Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been designed for the valuable users of Garden Itch. It explains how we collect, process, and use the personal data of the users. It also explains the use of cookies, advertising, documents, and files of the site.

Well, we use your data for the purpose of providing you with the best service out there. When you use our service, we consider that you have agreed to the use of the information included in this policy.

You should know that we keep your personal information as a confidential matter. It is because we value your privacy from the core of our conscience. And we never sell your private information to anyone in the world.

Use of Cookies

Gardenitch uses cookies in order to provide you with the best service. With the help of cookies, we gather your history and preferences. It helps us know what you are exactly looking for, and so we can develop our content according to your expectations.

Our advertising partners may use cookies, either. They may track you in order to display their advertisements according to your preferences. By the way, we are in no way connected with their privacy policies.

And if you do not want either us or any third party to use your cookies, you can opt it out. For this purpose, you have to change the settings of your browsers. It will take a few seconds to perform the job.

Information Collection and Use

We collect your data when you subscribe to our newsletter or fill up a form on this site. Typically, we collect your name, location, email addresses, and other necessary information. 

The purpose of collecting your information is to personalize your experience and to deliver you the right kind of content. We also improve our website with the information you provide us.

Protection of Your Information

We care about your protection as you are our valuable user. So, we never disclose your information to any third party. Neither do we sell your information as it might be a serious threat to you.

Generally, we take a number of security measures to protect your privacy. As a result, your information is always kept confidential. No one in the world will get access to your personal information.

Contact and Communication

We always respect your wish if you want to communicate with us. You can communicate with us for any kind of information. We encourage you not to feel hesitant to knock us.

For your kind information, you can communicate with us through our contact form. You can also send us emails. Whichever way you follow, you should always get in touch with us if you feel it is necessary. We will try our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

Third-Party Disclosure

We are the only party who uses your data. Otherwise, no third party is allowed to use your data for real. For your kind information, we never sell your data to any third party on earth.

Third-Party Links

Sometimes, we use a third party link to our site. The purpose of linking a third party site is to provide you with the necessary information and products. Once you click on the links, you are directed to other sites.

And the privacy of those sites is completely different from ours. Hence, we are not responsible for the activities and content of the linked sites. Yet, we care about your privacy, and so we try our best to link with some excellent sites.

Amazon Associates Program

Gardenitch is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate program. This affiliate program has been designed by Amazon Services LLC to help sites earn advertising fees by linking to

Google Advertising

We may use Google Advertising by Google Inc. in the future. This program uses your cookies to show its advertisements on our site. And the tracking done by Google is subject to Google’s own policy. We are in no way responsible for the privacy policy of Google as it has a different privacy policy for users.

Product Reviews and Guidelines

Quality content is our first priority when it comes to product reviews and guidelines. To ensure quality, we have hired a bunch of garden professionals. The professionals are divided into three groups depending on their knowledge and experience.

Some are experts in Indoor Gardening, some are experts in Outdoor Gardening, and some others are experts in Special Gardening. Thus, they always come up with the best quality of information.

We also have an editorial team to check the quality of the content provided by our experts. As a result, we can ensure that all of the information used in our content is honest and great in quality.

Update of the Policy

In the future, we may change our Privacy Policy to let you know our activities and plans of the site. We will change the policy as we do not want to do anything without letting you know.

And whenever we change our policy, we will write the date at the top right of this page. You can easily check it by reading the line “Last Updated” whenever you land on the page.

If you continue using this site after seeing the update of the policy, it is considered that you agree to our updated policy. By the way, we will never change our Privacy Policy without providing you with specific notice.