Weeds Without Killing Grass

Whenever your weed killer touches the ground, your weeding job seems nearly done. But sprays don’t always fall upon the weeds rather it may affect flowering plants or fresh grass. So it’s wise to cover other plants or grass when you follow the chemical spraying or powder imposing process.

While spending the heatweed machines, make sure the water temperature is below 80C. Otherwise, it will assuredly affect the pure grass and plants in your yard.

Another surprising solution is there. If you scatter salty water in your yard before spraying, that is going to safeguard plants other than weeds from chemical effects. Salt reacts with the bound hands present in the weed destroyers and lets fresh plants stay unaffected. 

If you see the weeds are grown side by side the fresh grass, then it’s tough to clear them not hampering the grass. At this stage, it’s better not to use the powders and lawn rollers. Because if it’s used then it will definitely destroy fresh saplings as they’ll not differentiate between weeds and grasses.

How to Clean up a Yard Full of Weeds without Herbicides

Well, if you don’t want to use herbicides or any tools in order to kill yard weeds, then you are certainly in search of the best way to kill the weeds of your yards naturally. In this regard, we suggest you use mulches.

When you use mulches, they prevent sunlight that is highly significant for the growth of weeds. If the weeds don’t get any sunlight, they will automatically begin to die. You don’t have to kill them by using herbicides anymore.

But the question is what type of mulch you should use in order to prevent the growth of yard weeds. we recommend using organic mulches in this regard. The most effective organic mulches include bark chips, dead leaves, grass clippings, and wood chips.

You can also use inorganic mulches in your weedy yard. The most common inorganic mulches are gravel, sand, and pebbles. Whatever mulch you use, you must make sure that the mulch is 2-4 inches deep. Otherwise, you will not get the best output, and the yard weeds will spring up like magic, which you certainly don’t expect to happen.

Warning for You to Ensure Safety Measures

It’s upsetting to have weeds in your yard. And till now you got the ultimate tips for clearing them. But lastly, one thing is important. If you hope to clear the yard, you need to be prepared to spend some money and give some sweat side by side. If you think not to spend any money on buying machines and chemicals and do whatever you like, it’s surely going to bring a very wicked impact upon your yard.

Using chemicals that are out of date can spoil all your hard work and turn the whole yard pale. Immature use of heat weed machine and DiBO will terminate the apparatus and cause some extra spending from your wallet.

Special Tips for You

  • The processes mentioned above are truly good work. You can start with the chemicals and household things. If those are not working well, move one step forward. Go for the DiBO and hot water method. And the last option is to use heat weed machines. 
  • But if you own a large yard, it’ll be wise to use the machines from the beginning. That will be more efficient and effective.
  • Abridge all the materials stated before and find that suits your yard. Then, just rush.


Finally, you have learned all the ins and outs about clearing weeds from yards. Now, you know how to clear a yard full of weeds. However, be smart enough while using the materials and chemicals, powders for clearing weeds. Follow the advice accordingly to turn your weed-filled yard into a haven yard. Stay updated about new technologies discovered and go accordingly. The world of science will surely abate your hard work and tension of clearing your YARD FULL OF WEEDS.

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