Top 5 Lawnmower Brands to Avoid | 2021 Reviews + Guide

It is not as if you will buy a lawnmower every day of your life. No, this is a long time investment that needs due consideration and thought process. You don’t want to be buying a flimsy mower that will give an error 404 in the very first week. And the first step in avoiding a bad purchase is avoiding a bad brand. With tons of lawnmowers and their respective brands in the market, you can see where the problem lies. 

You can’t test every lawnmower in the market. However, what you can do is read this discussion till the very end. What purpose will that serve? Well, you will know all about the lawnmower brands to avoid for starters. We will also illuminate the reasons why a lawn mower brand can get bad repute. Oh, and we will suggest some alternatives as well. All we ask in return is your undivided attention! 

Lawnmower Brands to Avoid

  1. Cub Cadet 
  2. Stihl
  3. Craftsman 
  4. Earthwise 
  5. Troy-Bilt

Without wasting any time, let us get to the core issue around which this discussion is orchestrated. Which lawn mower brands should you pass by at a retailer, let us see.  

#1. Cub Cadet

cub cadet lawn mowers

There are some decent Cub Cadet lawn mowers and tractors in the market, so don’t get us wrong here. There is no personal element of grudge with the brand, it is just a few features that make the brand an avoidable item in the world of mowers. What are those? Well firstly, walk-behind lawn mowers ought to be good at bagging. What is the worth of a mower, tractor, or trimmer that fails at bagging? Zero, zilch, nada. Bagging is a crucial aspect of lawn mowing since it ultimately decides how neat or spruce your lawn looks. The problem with Cub Cadet lawn mowers and tractors is that these suck at bagging. One particular example which we would like to quote here is that of Cub Cadet SC500Z. This gas-propelled lawnmower sucks horrendously at bagging. And it is not just this one specimen, the entire brand has faced criticism for this lack of neatness previously as well. For a lawnmower that doesn’t come with high-quality bagging features, Cub Cadet has an unreasonable price tag as well. It couldn’t be more clear that one of these needs an immediate fix. Either the bagging feature must be added properly or the price should be cut down to half at least, if not more. 

#2. Stihl

stihl lawn mower

We cannot believe it but we are going to reject nearly all the lawnmowers from this brand, partially because they don’t look good on your lush green lawn! Let us reassure you that we are not too big a fan of looks. Design, yes because that decides a lot of other features as well such as the ergonomic nature of your mower. But not looks. And yet, here we are. Well apart from the ugly design, we also don’t like the fact that lawnmowers from Stihl come with a 21-inch mowing deck. We mean to see, come on! With this deck, you will get the job done in double the time as compared to the normal. We cannot believe manufacturers at Stihl installed this painfully limited version of mowing decks on purpose. DISAPPOINTED AND WHAT ELSE! It follows logically that you shouldn’t be wasting your money on something such as this that doubles up your workload. Plenty of fish in the sea after all! We would like to mention here one particular specimen from Stihl called RMA 370 lawnmower. Horrible contour, ridiculously dull paint, and no value for money in terms of effectiveness and efficiency either. Next time you go shopping, you stay away from such dubious products.

#3. Craftsman 

craftsman lawn mower

When we talk about a lawnmower in the 21st century, we are essentially talking about one that is good at all three jobs. Mulching, bagging, and side discharge. The three in one role has become common for the majority of the mowers coming from the top brands. And then there is Craftsman. We don’t know how to express our disappointment. We mean to say, it is an OK sort of choice if you are looking for something that mulches decently enough. But not a candidate that you will want to spend your money on if you desire a 3in1 role from your lawnmower.

We don’t think Craftsman lawn mowers are overrated or overpriced. Hell no, we even like them for their mulching abilities. It is just that we feel your money will be better spent on something else if you avoid this brand altogether. Oh, and again, we request you to be not deceived by the products such as 37240 from this brand that appear to be great at mulching but suck when it comes down to features such as side disgorging of grass clips or bagging them altogether. Do some more research and you will find a brand worth your money for sure. 

#4. Earthwise 

american lawn mower

We have several grievances with this brand’s products, but we reckon we will keep down this melt to only key features. OK, so first of all, why on earth is this brand still putting lead-acid batteries in its lawn mowers? THEY SUCK, OK? Not great power, terrible lifetime and can cost you a few bill notes as well. This is 21st-century FOLKs! Wise up to the fact that almost all of the modern brands are currently using lithium-ion batteries in their lawnmowers that are battery operated. All of this means that you will have to spend some extra time mowing your lawn, double almost if you opt for the 60318 model from this brand. 

Terrible shades of shocking green and equally terrible efficiency. The other major issue that we have with this brand is that their lawn mowers are poor at bagging, much like the previously discussed brand as well. We are sure that when you paid the money at the counter, you were paying it for a product that discharges, mulches and bags equally well. Hence, we have no hesitation in calling any product coming from this brand an absolute waste of money. 

#5. Troy-Bilt 

troy-bilt lawn mower

Try, build again is our sincerest advice to the structural engineers at this brand. We do like some of their products but they are scarce in number. We must confess that we are in absolute love with the ecological initiatives this brand has taken. But when it comes down to the lawn mowers such as model TB240, we cannot mince the words and hide our disappointment. This is a self-propelled mower but the way it performs, it feels more like a push variant of the lawnmowers. This might be ok for someone who has a very small yard to mow. But for people who have an average garden area to mow, this product and the brand’s other mowers are an absolute no-no. The problem with this lawnmower is also in the bagging mode, for some weird reason. We are happy with the mulching performance but that happiness is clouded by the fact that you will not have a spruce lawn despite the mow since the machine doesn’t bag clippings well enough. We think the price is OK. It will be a plain robbery if we ask for less than what this product and other products from Troy-Bilt are being sold at. But in terms of ratings, AH WELL DISAPPOINTED.  

Why do some brands suck?

We are sure that didn’t make a great read. It is never nice reading about the unpleasant ways in which brands mess up their products. However, let us make up for that by explaining why these mess-ups happen in the first place? Why do brands make these horrible mistakes which we have just narrated? In the following lines, we enlist and briefly talk about the common reasons which contribute to low ratings for a lawnmower brand.

Inferior effectiveness 

At the end of the day, when you step out of your lawn, you want to look at the grass that was evenly cut and in a neat and spruce manner. If that basic requirement is not being met, what is the point in purchasing something so low grade? Total waste of your money, if anything. Why does your lawnmower give an improper, uneven sort of trim in the first place? Ever wondered about that? Well, primarily it is because of the low power engines installed in the mowers. This brings us to our second point, but let us talk about that in detail in the next section. 

Not enough power 

Uneven turfs portray a sad picture. What they tell you is a sad story in which everything was being done properly but not potently because oh well, the engine sucked. Lower power engines might do the trick for small yards or lawns. They are great at powering your lawn through the thin, not so challenging grass found in smaller yards. However, when it comes to thicker grass that poses a much tougher challenge, you will need a lawnmower that has enough power to help you wade through as you mow the grass. Companies that label their mowers as suitable for big lawns face severe backlash when their toys fail to cut the turf evenly. This, of course, adds more to the negative profile value of a brand. And expect things to go viral in this day and age of social media! 

Mowing deck not big enough 

We have discussed this already in one of the earlier sections but let us reiterate the value of a larger-sized mowing deck. If a brand produces nothing but lawn mowers that come with a 17, 18 inches mowing deck, that is not going to do the trick, is it? People don’t have enough time these days. They want more to be covered in less. The same mistake is made by the brands as well, sometimes. They install a bigger mowing deck but the engine power remains the same. That is a stupid thing to do. Where is your mower going to get enough power from for cutting the turf? The result will be a patchy mowing session that is all.

Inferior quality materials 

Handles, blades, and screws. All of these accessories should be made from the very best quality materials in the market, ideally. However, brands that have a low repute in the market try to save some money by going for inferior grade materials. This backfires when the customer purchases the mower online, uses it, and discovers what a mistake he or she has made. There is the only way left to express disappointment in the customer’s hands. A zero star rating. That eventually translates into a tag DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LAWN MOWER.

Low-grade batteries 

Runtime is one of the key determinants of the quality of a battery-operated lawnmower. There is so much to play around with within this case, speaking from both the customer and seller’s point of view. Good brands focus on adding a couple of extra batteries to the package. Brands that have a poor repute put in batteries that are outdated and not even lithium-ion in some cases. We mean to say, what are they playing at? Chargers are also important. A fast charger can double the efficiency of a lawnmower, a dull one can bring bad news for the brand repute.


Well, folks, that would be all for now. We wish we could go on a bit more but the limitations of time and space force us to wrap up this debate here. Ah, there is always more to talk about such topics! Nevertheless, we are certain that you learned something, if not everything, new from this discussion about lawnmowers. One doesn’t get to read about brands from this perspective. Now, you have enough knowledge to avoid a lawnmower that won’t do much good to your lawn grass. And on that optimistic note, we bid you farewell!

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