Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies Right Away (Solution)

A mower is one of the most significant tools used by lawn enthusiasts all over the world. It plays a vital role to control sprouts of green in a lawn, and so it helps a lawn to look beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, lawnmowers don’t always work smoothly. You may face some sort of issues in your mower from time to time. And the starting problem is one of the most common issues in this case.

If your lawn mower starts then dies right away, it will definitely make you feel embarrassed. However, you have nothing to worry about if you undergo such a situation. You can fix the issue on your own as long as you are enthusiastic. In general, there are 5 potential issues including dirty carburetor, dirty gasoline, dirty gas tank, clogged fuel cap, and damaged spark plug.

Let’s Look Into the Issues When Your Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies Right Away

Dirty Carburettor

What a Carburetor Is: Carburetors are designed to mix the right amount of fuel and air in gasoline engines. As they mix up air and fuel properly, you are assured to enjoy the proper burning of your gasoline. That is to say, if this mechanical device is incapable of mixing air and fuel properly, the engine of your lawnmower will never be able to burn the right amount of fuel, leading your mower to face startup problems.

That said, you might want to know who invented this amazing device. For your kind information, this device was first invented by Karl Benz who founded Mercedes Benz—one of the most popular automobile companies across the world. So, you can easily realize how good the device may be. In fact, it is almost impossible to think about modern gasoline engines without the touch of carburetors.

How a Carburetor Works: As it is stated above, a carburetor is used to mix air and gasoline during each of the combustion cycles of your lawnmower. In general, the air gets into the top of the carburetor through a filter. And to control the amount of air, the carburetor has a valve called Choke.

When the air comes to the center, it has to go through a narrow kink—which is known as Venturi. The venturi plays a vital role to decrease the pressure of the air. After the fall of the air pressure, the suction of fuel occurs. As a result, the carburetor can mix up the two elements properly.

Just below the venturi, there is another valve called Throttle. The throttle works like a key to open or close the pipe of the device. Finally, the carburetor supplies a mixture of fuel and air to run your lawnmower. And you can do your expected work with the help of it. 

Clean the Carburetor Properly: You have already known what a carburetor is and how it works. Now, it’s time to check out whether there is a problem with the device or not. If the lawn mower runs for awhile then dies, then the carburetor might be dirty. In such a case, you have to clean the carburetor to help it run appropriately.

The fact is that you must identify whether the device is dirty or not. Well, there are a good number of clues that will help you know if the carburetor is dirty. For instance, the carburetor will not run when you start the engine of your lawnmower. It may also mix up the air and fuel improperly. In this case, try to clean each part of the carburetor as soon as possible.

You may also get to see sludges or gumming in the lawnmower when there is a problem deriving from specks of dirt or any other problems prevailing in the carburetor. As soon as you see any of the signs in your lawnmower, you must take the necessary steps. It is because both of the issues can kill your lawnmower.

However, a question may arise in your mind at this stage, especially if you are a beginner in the field. You might want to know what gumming is and what sludges are. Well, you will soon get to know what they are. Just go through the following segment of the article. 

  • Sludges: Sludges are extremely dangerous things, which derive from carburetors when the fuel is thickened. That said, they are thicky substances. You will see them in the black color most of the time. If you see such substances in your mower, don’t just wait anymore.
  • Gumming: It is another deadly problem found in a carburetor. Like sludges, gumming is also a liquid substance that can kill your lawnmower in no time. So, you must be careful about it. However, this is a common problem in the spring season.

Use a Stabilizer to Fight Gumming and Sludges: If you experience either sludges or gums, you can fix it on your own. In this case, you have to get in touch with a good gas stabilizer. There are numerous gas stabilizers in the market. But I like Stabil Fuel Stabilizer for this purpose. The performance of the stabilizer is outstanding, it can easily prevent gumming and sludges from the carburetor of your lawnmower.

The process of using a gas stabilizer is highly easy. After buying the stabilizer, dump it into your gas tank. Then start the engine of your lawnmower for a while; it will spread the treated gas all over the fuel system. By the way, you don’t have to use the stabilizer all the time. Just use it once at the end of a busy season.

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Use a Carburetor Cleaner If There Is No Sludges or Gumming: You must remember that the stabilizer will not work as a cleaner. If you think that your carburetor is dirty, then clean it properly with the help of a carburetor cleaner.

You will find numerous products in the arena of carburetor cleaner. Just choose the best one to meet your expectations. On the flip side, if you face gumming and sludges, then you can go for the stabilizer. So, decide over the issue first so that you can come up with the right solution. You know that it is not a good idea to beat about the bush.

Dirty Gasoline

One doesn’t have to use a mower during all seasons. Typically, lawnmowers sit idle in between different mowing seasons. This is when the gasoline of a particular mower gets stale or dirty. The time is usually the winter. When your lawn mower runs for 10 minutes then dies, you might have dirty gasoline in it. If you want to get rid of the problem, you must take the necessary steps.

Many of you may think about how gasoline gets dirty or expires forever. Well, the answer to your question is that everything in the world expires over the course of time. Gasoline is no exception in this case. So, you should not think that your additional gasoline can be used in the next season. If you think so, you are going to kill your lawnmower.

However, one of the most common signs you will get to see is that a solid substance will prevail in the internal part of your gas tank when the gasoline is old or dirty. You can also check it by smelling the gasoline. If the gas is old, you will have a sour smell. Be cautious while smelling the old gasoline because it is harmful to your health.

Fix the Dirty Gasoline: Once you have identified that the gasoline of your lawnmower is dirty, you need to take the necessary steps to fix it. Well, the first thing you have to do is to drain the entire gas tank of your lawnmower. While draining the gas tank, make sure there is no remaining of the content anymore.

To drain the tank, use a pan made of either plastic or metal. The pan should be kept next to your mower so that you can use it without any trouble. Once you are ready with the pan, open your gas tank and drain the content into it. After draining the content, check the fuel line and clean it properly. Afterward, clean the entire gas tank with much care.

In the end, pour fresh gasoline into the tank to make it alive and ready-to-go. Well, you are done! Now, it’s time to start the engine of your mower. However, you should remember that gasoline needs to be changed once the mowing season is over. You can also change it at the beginning of a mowing season. Just don’t forget to change the old gasoline of your lawnmower if you want to get the best output.

Dirty Gas Tank

When the gas tank of your lawnmower is dirty, you may face the stalling problem. A dirty gas tank is as much responsible as old gasoline. Hence, you have to check the gas tank of your mower when you face start-up problems. If the tank is dirty, run a meticulous operation in order to clean it. This will not only fix the stalling problem but also increase the life of your mower.

Cleaning a dirty gas tank, however, is not an easy job. It will make the excretion of your sweat when you advance forward. The fact is that you will have to drain it at the beginning. And then, you need to flush it with fresh fluids. You can also remove it if you don’t want to flush it. Whatever you do, you must do it very carefully with a view to cleaning it properly. If your riding mower runs fine then dies, then this can be the right solution for you.

Clogged Fuel Cap

A clogged fuel cap is another issue related to stalling problems. If the fuel cap of your lawnmower is not clean and clear, then it will make you fall into trouble. Typically, the fuel cap of your lawnmower can be clogged for different reasons.

You will find a pinhole on the top of the fuel cap of your mower. The pinhole is responsible for allowing air to get into the tank. And we all know that the right amount of air is extremely important for a lawnmower. If your mower carburetor does not get sufficient air, then it will certainly bring a bunch of troubles for you.

So, the importance of the fuel cap cannot be denied. But the problem is that the pinhole of the cap sometimes gets clogged. This is when you have to undergo an untoward situation. In other words, if the pinhole of the cap is clogged, it will make your mower fall into the trap of stalling.

Clean the Pinhole of the Fuel Cap: By now, you can easily realize that you need to unclog the pinhole of the cap in order to get rid of the stalling problem. But you might not know how to clean the pinhole properly as you are a beginner in the field. However, you have nothing to worry about this. Just step forward with overarching courage.

First of all, get in touch with the fuel cap and start pinpricking the pinhole as much as possible. Once the pinhole is supposed to be clear, try to flush it with sufficient water. If you are done with flushing it with water, the fuel cap is ready to be run.

At this stage, you have to place the cap back on the gas tank. When you are done with placing it, start the mower engine and check if it works. If the problem of stalling still prevails, then you can try other ways. It is because the problem is not related to the fuel cap. If your riding lawn mower stopped running while mowing, it is anticipated that the solution will work for you.

Damaged Spark Plug

The spark plug of your lawnmower is one of the most important parts. It is responsible for starting your engine or causing trouble at the time of starting. So, if you face the stalling problem in your lawnmower, you need to check the spark plug whether it is in good condition or not.

Typically, the spark plug causes a problem when it is loosely connected. Hence, the first step you need to take is that you have to check if the spark plug is seated correctly. After examining it, if you come to the point that the plug is properly seated, then you have to think of replacing it as soon as possible.

You will find a bunch of renowned spark plugs in the market. Just try to choose the right one for your mower. If don’t come out with the right one, it will gain make you fall into trouble. But the problem is that you cannot come up with the right spark plug if you don’t have previous experience. That is why we recommend you to buy the following spark plug.

Buy the Best Spark Plug: Though there are a good number of spark plugs in the industry, we have chosen a particular one for you. The name of that particular spark plug is Copper Plus Champion Spark Plug. It is the best spark plug in all aspects. Even the price of it is highly reasonable for any lawn enthusiast in the world.

Considering all the aspects of the spark plug, we recommend it to our valuable readers at Garden Itch. However, you can also go for other spark plugs that are available on the market. But make sure you are choosing the right one for your lawnmower.

However, the replacement process of a spark plug is pretty easy. You can do it without any help from a professional. But you are not courageous enough to accomplish the job, you can get in touch with a mechanic. The mechanic will do it for you, which is easier than doing it yourself.


Well done! You have made it. Now, you are an expert in the field. If your lawn mower starts then dies right away, you can fix it without the help of a professional. Before you approach, you must make sure that you have read all the tips provided by us. Otherwise, you may come up with a new issue.

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