Where Do Mushrooms Grow? Let’s Know!

Edible mushrooms are full of nutrients, such as vitamin B complex, potassium, riboflavin, carbohydrates, niacin, copper, pantothenic acid, ergothioneine, beta-glucans, selenium, and more. Besides, they are highly delicious to eat. That is why modern people tend to take mushrooms as their daily food. The unfortunate fact is that they are not easy to get. Hence, we are inclined to get the answer to the question: Where do mushrooms grow?

Typically, mushrooms grow everywhere around us. They grow in lawns, gardens, yards, golf courses, fields, and forests. No matter whether it is a high land or low land, mushrooms grow everywhere vibrantly. And it’s a matter of joy that modern technologies are helping us grow mushrooms indoors. In fact, many farmers across the world are commercially growing them under different types of sheds.

Where Do Mushrooms Grow in the Forest?

When you are on your way to hunting wild mushrooms, you must have an idea about their whereabouts. Otherwise, your entire day will go in vain. However, if you don’t have any knowledge regarding it, you have nothing to worry about. Let’s dig into the following information, and you will find it easy to collect mushrooms in the forest.

Habitat of Saprophytic Mushrooms

Most of the high-demanding edible mushrooms fall into this category. To be specific, common saprophytic edible mushrooms include morel, puffball, oyster, black trumpet, shiitake, shaggy mane, and white button mushroom. These species of mushrooms are considered to be decomposers. That said, they tend to pop up on organic decaying materials.

So, search for the place where there are lots of dead tree materials, such as barks, leaves, branches, and needles. The fact is that these dead materials are their favorite food. As we cannot live without our staple food, they are unable to sprout without these organic materials.

Habitat of Mycorrhizal Mushrooms

Some of the most common mycorrhizal mushrooms include king boletes, matsutake, chanterelles, and pine mushrooms. It is extremely difficult to cultivate them in our surroundings. That is why we have to depend on nature to get them.

They have a good relationship with plants and trees. So, you won’t have to face the excretion of sweats to find them in the forests. In general, they tend to grow around tree roots. In some cases, they even enter deep into tree roots. So, it is obvious that the types of mushrooms live in the forest by collecting minerals and water from trees. Therefore, you need to get in touch with tree roots to get these mushrooms.

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Habitat of Parasitic Mushrooms

As its name suggests, these types of mushrooms are parasites. But what are the hosts of them? Well, the hosts of parasitic mushrooms are surprisingly trees. However, the parasitic mushrooms include lobster mushrooms and lion’s mane. Though there are some other species in the field of parasitic mushrooms, these two species are widely found and eaten.

Therefore, if you want to collect parasitic mushrooms, you need to search for living trees. Searching them among dead trees is just the waste of your valuable time. However, there is another sign to find them out. As they take nutrients from living trees, the victim trees die away. In the end, they move onto other living trees of the area. Once you get to see this sign, you can be confirmed that parasitic mushrooms are living there.

Where Do Mushrooms Sprout in My Lawn and Garden?

Mushrooms not only grow in the forests, but they also sprout in lawns and gardens. And it is common to see them popping up in such places. But some growers get upset seeing them in their lawns and gardens. If you are one of those people, then we advise you not to worry about it. This is because growing mushrooms in lawns and gardens is a good sign of the health of your soil.

Low light and High Moisture Part of the Land

We are not lucky enough to have a piece of land equally lighted. And mushrooms utilize this weakness of gardeners and lawn enthusiasts. After every rainy season, they start to pop up in those parts of the land where light cannot reach and the soil is moisture.

That said, if you want to stop mushrooms growing in your lawns and gardens, then you must look for this kind of place. However, there are some edible mushrooms found in the lawns and gardens. So, if you are not bothered enough, then you can keep them to take the taste of them later.

Organic Materials Enriched Part of the Lawn/Garden

Sometimes you will get to see mushrooms in such a part of your land where there is no excessive moisture or shade. You may wonder in such a case. Well, this is not magic. Rather, it is typical to have mushrooms in other parts of your land where there is no shade or moisture.

But why do they sprout in such places? Well, they live in such places because of organic materials, such as dead roots of plants, trees, and grass clippings. Can you guess what to do now? If you don’t want them to grow in such places, try to clear out all the organic materials.

Where Can I Grow Mushrooms in My House?

Nowadays, mushrooms are also grown in houses. Even farmers grow them under different sheds for a commercial purpose. So, if you think that mushrooms are wild plants, then you are living in the fool’s paradise. However, let’s learn where you can grow mushrooms in your sweet home.

Mushrooms Can Grow Indoors

By now, you have already known that you can grow mushrooms indoors. But in this case, you must make sure the place you have chosen for growing mushrooms is dark, cool, and damp. Otherwise, your entire project of mushroom cultivation will go in vain.

However, after choosing the place, you have to arrange a cabinet, closet, pot, or grow bag. The fact is that you cannot grow them on your floor. So, choosing one of the things will do great on your journey to grow mushrooms. By the way, if you don’t want large cultivation, then you should go with either pot or grow bags.

Mushrooms Grow Well on Balconies

If you don’t have sufficient place in your house, you can grow mushrooms on your balcony. In this case, you don’t have to use traditional mushroom spores. There are many manufacturers that provide us with mushroom growing kits. Choose one of the kits, and advance forward to start growing mushrooms on the balcony.

The interesting fact about balcony mushroom growing kits is that they utilize waste beans of coffee. That is to say, these growing kits are completely natural. However, if you want, you can use grow bags to cultivate mushrooms on your balcony.

When Do Mushrooms Grow in Our Surroundings?

If you are in a hunt for mushrooms, you must know when they grow in nature. Otherwise, you will have to wander in the forest without any gain. To help you out in this regard, we have researched the growing seasons of these fungi. Let’s learn about it in detail to enjoy the journey of hunting mushrooms in our surroundings!

Fall is the Mother Season of Mushrooms

Though mushrooms grow in all the seasons, fall is considered to be the mother season for growing mushrooms. That said, most of the mushrooms began to pop up in this season. So, if you want to collect wild mushrooms, you have set off in between September to November, which is considered Autumn in the USA.

Spring Is Favorable for Growing Morel

While setting out for collecting morel mushrooms from the forests, you must keep in the mind that they grow vastly in Spring. That said, the growing season of this species of mushrooms is different from most other wild mushrooms. This is because morels, the harbinger of Spring, grow under dead elm plants, decomposing woods.

Winter is the Best Time for Black Trumpet

You can find black trumpets growing in January, February, and March. This time of the year is basically considered as Winter. Therefore, to collect the type of mushrooms, you have to choose Winter. In other words, you should not go to forests in the Fall if you are determined to collect black trumpets.

Mushrooms Can Be Grown Throughout the Year

In case you are running after wild mushrooms, you can pick them at any time of the year. Mushrooms are flexible to grow in any season indeed. You just have to follow the right method of cultivating them. But, there are different types of mushrooms. That is to say, you cannot grow all types of mushrooms in all seasons.

Rain Is Responsible for Inviting Mushrooms

Natural mushrooms tend to grow after heavy showers of rain. No matter when it rains, you will likely see mushrooms sprouting in the surroundings just after the shower. This is why most of the mushroom growers forage mushrooms after heavy rainfall. In fact, this time is considered the best time for the growth of mushrooms.

Note: If you are not looking for edible mushrooms, then you might be in search of the magic mushrooms. As we have so far discussed the place and time of edible mushrooms, it doesn’t make any sense for your search. However, there is nothing to worry about! Scroll down the mouse, and you will get what you are looking for!

Where/When Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Grow?

Aren’t you searching for edible mushrooms? Well, then you are searching for psychedelic mushrooms, which are also called magic mushrooms. If haven’t heard any of the mentioned names, then it is likely that you have heard the name “psilocybin”. For your kind information, all the names are of a particular type of mushrooms that are capable of creating hallucinations. Let’s know where and when you can find them.

Where Magic Mushrooms Grow

Magic mushrooms are abundantly found in nature. You don’t have to be tricky to get them without any trouble. If you are searching for them in the right place of the forests, then you will certainly get them in their fruiting season. By the way, the location of the habitats of psychedelic mushrooms are quite damp and dark.

That is why it is likely to get magic mushrooms in a place where there are rotten logs, cow dungs, dead leaves, and rotten barks. But why do they grow in such damp places? This is because damp places are full of sugar, protein, lignin, starch, fats, and nitrogen. Besides, this type of mushroom can not tolerate excessive temperatures.

When Magic Mushrooms Sprout

Can you guess when magic mushrooms grow? You should guess it correctly as you have learned about the living place of magic mushrooms. Do you want me to help you? Well, this kind of mushroom grows in Autumn. The reason is very simple. Autumn provides us with a damp and dark environment.

Be Careful While Hunting Psychedelic Mushrooms

To hunt the exact strain of psilocybin mushrooms is one of the most challenging jobs on earth. Even if you are a veteran hunter in this field, you will find it difficult to identify magic mushrooms strains.

So, you should learn the basics of identifying magic mushrooms strains. Otherwise, you may come up with some poisonous strains. As a consequence, you may find yourself confined in hospital beds for a long time. Therefore, we suggest you gather profound knowledge before you leap.


Well done! You have patiently gone through the whole article. Now you know the whereabouts of different types of mushrooms. Apart from knowing their habitats, you also know at what time of the year mushrooms grow on earth.

Now what? If it is the right time to hunt for a specific type of mushrooms, let’s approach getting them without wasting a second. However, we hope that you no longer have the question in your mind: Where do mushrooms grow? Even if you are still confused, you can let us know. We will try our best to help you.

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